Dairy Biggest Scam

3 Reasons Why Dairy is The Biggest Modern-Day Scam

Scams. We deal with them every day: from the nonsensical spam emails that try to invite us to click on links to questionable products and services, to snake-oil salesmen that try to peddle As Seen On TV contraptions, to deranged televangelical pastors who want you to phone in half your month’s salary for a piece of rock from Jerusalem that has magical powers.

We’re all acquainted with these unscrupulous business practices and societal deceptions. But are you familiar with the biggest modern-day scam of all time?

Banking? Nope.

Fad diets? Nope.

“War equals peace?” Not quite.

Student loans? Nah.

The medical industry? Getting warmer…

I’m talking about the Dairy Industry.

For anyone who isn’t already initiated, nothing really compares to dairy. Even most vegans agree, the dairy industry is even worse than the meat industry, for reasons which we will be diving into shortly. It’s important that I point out that this isn’t about veganism or even “saving the animals.” I’m writing this to raise awareness for the average Joe who isn’t into alternative diets, holistic wellness, or anything of the sort. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you eat: these issues concern you.

So let’s overturn this moldy rock and see what’s crawling underneath, shall we?

Dairy Scam #1: Humans Need Dairy For a Balanced Diet

Nutritionists, doctors, and medical practitioners the world over should be ashamed of themselves. To be fair, many of them aren’t actively involved in this scam, but they damn well aught to know better. The fact is, humans don’t need dairy at all to be healthy, and yet, it’s a part of recommended diets all over the world, given to little babies, pushed on us by the USDA, and is nearly inescapable in the supermarket.

However, the idea that somehow humans need milk or any dairy products for a balanced diet is pure absurdity. I would go so far as to call it outright insanity. First off, let’s take a step back and look at what milk is for a second.

Milk is the breast milk of cows. Cows produce this milk for their young, as every mammal on Earth produces milk for their specific young. Milk comes in all varieties, from protein-rich to fat-rich and everything in between, but one thing is certain, each variety of milk is produced in order to provide nutrients for the babies of that specific species. Period.

Fact: No species naturally drinks the milk of any other species.

Fact: No adult animal on this planet drinks milk as an adult. Besides us.

See a pattern?

The idea that we somehow need the nutrients from milk is ludicrous. Giant mammals with strong, dense, healthy bones, go about their days in the wild, never taking a sip of milk. Never eating an ounce of cheese, never taking a spoonful of yogurt. Yet their bones are tough as iron. Would anyone dare say the bones of an elephant are weak? IS the rhino in need of milk? The giraffe? The lion? Do bears need milk? How about hippos? Blue wales? These large, magnificent creatures, with bones far larger than our entire bodies, don’t need a drop of milk after they are weaned.

How can that be, if dairy is supposedly some kind of dietary necessity?

Well the answer is both the most simple and most logical: we don’t. Humans have no need for milk, as they have no need for the milk of any other animal. Just as cats don’t need elephant milk and dolphins don’t need sheep milk and lions don’t need ox milk. We. Don’t. Need. Milk.

But here is where people’s fuses short and their brains, programmed with propaganda as they are, wonder, “then how are we supposed to get calcium? How are we supposed to get healthy bones?”

First of all, the purpose of milk isn’t necessarily to provide calcium for baby animals. Sure, milk has calcium, but it has far more fat and protein. The purpose of milk is to be complete nutrition for a rapidly growing baby animal. It’s not for “strong bones.” It’s for full tummies, great immune systems, and fuel for cells. So let’s toss out this idea that milk is some kind of “calcium elixir.” It’s complete nonsense.

You may be wondering, if calcium isn’t to be gotten from dairy products, where is it found? Well, in dark green leafy vegetables, where else? Does anyone stop to think for a second how elephants and gorillas have such strong bones when they eat almost nothing but leaves? Pro tip: it’s because leaves have calcium.

Shocked? In fact, many vegetables have calcium. Far more than milk, and in a more digestible variety as well. Broccoli, collards, kale, kidney beans, navy beans, lentils, even oranges and raisins have plenty of calcium. More than you could ever want or need for strong, healthy bones. Just like cows, apes, giraffes, and everything else out there, all the calcium we could ask for is right there, in nature. That’s where ALL animals get their nutrients from, after all. The plants. Either an herbivore eats plants in order to get vitamins and minerals, or a carnivore eats the herbivore to get the nutrients in its body that were built with plants. Calcium doesn’t magically manifest in milk. It’s not some secret ingredient in yogurt and cheese. It’s in plants. Kale, spinach, figs, pinto beans. The stuff of the earth.

Second, we have to move past our absurd cultural beliefs surrounding milk if we are ever going to come to terms with how bizarre we are acting as a species. The only reason why we drink milk in the first place is likely due to our dire circumstances as a lost, wandering species thousands of years ago. We were hungry, far removed from our original homes in the tropical tree-tops, and we saw, with our logistic minds, that various animals produced milk that could keep us alive during the harsher months when other “food” was scarce. The basis for drinking milk rests in the desperation and ignorance of our primitive beginnings, when we were making the transition from an animal at harmony in nature, to what we are today.

There is absolutely no scientific, logical, nutritional, or ethical reason to drink milk. We are plant eaters who have the biology of bonobos and chimpanzees. Our calcium is supposed to come from dark green leaves and certain fruits. If any doctor, pediatrician, or other such individual tells you otherwise, they are only selling you on what they were programmed with in med school. And remember, almost all mainstream “data” on dairy products is paid for and collated by the dairy industry themselves, in tandem with other medical orgs who are also connected to and funded by the dairy industry, and then signed off by the USDA and FDA, government organizations that are given tons of money by the meat and dairy industries in order to push their production and sales quotas.

In other words, it’s all pure nonsense.

Dairy Scam #2: Dairy Doesn’t Harm Our Bodies

Not only are we not supposed to rely on milk and cheese for nutrients, there is considerable evidence that prolonged ingestion of dairy destroys the body. You thought you were safe because you don’t eat “processed food” and even reject meat? Listen up vegetarians, you’re in for a ride.

Cow milk in and of itself is not something that was ever meant to be consumed by diminutive apes like ourselves. Our bodies are a tiny fraction of the size and scope of a cow, yet their milk is specifically designed to transform an infant 75 pound cow into a hulking 2000 pound beast. Most baby cows weight as much as adult humans within 2 months of birth. Let that sink in for a second. When a calf pops out of its mother, it only takes a few months for it to obtain the body mass of a full-grown, meat-and-potatoes eating linebacker.

That’s what cow milk does. Do you think we’re supposed to be drinking that stuff? Hell no. Even further to the point, do you think we can drink that stuff day in and day out and not suffer severe health issues and biological repercussions?

It’s really not that hard to figure out. Dairy is not healthy, not even remotely close. First of all, most adults are technically lactose intolerant at least to a certain degree. This is because, unsurprisingly, after mammals reach a certain age, they stop producing the lactase necessary in order to fully digest milk. Biologically speaking, they no longer need it. No animal needs it.

So we have a massive portion of the population who aren’t even able to digest the stuff without gas, bloating, acid reflux, or diarrhea, which should tell you something right there. But there’s a ton more to understand. The rabbit hole of what milk does to our bodies is quite deep indeed.

Dairy is responsible for numerous illnesses, many of the same ones as eating meat. Acne, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, thyroid problems, skin rashes, brain fog, gall stones, even depression and breast cancer. As we will discuss shortly, it is also one of the foremost causes of osteoporosis and arthritis, which are diseases that we are made to believe can be “prevented” by the calcium found in dairy.

Why is this? Without going into a scientific diatribe, it boils down to this: we were never meant to consume animal protein on a regular basis. We are fruit-eating apes as per our biology. If you’re going off of our digestive system, our jaw movements, our stomach acidity, our teeth, and all of our other biological mechanisms, we are frugivorous through and through. Similar to chimpanzees and bonobos, our animal protein intake should be an occasional handful of termites, or in times of desperation a small rodent or bird. Dense animal protein like beef, and the kind that is present in cow’s milk, is not meant to be inside us. This isn’t a dietary opinion, but a biological fact.

When we consume animal protein, we essentially force our bodies to do a number of tasks that all lead to impaired health. Our bodies cannot process much animal protein and the fat that is associated with it, and so it is up to our livers to work overtime filtering out what we can’t use. Our arteries get clogged with all kinds of plaque that our bodies have no idea what to do with, and the acidic nature of animal protein means that our cells have to leech minerals from our bones in order to keep our bodies in an alkaline state.

In other words, the very act of consuming dairy makes our bones weaker. We thrive when our body chemistry remains at a certain alkalized level, and in order to keep this form of stasis, all acidity must be dealt with one way or another. Just as the body will “eat itself” when starving, the cells use the alkaline minerals they have on hand to neutralize any acidic substances that leech into the blood or other areas. The primary mineral that is used to do this is the calcium in our bones. We are designed to get our calcium from alkaline plants, not acidic animal protein. You effectively destroy your bones every time you drink milk.

Osteoporosis From Drinking Milk
Drinking milk forces your body to leach minerals from your bones, resulting in deterioration over time. Consuming meat, dairy, and processed foods is literally the cause of this horrible disease. Stop doing what is unnatural!

It’s telling that the countries with the highest rate of osteoporosis are also the countries with the highest level of dairy consumption. If dairy was indeed good for your bones, wouldn’t it pan out that the United States should be full of people with iron skeletons? This is far from the case, however, as osteoporosis is reaching epidemic levels. Our bones are weaker than ever, yet Americans gorge themselves on dairy.

You’re being lied to, big time.

When our bodies have to go into damage control with every other routine meal, it creates many complications and eventually leads to diseases. Impaired immune systems, digestive malfunctions, poor nutrient absorption, mood imbalances, skin inflammation: these are all endemic in our society, because of the rabid consumption of dairy.

Yet, it gets worse. As horrible as this revelation is, dairy’s impact on human health is truly staggering, once you realize that on top of all this, it also alters brain chemistry and is proven to be extremely addicting. The biggest culprit of all here is actually cheese.

This subject in particular is fascinating for me, because I’ve long suspected that cheese is an extremely dangerous, disgusting substance. Even in elementary school I was an observer, always trying to learn about the world, why we do certain things. And cheese never made sense to me.

After many observations, I came to the conclusion that cheese was both addicting and for want of a better word, it made people stupid. Though I could not prove it, my intuition screamed that there was something to it. And my intuition has literally never been wrong in my entire life.

Here to find out, animal protein present in milk known as Casein, becomes a morphine-esque compound known as casomorphin in the stomach. The specific protein reaction occurs in all dairy but is present primarily in cheese.

When ingested, it creates a dopamine response not unlike morphine (the compounds are literally chemically related, hence the name), and the result is overt addiction. On top of this, the constant forced release of dopamine has a corrosive effect on the brain, resulting in short-term brain fog and long-term deterioration of brain cells, leading to more aggressive behavior, and even Parkison’s disease.

When I learned about casomorphin it was one of the most dramatic “light bulb” moments I’ve ever had, because I knew since I was a child that this was the truth, and that science would one day vindicate me.

The implications of this finding, however, are alarming. We are talking about raw addiction to a substance that the body cannot digest. It’s aged, moldy animal protein that is full of fat, cow hormones, and animal protein that clogs our arteries, makes our bodies acidic, and forces our cells to go into overdrive just to keep us going.

Human beings were never meant to consume dairy. It’s just not a thing. Beliefs, customs, and dietary proclivities aside. It is pure poison. Even a starving monkey will eat an animal if it has to, as its cells desperately try to extract animal proteins, iron, and fat to stay alive, but no animal in the wild takes it upon themselves to track down a pregnant bovine just to suck the milk from its udders. And we’re not even eating raw milk, but a homogenized, pasteurized, hormone-laden concoction that may as well be considered mild poison for human beings.

Do not let anyone tell you that dairy is “healthy” in any way, shape, or form. Anything to the contrary is pure propaganda.

Dairy Scam #3: Dairy Doesn’t Harm Animals Like the Meat Industry

Finally, the next biggest scam that dairy has to answer for is in its treatment of animals. Again, vegetarians have to ask themselves some hard questions, if their reason behind their diet is because they don’t support the meat industry. The dairy industry is the meat industry. Let’s divulge a little of what transpires on a dairy farm.

First of all, let’s discard the fantastical image of happy cows being milked by hand into milk pails while roosters crow in the background. That’s the image the dairy industry has carefully cultivated over the years to get you to believe that milk production is safe and ethical. “It’s harmless,” the images proclaim. “Nothing wrong with raising some cows, milking them every once and a while, and selling their milk for profit.”

This childlike fantasy story we tell ourselves is nothing close to the reality. Here is a little run down of what a dairy farm is, and what happens there:

  • The vast majority of all milk comes from “factory farms”, where thousands of cows are kept still in minuscule iron or steel pens in a giant warehouse, with machines hooked up to their udders for most of the day. The cows are treated like property, and we know from footage of these places that they are routinely abused.
  • In order for a cow to continuously produce milk, it must be continuously kept pregnant. No, cows, do not magically make milk. They must be raped (the politically correct term is “artificially inseminated”), by human hand or steel rod, with bull sperm. The cows are kept continuously pregnant, so when they have one baby, the impregnate the same cow again in a matter of weeks. This continues until their bodies give out at an extremely premature age.
  • The cows often develop mastitis. infections of the utter, and various other diseases, due to the unnatural wear and tear on their sensitive areas. Blood and pus is routinely found in milk, and is legally allowed up to certain amounts. There are trace amounts of “somatic cells” (of which up to 90% are pus), are universally present in milk. The majority of antibiotics produced in the US and UK are given to livestock like these, because they are constantly suffering from infections.
  • The cows never see the sun. They stand on steel floors, develop hoof rot, painful joint issues, lesions and boils on their skin from grating against metal surfaces all day long, and even cancers from being fed nothing but cheap corn lacking any real nutrients.
  • All dairy cows, once they are spent or their milk production lessens, are sent to slaughter for hamburger meat and other low-grade meat products. Yes, every last dairy cow becomes meat. These poor mothers are literally milked to death years before their time (they can live well over 20 years, but usually don’t make it to see 5 or 6 in factory farms), and then are just handed to the meat industry. They are sick, full of infections, malnourished, and some even full of cancer, and yet they all end up on someone’s dinner plate. And yes, cancerous tumors get ground up into the meat.
  • Even though cows form a strong bond with their babies, factory farms don’t let mother cows raise their calves. The babies are stolen from them as soon as possible (so they don’t drink the mother’s milk, first and foremost), and immediately enter into the same hell if they are female. They will be raised to be a dairy cow, never knowing fields, sunlight, affection, cleanliness, or peace. If the baby is male, however, it will be sold off to a veal farm, where it will be shoved into a tiny crate where it won’t be allowed much movement for its entire short life. It will be slaughtered when it is still very young, which is what veal is, the supple meat of adolescent male calves. The dairy industry is the meat industry.

The price we pay for nacho cheese and ice cream sundaes is quite high. Let’s ignore for a second that the FDA and the USDA, as well as dairy counsels and farm organizations around the country tell us nothing about the fact that dairy products aren’t even good for us to begin with. But on top of everything else, innumerable horrors are perpetrated every day just so we can appease wayward taste buds. That’s literally what it comes down to.

Go Vegan for the Animals

Facing The Dairy Industry Horrors

I can’t think of a worse industry. Yes, the Pharmaceutical cartels unabashedly sell us poison at marked up prices under the guise of health. Yes, governments lie all the time about their reasons for going to war or cutting funding for important safety net, education, and welfare programs.

Yes, shysters on talk radio and TV infomercials will do everything they can to sell you on the latest snake oil. And yes, banks have been making money off of people for centuries with unfair interest and irresponsible lending practices.

But where else can you find such a disgusting , hideous product, marketed and packaged like it’s wholesome and healthy, while necessitating the enslavement, rape, and torture of innocent creatures just to produce it?

The answer is pretty clear. As a society we face plenty of problems, and if we’re on the subject of health, there’s certainly a number of fronts to cover. Yet dairy, in my mind, stands out as one of the biggest scams and most daunting crises out there right now.

Our species is being slowly poisoned, and this is not an exaggeration. It is a testament to how hardy we are, that so many of us can put up with consuming dairy for so long without developing fatal illnesses.

Yet many of us do succumb, and more do all the time. Rising rates of obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, and many other serious conditions are all directly linked to the consumption of dairy. This is a human rights issue. The government, as well as corporations, are peddling the idea that milk is healthy. It’s in our supermarkets advertised as a dietary necessity, it’s in our schools being handed out to kids.

If you need one last rundown of just how absolutely disastrous the dairy industry truly is, here is possibly one of the best breakdowns of the entire mess laid out with scathing humor and hard-to-face facts.

That’s the dairy industry in a nutshell. It is far and away the biggest scam, and the sooner it collapses, the better.

Thankfully, the demise of the dairy industry may not be too far off, as dairy companies across the globe have consistently been reporting record lows in sales over the past few years, due primarily to the abundance of milk substitutes out there. It’s important to mention these substitutes, because not only are they far healthier for us, they even taste better.

So if you are despairing about having to quit dairy because you can’t live without milk in your cereal or cream in your coffee, you’re in for a treat.

There is a long way to go in putting the brakes on the dairy industry completely, but the path toward this goal will be paved in almond milk and Chao cheese. It’s important to remember when making the transition to a non-dairy diet, that your taste buds don’t supersede the autonomous lives of other sentient beings.

In other words, just because you may like cheese a whole lot, in no way gives you the right to enslave and torture animals to fulfill your desire for it. There’s a word for that kind of behavior: it’s called sociopathy.

So if you aren’t able to fully satisfy your cravings for milk, cheese, and butter with non-dairy products, self-reflect on your impulses and keep an holistic perspective. Literal lives are at stake with every dietary choice you make.

The dairy industry is only as strong as the demand for their products are. If more and more people cease to buy it, dairy farms will fold up, and the industry will fade away. If you’re struggling in your transition, give yourself time. Wait for the casomorphins to wear off. Meditate on this: what is more important? Making your taste buds happy or keeping innocent animals alive, and keeping your body healthy? The choice is as plain as day.

The good news is, there really are incredible non-dairy alternatives to the vast majority of dairy foods, including butter and ice-cream.

It’s never been easier to give up dairy, as food corporations around the world are getting the hint: if we can make delicious milk from almonds and cashews rather than having to raise, feed, rape, and kill cows, then we’re going with the almonds and cashews.

There is an answer to all the carnage of the meat and dairy industries, and it all starts with our choices. Make the change in your own diet, even if it is only one small step at a time.

Remember, supply and demand work hand in hand. Every single one of us has the power to demand better, more ethical food with every purchase we make. And as the demand for dairy alternatives rises, the quality will also increase while prices go down.

The end goal has to be the complete eradication of the dairy industry. If we consider ourselves an intelligent, compassionate society, then there is no room for dairy farms. Our health, and the lives of millions upon millions of innocent animals, depends on it.


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  1. Jonathan Robinson

    Well done!!! And Big Pharma. Is right behind,. I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t promoting the dairy industry, so as to increase their own business….

    1. Definitely. All these industries rub each other’s backs. Huge Pharma companies rely on the revenue from cow antibiotics to stay afloat. Big Pharma companies also donate millions to agencies like ACS, AHA, and the ADA to skew research, favor certain outcomes, hide info, and spread disinfo. This stuff isn’t even being covered up, and is certainly not a conspiracy. 5 minutes of research and it’s all there for the reading. Crazy, huh? There’s also a reason why it’s the “food and drug administration.” They oversee and regulate the same stuff because all these agencies, companies, and products are in bed together.

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