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February 2018 / 5 posts found

Climate Change Denial

The Money Behind Climate Change Denial: Willful Ignorance For Profit

It’s come out recently that a vast majority of the pseudo-science behind “climate change denial” is in fact funded by certain right-leaning donors who are sympathetic to the fossil fuel industry. Some of these industries directly contribute to and fund “research” that is designed to skew reality and produce results that favor them. This is nothing new, it’s a tactic that is also performed by the meat and dairy industry in order to get people to believe that their products are healthy, and not cancer-causing carcinogens and poisons. Green Peace did some research into this phenomenon. It turns out some […]
Power of Detoxing

The Power of Detoxing: Getting Past Mainstream Propaganda

As holistic medicine becomes increasingly more popular, it’s finding a fair share of resistance from the mainstream medical community. This is to be expected, however, as the holistic and naturopathic movements stand to make a serious dent in the profits of mainstream medical, diet, and food industries. Just as Big Tobacco used millions of dollars of propaganda in order to discredit the health findings of their product, as well as the meat and dairy industries following in their footsteps, we can expect plenty of mainstream propaganda over the next few years leveled at those who seek to heal their bodies […]
Best Natural Flu Remedies

Best Herbal Remedies to Tackle Flu Season

It’s that time of the year again: flu season. It seems like the past couple of years have seen a spike in cases of the flu, with deaths making the news and concern over whether the vaccine is right for you or not. While we’re not here to tell you whether or not to get the flu vaccine, here are some points to consider if you’re wondering whether you should get it or investigate herbal remedies instead. -Even on a good year, the flu vaccine only has around a 60% success rate. That means even if you get the vaccine […]
South Jersey Green Web Hosting for Businesses

South Jersey Green Web Hosting

If you’re like us and are doing everything you can to look out for the environment while running your business and blog, you’ve no doubt heard of green web hosting by now. Given how much of a strain web hosting servers put on the electrical grid, it’s no wonder green energy is taking the industry by storm, and we’re excited to be offering these services to residents of the Philadelphia tri-state area and beyond. In case you’ve never heard of green web hosting before, here’s the story: Imagine if you had a fully featured web-hosting service that is powered completely […]
Protein Myth Vegan Truth Plant-Based Diet

The Protein Myth Revisited

The belief that the primary source of dietary protein should be meat and dairy products is one of the biggest persistent misconceptions in our society. Many people are set to believe that without incorporation of animal-based protein in the diet, it is not possible to perform as an athlete or live a healthy life. This belief is a misconception that is spreading everywhere fueled by recent advertisements and campaigns pushing to have chocolate milk as an athletic beverage for optimal nutrition. Fitness expert testimonials and some compelling food labels in the market have also contributed immensely to the same. This […]