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Glitches, Mandela Effect Residue, Multiverse

Glitches, Mandela Effect Residue, and the Multiverse: Glance Behind the Veil

I’ve always been aware, at least to some degree, of “glitches,” “Mandela effects,” or whatever you want to call them. Problems or hiccups in the fabric of reality. Different traditions call them different things, but I know that as a kid, I would take note of them. Now it is becoming clear to more people that something is amiss. It is one of the reasons why I personally believe self-mastery training is so important. We’re in the midst of some kind of transference of energy, or shift. It doesn’t matter what you call it so much as it matters that […]
Happy Coffee Nootropics

Happy Coffee and the Rise of Nootropics

With the rise of herbal remedies and alternative medicine, people have been looking for ways to improve their mood and mindset without the use of harmful chemicals. Nootropics, a general term referring to a loose collection of various natural hormones, cognitive enhancers, mood boosters, and mind supplements, that all purport to quicken reaction time, improve mental performance, stabilize and improve mood, and in general, up overall performance. What makes nootroopics different from other natural remedies is that they primarily focus solely on mental performance, which has appealed mostly to millennials, who are forced to do twice as much as previous […]
Truth About Plant Oils Healthy

The Whole Truth About Plant Oils

There’s a new trend among fitness and health gurus which basically labeling completely innocent foods as dangerous. I already covered how soy, once the rightful darling of the health-conscious, is now being treated as veritable poison by unscrupulous marketers. This underhanded marketing campaign has worked so well that the word “soy” itself has become almost a dirty word in some circles. The power of propaganda in a nutshell. The new food that is facing the wrath of these people is plant oils. Yes, like the kind you cook with. Absurd? You would think so, but we’re living in an age […]
Ley Lines and Sacred Spaces Collingswood NJ

Ley Lines and Sacred Spaces

Have you ever found yourself inexplicably drawn to a specific place? I think most of us have had some experience with this kind of phenomenon. Not everyone heeds the call of these “magical” locales, but many can sense them.  Ley lines, or the meridians of energy that run through the planet, have been a popular topic in esoteric circles since the dawn of human civilization. Most of our civilization, in fact, is built around ley lines. Our ancestors were drawn to these energy centers and “veins” of energy, because they are typically verdant and help attract abundance. It is easier […]
Uncomfortable Truths About Parenting

Uncomfortable Truths About Parenting and Trauma

From my experience, parenting is one of those subjects very few people properly understand, even in holistic circles. The trauma and pain inflicted on our offspring is rarely contemplated. The fact is, children are second class citizens in our society. The unnatural way in which most of the world developed has created a massive rift between us and the animal kingdom. As such, our children rarely know the luxury of respectful treatment. It is almost a taboo to even dare question someone’s parenting skills. This is because many of us inherently know that most parents have absolutely no idea what […]