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September 2018 / 6 posts found

Alkalline Acid pH Health Balance

Alkaline and Acid pH Balance: Health is Chemistry

In discussions of health, very rarely do we hear about pH balance from doctors and other “authorities.” You might be reading this and not even understand what pH balance has to do with health at all either. This is one of the examples of how modern day medicine is failing the people it’s supposed to be taking care of. Everything in our bodies is chemistry. In that regard, everything is continually kept in a sublime chemical balance, with a pH of around 7.4. This means, first and foremost, that we are slightly alkaline and this is our optimal state. This […]
Healthy Eating Real Weight Loss Cure

Healthy Eating is the Real Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About

Weight loss is a massive industry. We’re talking billions upon billions of dollars annually. Yet, here’s something to think about: we’re in an “obesity epidemic,” with more and more people sliding into disease and discontent because of their weight. So we can conclude that to a large degree, the weight loss industry is a sham. It preys on people, people who are genuinely looking for answers and a cure, but instead find nothing but large medical bills and empty promises. The industry is full of charlatans, and to a lesser degree, misguided health enthusiasts who really do think eating less […]
Effective Vegan Keto Nutrition

How Effective is Vegan Keto? Your Guide to Optimal Nutrition

Keto is one of the biggest new fad diets out right now, with scores of proponents singing its praises. Despite its popularity however, this high fat, low carb diet is not everything it’s made out to be in terms of health solutions and optimal nutrition. Hence why so many are adapting it into vegan keto, which is what we will mostly be discussing. The keto diet gets its name from ketosis, a metobolic state produced by robbing the body of carbohydrates in order to force a highly efficient conversion of fat into energy. Essentially, the goal is to make use […]
Knowledge Disparity Self Mastery

Knowledge Disparity and Self Mastery

The way we as a society view knowledge and wisdom has changed, and it’s affected our ability to train and learn. This applies to just about every aspect of life, including business. Hundreds of years ago, a man could spend 50 to 70 years honing his desired craft, living it and breathing it his entire life, yet still consider himself a “student,” who doesn’t know everything there is to know. Now, a kid can come out of college after only 5 to 7 years, literally knowing the small end of nothing, and be labeled a “master” in his or her […]
Nike Progressive Values Vegan Shoes

Nike Making a Statement: Vegan Shoes and Progressive Values

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It’s rare these days for big companies to go out of their way to plant their feet in the ground and take a moral stand, but that is exactly what Nike seems to be doing lately. Most people know Nike as the biggest name in sportswear, but not as a beacon of progressive values. In fact, years ago they came under fire when it was revealed that they, like many other companies, actually utilized sweatshops overseas to make many of their products. This of course is more an issue with capitalism and economics than it is with brand message and […]
Mabon Wheel of the Year

Mabon, the Wheel of the Year, and Earth Alignment

As we approach the beginning of fall, it’s important to reflect on one of the most important but under-appreciated aspects of holistic health, that being earth alignment and observing the wheel of the year. First, if you’ve never heard of the term, the Wheel of the Year is simply a way of referring to the phases that the Earth goes through during the course of its travels around the sun every year. During these phases, certain days mark the beginning and ends of certain seasons and conditions upon the planet that affect all animals and plants in various ways. You […]