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November 2018 / 4 posts found

Mastering Growth Mindset

Mastering Growth Mindset: Thoughts on Self-Evolution

Being stagnant is one of the worst positions to be in if you’re trying to accomplish anything or grow as a person. To evolve, you have to cultivate a growth mindset that is fluid, can filter fact from fiction, can deal with losses and let downs, and is always absorbing new information. Mastering a growth mindset is a surefire way toward personal development in all areas of your life. The only question is, how do you get to this point? For many, breaking out of the rut they are in and switching to a dynamic, growth-orientated mindset can be a […]
Essential Vegan Thanksgiving Tips

Essential Vegan Thanksgiving Tips

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The familiar feeling of holiday anxiety might be creeping up as vegans and vegetarians all over the country prepare themselves to deal with conjuring a Thanksgiving meal that both pleases family and aligns with their diet and beliefs. The good news is, everything has delicious vegan alternatives. And I mean everything. If you are new to veganism or plant-based dieting, and have in the past shied away from such concepts as “Tofurky,” you’re not the only one. However, vegan turkey has made enormous strides over the past couple of decades, just like the rest of the vegan meat and dairy […]
Mental Toughness in a Weak-Minded Age

Mental Toughness in a Weak-Minded Age

Your mind is the most valuable asset you have. Training it, honing it, and mastering it has long been considered a pathway to a more fulfilled, balanced life. Mental toughness used to be a prerequisite to living – now it seems like far too many people are running on autopilot, willing to throw away their awareness and autonomy for false peace of mind and numbness from any outside stimuli. Thinking too much is an inconvenience in a world that doesn’t take very kindly to intelligence and even facts. We’re living in an anti-scientific, opinion-orientated, weak-minded age. What can you do […]
Is Honey Vegan?

Is Honey Vegan? An Holistic Perspective

This is a question that has plagued the vegan community for decades, and the debate still rages on: is honey vegan? Well, the short answer and the one most universally accepted by vegans, is no. It’s not a completely clear cut issue though, especially for people with a more holistic understanding of nature and how the world works. It’s easy to say commercial honey operations use exploitation, and because honey is an animal byproduct, that means it’s automatically not vegan. But bees are also required in order to pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables we take for granted, one’s […]