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February 2019 / 3 posts found

Insight Meditation Unlocking Awareness Matthew Lovett

Insight Meditation: Unlocking Your Awareness

There are many forms of meditation that all seek to in some way transform your awareness. Insight meditation specifically, focuses on the senses, and how becoming more attuned to them can allow one to understand themselves and the nature of reality. It is thought to be, according to many sages, the general form of meditation practice taught by the Buddha himself, as it upholds and stays true to the core tenets of Buddhism. Insight meditation, also known as Vipassana, is a way of truly unlocking the awareness. It increases your capacity to comprehend all sensation, thereby increasing your ability to […]
Letting Go of Anger

Letting Go of Anger: Energy Balance and Mental Prisons

This is something I see a lot: frustrated people walking around with anger that they were never taught how to process. Anger is often an energy affliction: it’s an emotional death spiral that literally accomplishes nothing. There are certain select scenarios where brief anger may be justified, but the key is to know when to let it go and process the energy (thoughts) that gave rise to it. Holding on to anger and fusing it with your identity is suicide. Stagnant Emotions Create Prisons of the Mind Let’s be clear first and foremost, if you’re looking to achieve a balanced, […]
Februdairy Harsh Reality Dairy Industry

What is Februdairy? Exposing the Harsh Reality of the Dairy Industry

in News
Februdairy is essentially a propaganda stunt pulled by the dairy industry as an answer to Veganuary, a popular vegan movement / charity that challenges people to simply go vegan for the month of January. Of course, as would be expected by the craven meat and dairy industries, Veganuary has been met with plenty of backlash amid its success. Februdairy is just one of the many silly attempts to derail what has become a global phenomenon. The dairy industry, of course, has never been beyond propaganda. All you have to do is look at the “Got Milk?” campaign, which exists to […]