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Self Mastery Guides

Self-Mastery and Manifestation Series Announcement

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Mental and physical toughness, intuition, integrity, the ability to manifest your goals and think clearly under stress: these are all highly valued skills and states of being that all fall under the header of self-mastery. I’ve built Digital Sages as a place to learn as much as possible about how to achieve this kind of strength and awareness for yourself, both for personal as well as professional reasons. However, those looking for a more specific guidance might be confused or overwhelmed by the bits of insight scattered throughout all of the blog posts and pages featured here. There are also […]
Benefits of Guided Meditation

Powerful Benefits of Guided Meditation

Meditation is becoming more popular as its benefits become more widely known. Yoga, martial arts, and other body mastery techniques are working their way into the mainstream, so it’s not surprising that meditation has as well. Yet, there are still several powerful meditation styles that haven’t yet gained as much traction, guided meditation being one of them. If you have never heard of the term before, guided meditation is simply the art of meditating while making use of some kind of outside guide. While traditional meditation usually encourages you to shut out all noise and distraction outside of yourself, this […]
Build Self Confidence

Build Self-Confidence With These Holistic Techniques

Let’s be honest, everyone desires to have self-confidence. Whether it’s for the sake of nailing a job interview, asking out their crush, or to simply not be so shy in public, self-confidence is one of those personality traits that is almost like a life hack. The world is different for people who have the confidence to get what they want out of it. Self-confidence however is not always easy to come by though. Our society does a poor job of imparting self-confident behavior onto us. We live in an age that creates weak and toxic mindsets and behavior patterns, and […]
Intense Focus

Intense Focus Meditation For Mental Clarity and Grounding

Over the years I’ve learned a wide variety of meditation techniques, all of which serve different purposes and have different ranges of effectiveness. If you’re looking for a powerful  meditation that will truly center and ground you, I find it helpful to draw on more advanced schools of body mastery such as Wing Chun and Tai Chi rather than basic yoga. The key to a successful focus meditation is in the breath. You want to really get absorbed in the rhythm and feeling of your breathwork. To feel the breath is to feel your flow of energy. Once you are […]
Natural Diet Veganism

Our Natural Diet

Diets often come up in conversations of health, and yet rarely do we speak about our natural diet. Regardless of how beneficial or plausible a diet may be, all of them are inferior to the diet that caters to our biology. What is a Frugivore? Animal Protein is Poisoning Us Eating For Health    It’s hard to take some of these diets seriously sometimes, because of how outlandish they are. There’s the South Beach diet, the tragically awful Atkins diet, diets centered around one’s blood type, eating filling foods to decrease hunger, and even ones that require starving the body […]
College Student Stress Cures

College Student Mental Health Difficulties

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College students are facing an increasingly wide variety of mental health challenges, and there aren’t always many outlets for them to seek help, guidance, and answers to the issues they may be dealt with. Serious clinical conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even panic attacks are relatively common experiences for college students due to the many new stressors and pressures that come with the fast-paced environment, difficult schedules and course work, societal obligations, and financial management tasks. High school does a poor job of preparing most young adults for college life, and as such, it can become overwhelming. Lighter […]
Heal Leaky Gut Naturally

Ultimate Guide to Your Heal Leaky Gut Naturally

The first thing you need to know in order to start healing your leaky gut syndrome naturally, is to fully come to terms with what this disease is in the first place. You may have been told that it’s just another typical disease, but as with so much else, the mainstream medical industry does a poor job of imparting wisdom to its patients. Leaky gut is simply the word given to a loose collection of various symptoms that all have to do with an impeded or damaged intestine or digestive tract. There is no formal disease or illness known as […]
Protest Kitchen Fuel Resistance

Protest Kitchen: The Vegan Revolution Handbook

There’s no question that we’re in an age where we desperately need more voices standing up to injustice and spreading the word about climate change and healthy diets. When the “norm” involves the massacre of billions of innocent creatures annually all for the sake of a diet and lifestyle that puts us in early graves, something obviously needs to change, and that’s why such a Vegan Revolution handbook had to be written. Protest Kitchen, a new book on radical ways everyday people can help themselves and the environment, seeks to help ignite this change. Plant-Based Eating is Revolutionary It’s no […]