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November 2017 / 6 posts found

Shea Butter Natrural Remedy

The Power of Shea Butter as a Natural Remedy

It’s hard to pinpoint a single aspect of Shea Butter that makes it so powerful as a healing balm, but we can start by looking at its rich content of vitamin A, which aids in curing all manner of skin conditions such as blemishes, irritation / inflammation, wrinkles / stretch marks, muscle fatigue and lack of skin elasticity, rashes and dermatitis, as well as radiation burn recovery. Because of the power hydrative properties of shea butter, it provides almost instantaneous improvement in skin softness and glow. On top of this, it has numerous health benefits that go above and beyond […]
Dairy Biggest Scam

3 Reasons Why Dairy is The Biggest Modern-Day Scam

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Scams. We deal with them every day: from the nonsensical spam emails that try to invite us to click on links to questionable products and services, to snake-oil salesmen that try to peddle As Seen On TV contraptions, to deranged televangelical pastors who want you to phone in half your month’s salary for a piece of rock from Jerusalem that has magical powers. We’re all acquainted with these unscrupulous business practices and societal deceptions. But are you familiar with the biggest modern-day scam of all time? Banking? Nope. Fad diets? Nope. “War equals peace?” Not quite. Student loans? Nah. The […]
Phil Murphy New Jersey Governor Legalize Marijuana

Legalized Marijuana in New Jersey? Election Results and Green Investments

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Last week’s election was, by all accounts, a positive step in the right direction for the country, but what does it mean for green investments and eco-friendly pursuits going into 2018? Specifically as it concerns New Jersey and the election of Phil Murphy as governor, it looks like change is coming, and in a big way. Puritan Policies No More Anyone who lives in and around New Jersey knows that the state has been in sort of a purgatory for the better part of the last decade, if not longer. In the middle of the 2000s, New Jerseyans were middling […]
Earthlings Documentary Veganism

Earthlings: The Documentary Everyone Needs to See

We’d all like to think of ourselves as informed, compassionate individuals who know what is going on in the world. We have our heads on our shoulders and we are generally upstanding, moral, and decent. There is a documentary that calls into question the claim that human beings are acting morally and decently. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is called Earthlings, and it is an absolute must watch documentary. Earthlings: A Look Into the Horrors of Animal Agriculture There are a lot of awesome documentaries out there for anyone looking to go vegan or lead a more […]
Sunlight Needed For Perfect Health

Getting Enough Sun? The Link Between Sunlight and Perfect Health

You eat good, get a decent amount of exercise, even meditate a little and take the occasional spa day, yet you still feel “off.” You’re not alone: many of us in the West suffer from what could only possibly be deemed “malaise” – yet, it has a scientific name: Vitamin D deficiency. The real question you want to ask yourself if you feel under the weather is, “am I getting enough sun?” This is a topic we rarely speak about, but Vitamin D deficiency is actually near endemic-levels in the West. Upwards to 42% of adults suffer from at least […]

Yoga Routine That Cures Back Pain: Simple Effective Method

Nothing can be more debilitating than back pain. Regardless of the cause, back pain is something that effects millions of people, and requires tons of pain-killers to be prescribed annually, and as we all know, pain-killers in and of themselves are dangerous. Our livers don’t appreciate the build-up of toxins that often result from excessive use of pain killers, but what other options do sufferers of back pain have? Well, yoga could be the cure they’re looking for. Yoga is truly a masterful science of the body. We are used to seeing but a handful of poses, or asanas, but […]