Building Inner Strength

Building Inner Strength That Eliminates Adversity

Inner strength is a key component to a fulfilling life, because adversity is always going to be a factor.

Nowhere is it written that life was meant to be easy. On the contrary, nature makes it quite clear that life is a beautiful dance of struggle and pleasure.

Adversity is in part what defines your character and enables you to grow and evolve. Without facing any challenges in life, you would quickly lose purpose and become stagnant.

The problem is that most of us were simply never taught how to handle or cope with adversity. What is a common and essential aspect of the natural order is something society teaches us to avoid at all costs.

You have to learn how to face adversity head on, and by doing so, you can eliminate it. This requires a strong mind and body, which is what we’re here to help you cultivate.

What are the benefits of building inner strength?

  1. Can’t easily become stressed out
  2. Enables you to see events in a clearer light
  3. Greater control over your thoughts and mindset
  4. Learning to act instead of react
  5. Others are able to rely on you more
  6. Become adept at problem solving
  7. Allows you to practice better self-care

When you are a strong person, life simply makes more sense and is easier to navigate.

Overcoming Adversity
You might feel as though you lack confidence or strength, when in reality, you have immense power and are only convincing yourself otherwise.

It’s not necessarily the case that problems just vanish or that you won’t find yourself in difficult situations, but that you will be able to see these situations for what they are and solve them with greater surety.

A side-effect of cultivating strength is that you will be able to make better choices for your Self, and these actions will begin to reflect around you through reduced conflicts and issues.

For example, a weak person is much more likely to let themselves remain in a toxic environment or relationship where they will continue to face extreme adversity, whereas a stronger-willed person will know how to stand up, eliminate the threat, and thereby introduce peace into their life.

Strengthening Your Mind The Easy Way

All strength begins in the mind. If you lack mental fortitude, it’s unlikely that you will be able to generate courage to face adversity when the need arrives.

For many of us however, mental strength can seem like an elusive goal. One minute we feel like we’re in control, the next minute we’re thinking about embarrassing moments in Middle School or the tone of voice our boss used the other day when speaking to us.

Here it is worth learning how to differentiate between the Self and the Ego, so that you understand that these lapses in mental strength are not you.

Think about the last time you had to chastise yourself for feeling down about something stupid, or overthinking a certain event. Fairly common inner dialogue, right?

The part of you that was obsessing over a past event was your ego. The part of you that “observed” this happening and felt the need to chastise was You, or the Self. 

Why is this important to note? Because it’s easy to associate who you are with the Ego and its never-ending deluge of emotionalism, nostalgia, regret, pain, loss, and attachment. 

This isn’t you.

Think about how strong you would be if you were able to push all of this mental gunk to the side?

We are all naturally brave, as it’s wired into our biology to survive for one.

A cluttered, emotional mind will obscure your natural capacity to face adversity. If you remove the clutter, you are able to see events for what they are, and this takes away their teeth.

If you want to build inner strength, you have to practice mindfulness and learn to separate your Self from the ego.

Basic Mindfulness Tips For Mental Strength

  • Throughout the day, set a reminder to Stay Present. Whether it’s a Post-It note on your fridge or an alert on your phone.
  • If a feeling arises in you that is negative, question it aggressively. Ask your Self, “what purpose does this serve?”
  • Practice being an Observer to your thoughts rather than a Participant.
  • If you feel anxious or stressed, practice breathing slowly and evenly through your nose. Take a mental step  back and remember who is in control.
  • Let go of all attachment to outcomes. It is never your business to try and “make things work out” or expect others to behave or act a certain way.
  • Keep in mind that negativity directed at you is usually a reflection of them, and not you. At the same time, recognize that this doesn’t make you  better than them. It just makes you more aware.
  • Understand that negative thinking has no value and will never make your life better.

Build a Better Space Around You

Important to the process of strengthening your mind and body is taking the necessary steps to ensure that your environment is conducive to growth.

Positive Space For Growth
Get rid of clutter in your life, both physical and mental. You should feel calm and at peace wherever you are. Real strength can only exist where there is calmness and control.

Are you putting your self first and practicing proper self-care? Are you acting in a responsible manner or are you leaving your fate in the hands of others?

Let’s break down the correlation.

Personal responsibility and self-care are acts that require a certain degree of self-appreciation and self-reflection.

Building inner strength requires a recognition of your own value and power. 

A powerful person that understands their worth always takes responsibility for their own thoughts and actions, and knows that self-care is extremely important for mental and physical well-being.

You can start by prioritizing your own health. This involves eating right, getting plenty of exercise and sunlight, cutting toxic individuals from your life, and being mindful of your thoughts and actions.

Self-care of this nature helps to generate inner strength by showing you that a better life is possible. When you create the conditions where you may flourish, strength is the inevitable outcome.

All too often we allow ourselves to exist in a state of constant subjugation. Whether through poor health, toxic relationships, or self-defeating mindsets and beliefs, we are often the conductors of our own destruction.

Making the connection between your choices and the world you live in:

  • Responsibility leads to greater contentment, appreciation, and understanding.
  • When you appreciate and understand your circumstances, you can control and overcome them.
  • This calm control is the inner strength that you are seeking.
  • The ability to mentally accept life events and confidently navigate through these events without internalizing them requires personal responsibility.
  • Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions is one of the best forms of self-care.

Don’t expect life to cater to you if you don’t work on your mind. While you can alter your physical surroundings to help induce mental change, these actions aren’t as effective as deep self-work.

In other words, you have to work on your mental mastery by practicing mindful self-care whenever possible.

Your mindset will always influence what is going on around you, according to the Laws of Hermetics. This is an unavoidable facet of our reality. 

Steps You Can Take Right Now to Build Inner Strength

Not sure where to begin when it comes to growing stronger as a person? Simply follow these simple self-empowerment tips:

  1. Cease all negative self-talk. If you catch yourself doing it, gently remind yourself to let go and move on to something else.
  2. Whenever you experience a low vibrational mood (depression, worry, anxiety, sadness, etc.) make an effort to exercise hard enough to where you will build some muscle. No jogging or yoga here. Lift something heavy, do some pushups. Challenge your body, and don’t worry about it “helping your depression.” That’s the wrong mentality.
  3. Remind your Self constantly that you are powerful. Create a mantra if you have to.
  4. Hold close to the ancient maxim, There is No Enemy Anywhere. This is a mystic saying that essentially means, don’t waste time and mental energy thinking in terms of “you vs them.” Every time you think adversely or negatively about someone else, you are inviting negativity into your life that could further imprison you.
  5. Avoid indecision whenever possible. Get used to acting decisively. Even if it is the wrong decision, you will learn from the experience.
  6. Don’t engage in “crab in the pot” behavior. Pity parties, gossip, passive-aggressive behavior. All of this denotes a lack of control over your own mental and physical state.
  7. Get in the habit of questioning any thought or emotion that doesn’t edify you. It is up to you what you think and feel, so why would you ever want to think and feel what tears you down?
  8. Don’t get hung up on failure. Success and failure are both neutral occurrences. It’s what you decide to gain from the experience that matters. Successful people with confidence fail all of the time; the only differences is they don’t whine and make a big deal about it when it happens, they just keep smiling and pressing on.
  9. Develop a basic self-care routine that involves waking up a decent time every day, a little meditation and exercise, a healthy meal, and proper personal hygiene.
  10. Use affirmations and visualization often. Learn to exert your will and focus your intent.

It’s erroneous to think you can suddenly become an indomitable force overnight, but if you follow these steps, you will be living a more mindful, courageous life. Before long you will notice how life begins to shift and change around you, as you grow stronger and more aware of your own worth.

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