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Medispa Total Body Rejuvenation

Why You Need a Medispa for Total Body Rejuvenation

These days many people are talking about the Medispa, but they don’t know why exactly we require a MediSpa or how to perform a rejuvenation for their body. The spa has now become a fancy and popular name in the industry, and many people are opting for the baths just for fun without knowing its real advantages and benefits. More importantly, there are very few people that know about the medical spa which is entirely different from the regular resort, and it is mainly used for the skin rejuvenation while the daily bath is mostly used for the body detoxification […]
Value of Strong Mind Propaganda Culture

The Value of a Strong Mind in a Propaganda Culture

When did truth start taking a backseat to opinion? When weak minds gave way to the propaganda culture we have today. To be fair, society has always relied on personal conviction and even fantasy to a certain degree. However, it was usually to a certain end. Myths, for example, or teaching tales, were stories of fantasy created to teach a lesson or impart moral value. Personal convictions might be few and far between, and based on a misrepresentation of available data. Perfect example: spontaneous generation. Now, however, we seem to be living in an age where every bonkers opinion not […]
Secret Life and Language of Trees

The Life and Language of Trees: Connecting With Our Roots

You want to know why so many people are discontent and angry? Why so many of us are lost, confused, apathetic, uninspired, and continuously disappointed? The answer rests in our disconnection with nature. I’ve been wanting to shed some more light on this subject for some time, and after a long meditation this morning I decided that I would share some thoughts on the subject. This isn’t going to be a mystical look into some mysterious force or connection we are supposed to share with nature. What everyone needs to understand is, our disconnection with nature has very real, serious […]
Best Vegan Herbal Soap Plantlife

The Best Vegan Herbal Soap for Moisturizing and Healing Skin

It’s no secret that most popular soaps you find in supermarkets are made primarily of cheap chemicals. They are good at doing one thing: making you smell nice. They aren’t good for much else, considering the damage they do to your skin over the long term. More and more people are looking for reliable herbal and aromatherapy soaps that are also cruelty-free. One of the biggest problems with mainstream soaps is that they are either tested on animals or even contain animal products themselves. That’s simply not acceptable. The problem with many of these soaps, especially the ones that claim […]
The Secret Law of Attraction

The Secret Law of Attraction Key You’re Missing

by Jangwon Sim
It’s all about accessing the subconscious. That’s all there is to it: all the fancy techniques, rituals, exercises, programs, and mantras in the world all aim to achieve one thing, tapping into the subconscious. Manifestation is simple, but so many teachers and gurus complicate it. The reason why many people never get the hang of the law of attraction is because they never trigger the theta brainwave state, they never work from their subconscious. Why is this important? Because it is the subconscious part of our minds that is on the same “wavelength” or vibration as the subatomic world around […]
4 Behavior Changes For Positive Growth

4 Behaviors to Change in the New Year for Personal Growth

Looking for some down and dirty lifehacks for positive growth going into 2019? We’ve got 4 big ones you’re going to want to focus on if you’re really serious about turning the corner and begin some real personal development. It’s important to be committed. Plenty of people make great New Year’s resolutions and plans, but they don’t stick to them or really act on them at all. This is what keeps people in ruts and promotes unhealthy behavior that creates negative feedback loops. You want to break that cycle. It’s not hard to transform your life, you just need the […]