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April 2019 / 3 posts found

Avoid Plateauing and Conquuer Your Workout

Avoid Plateauing and Conquer Your Workout

Workout stagnation is one of the biggest issues for people trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass and strength. The reason we plateau is simple: most traditional exercises focus on isolated muscles or muscle groups, which is not at all how our body would be getting worked out in nature. The usual short-term solution to plateauing is to switch up your workout routine. Do different exercises that focus on a different set of muscles for a week or two, or bring in a new exercise that focuses the same muscle but is slightly different so it works it in […]
Knowing Your Element Quintessential Meaning

Knowing Your Element (Quintessential Meaning)

Everything that belongs to the natural world has an affinity with one or more elements, which are a part of what constitutes its quintessential meaning. Being self-aware means learning what this affinity is and how it affects your actions and choices. This topic may be familiar to you if you are already a student of Hermetics. There are certainly many ways to explain elementism, ranging from scientific to superstitious, so I will break down the fundamentals and clear the air. What Are Elements and Why do We Have Them? Everything natural, to one degree or another, possesses an electromagnetic field. […]
Vegans Don't Need Supplements

Why Most Vegans DON’T Need Supplements

One of the hottest topics on any vegan blog or social media account always seems to be supplements. There’s this bizarre belief in the community that being vegan means you’re going to have subpar nutrition to some degree, that you’ll be lacking in your diet without animal products. It truly seems to permeate a large part of the community as a whole. Some people take supplementing as gospel, as if vegans who don’t supplement are “doing it wrong,” or are even unhealthy. Let’s clear up these misconception, because this issues goes right to the heart of what veganism is all […]