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Vegan Eggnog Holiday Guide

The Essential Holiday Guide to Vegan Eggnog

by Matt
Eggnog is a holiday staple for many people, but don’t think that just because you are vegan that you have to go without. There are an incredible variety of vegan eggnog recipes out there, not to mention pre-made ones from your favorite brands at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Here’s your guide for finding the best of the best! Store Varieties of Vegan Eggnog Yes, through the wonders of modern science, you can purchase vegan eggnog right from the store now. Here’s a selection of our favorites. Silk Nog This take on the holiday classic is full of […]

New, A Vegan Protein Bar That Supercharges Your Body and Actually Tastes Delicious

by Matt
We know how important a good post-workout protein bar can be. If your schedule is anything like ours, you’re trying to cram in a fifteen minute yoga session in between client meetings or projects, and taking the time to make a full blown meal after you get done is just not an option. The grind waits for no one. The hard part is, finding a decent tasting bar that also provides ample nutrition. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of lackluster protein bars over the years – and it seems like the healthy or more protein-rich they claim to […]

ALO Aloe Vera Juice Drink Review

We typically view Aloe Vera as something that’s used to treat those unpleasant red burns we get during the Summer, when we unintentionally – or intentionally – forget to apply sunblock. However, the uses for it stretch far beyond a simple blister ointment; for centuries Aloe Vera has been used medicinally. In places such as early China and ancient Rome, it was consumed to treat stomach as well as gum problems, and even to stop hair loss! So, it’s not a surprise that Aloe is still in use today as a natural method to heal and help with different ailments. […]