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January 2018 / 7 posts found

Not Expensive to Buy Organic

Think It’s Expensive to Buy Organic? Exposing the Hidden Costs of Crappy Food

There’s definitely a huge misconception out there: that it’s more expensive to eat healthy or vegan than it is to eat like the average American. I’m here to call that whole line of thinking out for what it is: nonsense. Our desire for extremely cheap food is a relatively new standard, that seemed to emerge alongside the “war economy” of the 1940s, when food processing become more prevalent. Suddenly the same techniques used to mass produce objects began to be applied to food. This era also saw the rise of “fast food,” extremely cheap diner food with tasty additives and […]
Wild Horses in Danger From Trump Budget

Wild Horses Are in Danger – Trump Administration Folds to Livestock Interests

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A half-century veil of protection for America’s wild horses is likely going to vanish soon under the upcoming Trump budget, likely spelling disaster. It’s not exactly a secret that this administration doesn’t much care for the idea of public services, or that our environment should in any way be protected. With key positions in the more scientific departments of the government left unfilled, and a general disdain for facts all around, it is evident that they are much more concerned with scratching the backs of donors and appeasing an increasingly rabid base than they are in conducting public service. That […]
What is Chelation Herbal Remedy

Discover the Health Benefits of Herbal Chelation

Chelation is used in conventional medicine to rid the body of toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, and arsenic, which the body itself cannot eliminate. Chelating agents, including EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) and DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid), are chemically bound to toxic metal molecules so that newly formed compounds can be removed from the system. In addition to its use in the treatment of heavy metal toxicity, chelation has shown promise in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and the improvement of atherosclerosis. It may also be useful in the treatment of autism, ADHD and some other conditions that may […]
Veganism Fastest Growing Movement of 2018

Why Veganism will be the Fastest Growing Lifestyle Movement of 2018

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No longer banished to the margins of society, where for a long time it makes fun of being “weird” or “extreme,” veganism is becoming a truly widespread movement. Finally recognized for its positive effects on the sustainability and welfare of animals without sacrificing taste or style, as well as powerful health benefits, it becomes clear why so many people are attempting to make vegan life the new normal. The continued spread of vegan and green business stories and developments over the past year shows that this movement is just beginning to make a name for itself, and entrepreneurs are the […]
Tennessee Titans Vegan Lifestyle

Tennessee Titans Are Vegan? The Power of a Plant-Based Lifestyle

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You may already know a little bit about Veganism, that it is good for the environment, saves animals from abuse and suffering, and is great for our health. But did you know that a surprising number of professional athletes have taken the diet on? In fact, it was recently revealed via Tennessee Titan linebacker Derrick Morgan, that a good number of players on their team were eating a complete plant-based diet! In case you’re a bit foggy on what exactly constitutes a vegan diet, it means that you consume no animal products. This means no meat 0f any kind, no […]
Legal Marijuana Industry

Legal Marijuana: An Industry That’s Set to Explode

There’s a new industry brewing and it is set to absolutely explode in the next few years. The best part is, in the process of making smart investors rich, it’s also going to improve the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. That industry is the international sale of marijuana, which is already on pace to employ hundreds of thousands of people and rake in billions of dollars before we even reach the year 2020. From an ecological standpoint, a holistic health standpoint, and a green investment standpoint, there’s nothing else out there like this. This singular industry will […]
How to reduce the cost of Broadband for businesses

How To Reduce The Cost Of Telephone And Broadband Services For Your Business

Running a business takes an incredible amount of capital. Everyday expenses can quickly add up. This includes the cost of your phone line and Internet service. Luckily, there are some ways that you can reduce the cost of your company’s landline and broadband service, helping you keep your expenses in check. Periodically compare prices. Comparing prices is still one of the most effective ways to keep your costs down. You may be able to dramatically reduce the amount of money that you have to spend each year simply by switching to another company. Today, there are resources available that allow […]