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May 2018 / 6 posts found

New Study Proves Most Vitamin Supplements Are Worthless

Vitamin and Mineral supplements are a booming industry. The theory of their popularity goes something like this: the typical American diet doesn’t fulfill all of our basic nutritional requirements, and therefore we should be “supplementing” our diets with lab-constructed pills full of vitamins and minerals to ensure we are healthy. However, there are multiple problems with this line of reasoning. The first being, if your diet is so unhealthy that you believe you aren’t even getting the most basic levels of nutrients every day, what on Earth are you doing? Why even subscribe to such a diet in the first […]

Williamstown Web Design Done Right

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Digital Sages is on a mission to revolutionize web design in Williamstown and beyond. We believe every blogger and holistic business that wants to make a difference needs a great website to fall back on. Everything is digital now, and if you’re still rocking a web site that looks like it was designed by someone’s kid circa 2002, you’re not giving your business a chance to flourish, and people aren’t going to take what you say seriously. We understand that business is all about the message. This goes for everything from activists who want to make a chance, to solar […]

How to Start a Yoga Business and Attract Clients

Stаrting a buѕinеѕѕ vеnturе саn bе fun аnd еnjоуаblе if dоnе properly, but if the proper steps aren’t taken, it can turn into a hassle real quickly. This holds true for starting a yoga business, which is not as easy as it might seem. So we’re bringing together all the basics уоu nееd so you know how to start your yoga business or classes off on the right foot. Thе firѕt requirement for starting a ѕuссеѕѕful buѕinеѕѕ iѕ a vаlid уоgа сеrtifiсаtiоn. It wоuld bе ideal if уоu соuld gеt a certificate frоm a well-reputed уоgа institute оr a gооd […]

Perfect Breakfast Smoothie For Kids

Looking for that perfect healthy go-to breakfast for your kids that’s quick and easy to make, tastes delicious, and doesn’t break the bank? You’ve just stumbled onto the answer to your parenting prayers. After testing different kinds of smoothies, and different variations of this one, we’ve put together what is probably the fan favorite as far as breakfast smoothies for kids go. Not only is this thing nutrient-packed, it’s absolutely delicious. Here’s the question though: what exactly is a “breakfast smoothie” and what makes them different than any other smoothie? That’s easy: a healthy breakfast smoothie should be focused on […]

Maca Root for Prostate Health

It’s 2018 and superfoods are all the rage. Doctors, health gurus and supermarkets are all advocating the consumption of these nutrient-rich foods to cure a variety of ailments. You’ve probably heard about avocados, acai berries and quinoa, but one of the least talked about (and most powerful) superfoods is maca root. We won’t deny that “roots” sound a bit unappetizing. For most, it conjures up images of dirty tree roots in the forest, musty smells and a bitter taste. However, none of those accurately describe maca root. Maca root is much more powerful and delicious than its name would have […]

Meditation in the Workplace: Increase Your Productivity and Reduce Stress

Everyone knows even the best work environments can become hectic and stressful. While there are plenty of solutions for mitigating stress in the workplace, more and more people are discovering meditation as the best solution. Even top CEOs and world-renown business figures like Steve Jobs were into meditation in the workplace. Why? Because it simply works. Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and it’s benefits are numerous. Even you aren’t the “Zen Buddhist” type or don’t really get into self-help, fitness, yoga, or healthy living, meditation can dramatically increase your productivity and peace of mind. It doesn’t have […]