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Aloe Vera Gel: The Perfect Natural Lube?

You might already be aware of aloe vera’s long list of medicinal qualities: it soothes burns and rashes, is anti-bacterial, and can even rejuvenate skin. But did you know it also makes the perfect natural lube?

The Healing Power of Aloe Vera

This miracle plant is truly one of nature’s treasures.

It has been used for thousands of years in remedies for everything from mouth ulcers to sunburn and everything in between. The naturally occurring polyphenols and rich presence of antioxidants means that aloe vera is a one-stop panacea for many ills of your body.  What’s more, it can perform this healing without any undue side-effects. It is a surprisingly gentle, non-invasive plant.

Not Just For Sun Burns Anymore

The natural gel found inside the leaves of the aloe vera plant have been used as a home remedy for sun burns and rashes for centuries at least, and is currently the go-to summer solution for too many hours spent on the beach. Nothing feels better than the sweet relief of cool aloe vera on skin.

Well, it just so happens that this gel doubles as the perfect natural lubricant – not only do many couples swear by the texture, it moisturizes the skin, eases friction naturally, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that could upset the delicate balance of the vagina. In other words, it’s better even than most synthetic lubes on the market by a mile.

The primary issue with synthetic lubricants is that they often contain a ton of chemicals – while not all of them appear harmful, they do have a tendency to throw off a woman’s balance, encourage UTIs and other intercourse-related complications, and oftentimes they simply feel disgusting. While aloe vera gel does have a thicker consistency than what many are used to, its soothing gel-like properties make it perfect for sex.

Benefits of Using Aloe Vera as a Lube

Water-Based vs. Oil-Based

Despite their incompatibility with condoms and the increased risk of allergic or other reactions, oil-based lubes are still somewhat popular. The great thing about aloe vera lubricant is that it is water-based.

Not only does this make aloe vera perfectly compatible with condoms, but also means it is healthier for you and your partner’s body. Water-based lubes tend to be full of more natural ingredients, and are much less likely to irritate the vagina.

They Are Much Cheaper

Aloe vera products on the whole tend to be quite cheap. This is mainly due to the fact that aloe vera itself is a very agreeable plant. It’s easy to grow in the right conditions, has a long lifespan, can be bred via cuttings and just duplicated to your heart’s content, and needs very little processing to turn into a usable product. In fact, raw aloe vera gel right out of the plant can be used to treat rashes and burns, among other ailments. No need to mix in any other ingredients.

In terms of aloe vera based lubes, not very many other ingredients are added in order to make it a complete product. Besides water and the gel itself, everything else is usually either a bonding agent, a preservative, or substances to improve texture, shelf life, or smell.

Overall, producing aloe vera lube is cheap, especially when you look at the prices of many synthetic lubes. Some are exorbitantly priced, given that they are nothing but chemicals in a glorified lotion. They can raise the prices up because they know people will buy it.

Thankfully, natural and holistic health vendors tend to be a little more consumer-friendly. Most aloe vera lubes sell for dirt cheap. You shouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bank just for a little pleasure!

Not Hard to Find

Everyone has aloe in their house somewhere. Even the basic gel that is used to treat sunburns can be used as lube – the vast majority of all of aloe products are safe to use anywhere on your body, including the more – ahem – delicate areas! While the consistency in specialized aloe vera lubes tends to be better, you still can’t go wrong with your everyday home remedy aloe gel sitting in your medicine cabinet.

Lubricants tend to be obscure products to find as a rule – some supermarkets only carry the most generic of options, and others have a decent selection but it’s all expensive synthetic garbage.

Aloe vera gels on the other hand are readily available at most grocery and department stores, are not hard to find at all, and you don’t have to worry about reading a mile-long ingredient list just to figure out what’s in the bottle.

Aloe Vera Gel is Edible

As if the reasons above weren’t enough, aloe vera comes included with the added benefit of being perfectly edible in its natural state. It’s even labeled by the FDA as being edible and digestible. There’s nothing worse than using a lube that is full of chemicals and is not recommended for consumption – that is extremely limiting in the bedroom to say the least, and certainly hinders the mood. Edible lubes are a must, and aloe vera fits this role perfectly.

Natural unrefined aloe vera gel might not be to everyone’s liking however due to its visceral sticky texture, but it is 100% safe to eat. However, there are aloe vera lubes on the market that use water and other safe ingredients to create a better consistency, making it an unbeatable option.

Most synthetic edible lubes are exorbitantly expensive, some over $20 a bottle. There’s a reason why aloe vera is becoming more and more popular as a go-to natural lubricant option, because people don’t want to spend a fortune just for a little pleasure. The fact that some couples need lube due to health reasons makes this all the more important.

The Best Aloe Vera Lube

Though you can use ordinary aloe vera gel as a lube, there are a few brands specializing in products made from aloe vera, water, and other natural ingredients which are hands down the best lubes on the market right now.

They don’t feel as sticky as regular aloe gel, they are still extremely cheap, and the best part is, they’re readily available.

We’ve searched around for the best options and it’s clear that the Aloe Cadabra line of natural aloe lubes has the market on lock. Their products are 100% natural, reliable, feel great, are affordable, and are even pH balanced specifically for vaginal use.

While it’s easy to use any basic aloe product as a lube substitute, specialized products feel somewhat better because they are formulated with a better texture, and Aloe Cadabra seems to be the heaviest hitter in the market right now. Their product stands above the rest as the clear go-to for aloe vera lube.

So the next time you’re in need of lube, don’t forget to investigate aloe vera.

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