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Detox Salad

Cleansing Detox Salad

We’re big on salads here, but I have to admit, I wasn’t always a salad lover. It wasn’t until I expanded my tastes and realized that salads were more than mere lettuce and carrots that I began to love them. This is one of the kind of salads that could make a believer out of anyone. This salad might be hard to put together off season, so make sure you know you’re getting your produce from a reliable source. Note, If you can’t find decent whole tomatoes, use grape tomatoes in the off months. They tend to be easier to […]

Power-Packed Apple & Avocado Smoothie

There are truly an amazing number of nutrients stuffed inside of avocados – they are a staple for anyone looking to eat a more healthy, plant-based diet. They’re one of the rare fruits that carry a lot of monounsaturated fat, which is something our bodies do require in order to function at their best. On top of all that, they taste pretty damn good too, and make a great addition to many kinds of smoothies. Here’s a new take on a classic Avocado-Spinach smoothie combo that has been popular for a while. I like playing around with smoothie ingredients until […]
Incredible Benefits Drinking Green Tea

The Incredible Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

It’s well known in health and wellness circles that humans have been drinking green tea and enjoying its benefits for almost 5,000 years (as early as 2,737 BC in fact) both as a beverage and a medicine. But do you know just powerful this tea really is? As more research is done into the properties of green tea (which comes from the Camellia sinensis tea plant) the more we discover there are amazing benefits to drinking it on a regular basis. Green Tea Compounds Prevent Memory Loss from Lack of Oxygen (Sleep Apnea) It’s known that those who suffer from […]