8 Great Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

8 Great Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil You Must be Aware Of

Pumpkin Seed oil is cold pressed and extracted from the seeds of the commonly grown pumpkin (Latin: Cucurbita maxima). The seeds are first dried and then undergo a cold-press process in order to extract their orange-red fluid. Pumpkins are typically just considered a fall decoration or a not-so-healthy vegetable. But, the seeds of this plant are widely used in numerous holistic products that work toward the betterment of one’s health.

Mentioned below are some basic nutrition facts of this oil:

Carbohydrate: 0%. The glycemic index of the oil is ZERO.
Proteins: 0%
Cholesterol: 0%
Fat: 13%
Saturated Fat: 7.5%
Sodium: 0%
Potassium: 0%
Vitamin A and C: 0%

Pumpkin Seed Oil has numerous health benefits that are not limited to any particular organ system. Though it does not have a high vitamin content, it is full of trace phyto-nutrients and healthy omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids which are essential for prolonged health.

8 Ways in which Pumpkin Seed Oil Can Affect and Improve a Person’s Health. 

  1. Nourish and preserve your hair

The zinc in the oil is the main ingredient that assists in hair growth and reduces hair loss. The mineral helps the body balance the secretion of hormones like dihydroxy testosterone (DHT) which is the main culprit behind hair loss. The seed oil also protects the hair follicles and keeps the scalp nourished and healthy.

  1. Strengthens your Mental Health

Multiple studies indicate that the seeds as well the seed oil of a pumpkin, aid in relaxation of the mind. The tryptophan in these condiments is processed by the body and converted into melatonin, the hormone responsible for our sleep. The oil is an effective treatment for insomnia, depression and anxiety. Regular consumption can completely change a person’s lifestyle and provide them with some much-needed peace and tranquility.

  1. Re-establish proper Prostate Health

As both the oil and the human gland are rich reservoirs of the mineral zinc, consumption of this oil can be one of the best decisions in regards to prostate health. Generally, in men above the age of 40 years, a condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) causes uncontrollable urination due to the enlargement of the gland. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds and their oil has shown to have reduced urination difficulties and even the size of the prostate.

  1. Keeps the Heart Healthy

Pumpkin seeds and their oil is rich in fiber, fatty acids and antioxidants which along with phytoestrogens or phytosterols are known to support the heart. They help increase the amounts of High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL) in the bloodstream and reduce amounts of its adversary, LDL by lowering its absorption.

  1. Ophthalmic Benefits

Again, the duo of antioxidants (zeaxanthin) and fatty acids are responsible for providing nourishment and protection to the eyes from the Ultra Violet rays of the sun, blue light and wet and dry macular degeneration (vision loss).

  1. Nurture the largest organ in the human body

Skin, the largest among all organs, requires nurturing and pumpkin seed oil can provide it. The oil is lighter than the more commonly used coconut oil, so it doesn’t block the pores and keeps the skin hydrated and firm. It protects the skin from damages and also reduces signs of ageing.

  1. Enhanced Sex Drive

Yet again, the zinc in the seeds and oil comes to your rescue! Zinc increases the levels of testosterone in both men and women which is an essential hormone that helps both partners reach satisfying orgasms. The mineral blocks the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen.

  1. Get relief from Menopause

The phytoestrogens in the pumpkin seed oil are highly beneficial for menopausal and postmenopausal conditions in women. They help lower blood pressure, lessen headaches and ease the pain in the joints. The oil also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

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