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June 2019 / 6 posts found

Ginger Detox Foot Pad Review

Ginger Detox Foot Pads Are Legit

New natural health products are popping up seemingly every day, and while detox foot pads have been around for years in one form or another, they’ve recently seen a resurgence along with plenty of backlash. Let’s cut right to the facts. First of all, humans do detox through their feet. There are plenty of articles by medical hacks and fluff news outlets online that try to minimize this fact or outright debunk it, but it is not up for debate. In fact, knowledge of how we “sweat out toxins” has existed in holistic circles for thousands of years. Some of […]
Burger King Vegan Whopper

Vegan Impossible Whopper: Burger King Hits Homerun

in News
Fast food restaurants are jumping on the vegan bandwagon, and that includes Burger King, but it’s not just a marketing ploy. They are partnering up with some big name vegan brands to bring us what appears to be quality stuff. Enter: the Impossible Whopper, which has seen so much success in the short time that it’s been out, that it’s already expanding to wider circulation. IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER = 💯% VEGAN (sans mayo)! NEVER thought I would walk in BK again but had to try it. What a treat! So incredibly delicious! Veg food has just hit a whole new level! […]
Walking the Path of Self-Mastery

Your Path to Self-Mastery Starts Here

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What determines quality of life? This is an issue many of us wrestle with in our search for success, health, and happiness. After a decade of walking the Path and doing my fair share of stumbling, testing, and hard learning, I’ve come to the conclusion that quality of life is directly related to mastery of Self. For those who aren’t masters of their own life, the road is paved with tribulation, suffering, frustration, and failure. They see no opportunity, lack the ability to take care of their health, have no idea how to generate personal power or utilize their willpower […]
Cure Cancer With an Holistic Lifestyle

Curing Cancer With an Holistic Lifestyle

by Anita Angelspirit
We all know someone battling cancer and it’s hard to watch because we all know mainstream medicine doesn’t have the answers. They don’t want you to know about living an holistic lifestyle and curing your disease because they’d be out of a job. Might be hard to hear but deep down you know it’s the truth. I had to come to terms with this myself to become a healer. I’m going to break everything down for you here so at least if you know someone fighting cancer, you can help give them a shot at life instead of relying on […]
Pocket Guide to Veganism

Pocket Guide for New Vegans

It isn’t hard to go vegan. In fact, it’s never been easier. There are so many tasty meat and dairy replacements that even major fast food chains and supermarkets are stocking this stuff. You can replace ground beef with Gardein beefless crumbles, chicken with Quorn products and the Boca “turkey” burgers taste just like regular burgers. No need to eat any animal. Meat eaters cannot tell the difference and neither can most vegans. Also Field Roast Italian sausage is really good, too. There are so many alternatives. I have had several people ask me about plant based, dairy free eating. […]
Hermetic Correspondence Vibrational Hearing

Hermetic Correspondence and Vibrational Healing

You are looking for healing, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. If I had to guess, you’ve been looking in all the wrong places and following a bunch of lukewarm techniques and guides that produce only marginal results at best, and fail to mention the vibrational nature of reality.  The problem is, you don’t understand correspondence. You were never taught how the world around you works, so the methods you are following can only take you so far. Everything comes back to correspondence. This is one of the laws of hermetics, foundational aspects of our world that you need to […]