Best Spiritual Quotes For Power

7 Spiritual Quotes For a More Powerful You

Spiritual quotes are an effective way to shift your mindset in a positive direction, especially if you are dealing with a difficult situation or period in your life.

Some seek bits of spiritual wisdom for comfort or general guidance, but they can also be used to help you realize your own power.

Below you will find 7 curated quotes that offer spiritual guidance as it relates to realizing how powerful you can be. Each of these spiritual quotes deals with some aspect of mental mastery and positive thinking, which are crucial for living in balance and getting what you want out of life.

1. Energy is Magnetic: You Attract What You Think, Feel, and Embody

Spiritual Quote Energy is Magnetic

We live in a reciprocal universe that is constantly responding to what we think and how we feel. The world around us is a soundboard, relaying back to us what we send out.

One way you can step into your spiritual power is to adjust your thinking patterns and emotional responses in order to alter what you experience.

Power starts with responsibility. Self-mastery training is often necessary in order to fully realize how powerful you can be, but you can make an incredible amount of progress simply by practicing mindfulness and being more conscious of your thoughts and feelings.

Lesson: everything you think, feel, and do will reflect back to you at the same level of vibration. Shift your inner world to change your outer world.

2. Don’t Let a Bad Experience Become Your Whole Identity

Spiritual Quote Your Identity

It’s easy to let a bad experience shape our lives, even at the cost of our own peace of mind. A bad relationship, a disease, or a tragic event suddenly becomes your whole identity, and years later you wonder why nothing is working out and you keep experiencing the same patterns.

If you don’t fully move on from a bad experience, you will continue to relive it in a hundred different ways.

The more you think and talk about a bad experience, the more you will experience elements of it throughout your daily life. What you think, you affirm and attract.

What often happens is we put ourselves into a “victim” role and then carry these negative events with us as a kind of outward identity. It shapes our conversations with others, our behavior, and even our life choices. This is how trauma can sabotage your life without you even realizing it.

Never let a negative experience define who you are or take you on an unproductive life path. You will never gain anything by identifying with an illness or constantly complaining about a bad experience. This is a low vibration way of life that leads to dead ends and suffering.

3. Your Story is Only Just Beginning

Your Story is Just Beginning

Our egos like to romanticize what we’ve been through in life, making it seem as though we’ve had it rough or that our time has ran out. Even people in their 20’s and 30’s often resort to this kind of thinking, and may even feel as though it is “too late” to change their lives for the better.

The reality is that on every level, your story is only just beginning. It doesn’t matter what you have been through in life, you have plenty of room to grow and change course.

Reality is multifaceted, multidimensional even. What we experience here in this one physical incarnation is but a fragment of what’s to come.

If you experience feelings of having wasted your life or if you don’t see a pathway forward toward prosperity and the life you want, you have to overcome this mindset. People change their whole lives around and find themselves even in their 70’s and 80’s.

It’s never too late to “live life.”

4. Real Progress Always Involves Deep Self-Reflection

Spiritual Quote Real Progress

Self-reflection is a key part of personal growth and becoming powerful as a person. Among other things, you will make better decisions in life the more mindful you are.

Progress on the Path can be nebulous without a healthy amount of introspection. There is a strong correlation between feelings of listlessness and apathy and the “auto-pilot” lifestyle.

If you aren’t self-aware and have no internal dialogue, it is simply not possible to follow the Path and spiritually evolve.

The vast majority of input related to your spiritual Path will always come in a subtle fashion. Impressions, intuition, symbols, messages in dreams.

If you don’t know how to recognize and ruminate over these signs, you won’t be able to make substantial progress in life because all of your actions will be dictated by physical stimuli alone.

The more you reflect inward, the more progress you can make when it comes to discovering your purpose and following your true Path. 

Some of the most practical spiritual guidance I can give is to focus on being more self-reflective whenever possible. It is this “inward journey” that will make your outward journey so much easier and fulfilling.

5. Your Path is Determined More By Your Mindset Than By Your Actions

Spiritual Quote Your Path

Closely related to the previous spiritual quote, this bit of guidance also concerns your Path in life and how to follow it.

Specifically, many of us are guilty of attributing too much significance to physical events. We let the physical shape our lives and guide our decisions, when it’s our thoughts we should be paying closer attention to.

Your mindset is largely responsible for the quality of your life. If you have a negative internal dialogue, what you experience will be shrouded in negativity. The opposite, of course is true.

When you think with a healthy, positive mindset, you will see with greater clarity and make better decisions that will inevitably help you progress as an individual. 

6. You Attract Good Things When You Believe That You Deserve Them

Attract Good Things

Many desire the best things in life but never receive them because they don’t believe they are worthy of them on a subconscious level.

The greatest obstacle in the way of the life you want is your own negative thinking. This spiritual quote helps us to see things in a no-nonsense kind of way.

The law of attraction is not an abstract concept. Or at least, it’s not meant to be one. There are plenty of self-styled gurus that purposefully obfuscate how the law of attraction works because they know that if you realized your full power, they would be out of a job.

Just keeping it 💯

Part of making the law of attraction work for you is getting over your own negative self-talk. This self-sabotaging behavior is at the root of your discontent and lack of power.

This goes back to religion and the damage it has wrought on our collective psyche. The idea that man is fallen and sinful has led to billions of people who inherently believe they are spiritually dirty and unworthy of greatness and power.

You have to unlearn this nonsense and embrace your birthright. You are a majestic, powerful, and worthy being. Use this spiritual quote to meditate on the fact that you are capable of achieving your goals and following a Path that is bountiful.

7. Learn to be the Source of Your Own Magic

Be Your Own Magic

Finally, wrapping up our collection of spiritual quotes, this one concerns the innate power that you have inside of you.

This society of ours has conditioned us to look everywhere for sources of power, protection, wisdom, and wealth.

Everywhere besides the one place where you should be looking: your Self.

You are the catalyst for change in your own life. Everything you experience in life is largely a reflection of your internal spiritual landscape. The best spiritual practices are all designed to help you realize this one truth: that the power you need to change your life is always at hand.

We are inherently magickal, and possess the ability to co-create along with everyone else.

This means that you are extraordinarily gifted beyond your wildest dreams, so there’s no point in looking elsewhere for any kind of salvation.

Constantly searching for help while ignoring your own power is how you reinforce the very state you are trying to escape.

So long as you subconsciously tell your Self that you aren’t capable of finding solutions and healing your Self, nothing will ever change.

The spiritual path is one of self-discovery, in that the deeper we go, the more we realize that we had all the answers and all the power all along.

More Spiritual Quotes and Self-Mastery Resources

Getting to the point where you can fully internalize these bits of wisdom and act on them can be a lengthy process. It does require plenty of meditation and self-discipline, which is why so few actually make progress.

You have to put in the work, in other words.

If you are seeking additional guidance and want more spiritual quotes to meditate on, I highly recommend following me on Instagram. I am constantly posting my own quotes on spiritual subjects just like these, along with visionary art and thoughts about my own journey.

For more spiritual resources and guidance, you can also follow Digital Sages on Twitter and check out our resources page, where you will find several books that I wrote specifically to help seekers prosper on the Path.

Fearless Self Book By Matthew LovettThe important thing to remember about reading quotes on spirituality is that you act on them. Wisdom is only as useful as it is acted upon.

The best thing you can do for your personal power and spiritual growth is to pick one of these quotes and meditate on it extensively over the course of the next few weeks, and see how you can apply it to your everyday life.

Once you begin to apply this kind of ancient wisdom to your life, that is when you will see meaningful change.

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