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How to Create a Meditation Space

7 Tips for Creating a Home Meditation Space

Having a dedicated meditation space is essential for establishing a daily meditation practice. Having a zen space will help to inspire and lift your spirit, as well as to be a sacred place where you can connect to your higher self. I’ve found that there are seven essential aspects of setting up your meditation space so you can establish a successful deep meditation practice. There are many elements to a successful meditation practice. It’s more than just sitting on a yoga mat trying to clear your mind. It’s important to have the right dedicated space to concentrate in without distraction, […]
Animal Rights Are Human Rights

Animal Rights Are Human Rights: Stand Up and Fight

Every last sentient being on Earth deserves the same level of basic rights and respect as any other. We all feel pain, we all experience the same highs and lows of emotion, we all need to eat and sleep, we all desire to procreate, raise families, seek safety and shelter. We’re all born, we all bleed, and we all die. In between those events is what we call life, and that life is precious in its own way. Animal rights are a touchy subject for some people. Despite our supposed intelligence, it is hard for some people to conceive of […]
Bentonite Clay Skin Care Rejuvination

What Does Bentonite Clay do For Your Skin? Holistic Health Guide

With the recent popularity explosion of bentonite clay used in facial masks and creams, more and more people are asking, what exactly does it do for your skin? Is it really an effective holistic remedy for acne, rosacea, and general skin health, or is it just a fad? Bentonite clay might look like ordinary building clay or mud at first, but it is actually made from volcanic ash. It is a safe, completely natural substance that is unusually high in minerals. Its physical structure combined with its mineral composition give it the ability to draw out and neutralize toxins both […]
Green Energy is the Future

Green Energy is the Future

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There’s a common political phrase that’s always amused me: the “green energy debate.” There are many half-truths and outright fallacies in political discourse, it’s not like that’s a big secret or anything. However, it’s hard to say if there is a bigger example of pure nonsense than arguing whether or not we should be using green, or renewable energy sources. The long and short of it is, we have no choice. For civilization to continue and thrive, we have to break our addiction to fossil fuels. Not only because they are by nature extremely limited, but because of the immense […]