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Cancer Cures

It's not an exaggeration to say that all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer, be it relative or friend. After heart disease it is the number one condition that kills Americans, and similar statistics exist for much of the Western World. This scourge is responsible for insane medical bills, barbaric procedures such as chemotherapy, and uncalculable suffering for everyone involved. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way.

What Exactly is Cancer?

Cancer is described in layman's terms as cells becoming unhealthy and dividing out of control. Eventually these cells for masses called tumors, and may spread into surrounding tissues or invade other systems or parts of the body entirely. Cancer cells do not respond to our normal bodily defenses, and multiply almost unchecked. Inevitably, this crisis of the body leads to various complications and often death.
But this doesn't really do much to explain what cancer truly is or why we get it, but often you won't get much more than that from most medical practitioners. I've met several people over the years who have "survived" multiple bouts of cancer and still can't tell me what cancer even is.

Without Balance, Sickness is a Surety

Let's really shine a light on what cancer is: it's the resultant condition of acidosis in the body. Various medical practitions who have dared to stray outside of the conventional channels of knowledge have known that for a very long time. We as humans are meant to have an alkaline body chemistry. If acidic substances enter the body, they need to be nutralized any way possible. This is simply the nature of chemistry and our bodies. We cannot consume excessive amounts of acidic substances or thrive in an acidic envrionment. We just aren't built for it.
If our bodies become overwhelmed and can no longer consistently neutralize the acidity in our body, it has a wide range of negative effects on our cells. In short, we start to malfunction and eventually sectors of our body become malignant. There is no way for our bodies to reverse this process in an acidic environment. You cannot blast the maligancies with radiation and expect the body not to be damaged. There is a reason why cancer is almost nonexistant in the natural world: becuase our unnatural behaviors, environments, and diets create the conditions for cancer to exist in the first place.

Combating Cancer With a Natural Lifestyle

It should be said that because of genetic malfunctions and other environmental conditions, not every cancer can be "cured." Prevention is the best way to ensure you never have to worry about "curing" it in the first place, and the best way period to prevent cancer is to eat a raw fruit and vegetable diet. But for those cancers that are stubborn or extremely dibilutating due to their genetic nature (see: leukemia), there are still roads you can take that will help, but a raw natural diet likely won't be enough.
However, for basic metastasizing cancers such as breast, skin, colon, lymphatic, and lung, etc. one of the single most important decisions you can make to impact your life is to immediately cut out all artificial food, meat, and dairy. If the thought of going completely raw all at once sounds scary, doing this will at least give your body a fighting chance and allow it to take the baby steps toward returning to an alkaline state.
You might be wondering what meat and dairy have to do with cancer risk. If you are curious about how your diet affects your health, we highly recommend heading over to our section on natural human diets. You'll find everything you need to know in order to start making consous decicisions about what you are putting into your body and why you have to start eating more naturally immediately if you want to overcome cancer.

Herbs That Alkalize The Body

Let's start with a personal favorite of ours: sage. This humble herb that most think of simply as a flavoring for some foods, is actually highly nutritious and alkalizing. It has a ton of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Folate, as well as plenty of Iron and Copper. Beyond this, it sports antioxidants and compounds that absorb toxins and may directly reduce inflammation. It can be taken as a supplement or with tea, or even diced into a salad.
We also recommend experimenting with other herbs typically deemed "culinary," such as cilantro and thyme. They are also loaded with natural alkalizing properties, as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals.

The Power of Turmeric

Much has been said over the past few years about the healing abilities of Turmeric. It is indeed potent, harboring a ton of powerful compounds, specifically curcumin, which is what gives this spice its tell-tale yellowish orange color. The anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric have been well-documented in recent years, which has forced it into the mainstream. One study by Cancer Research UK reports that curcumin simply destroys cancer cells, and may inhibit the growth of new ones.
The best part is, unlike medications which often have serious side effects, there are no drawbacks with Turmeric. You can add a dash of it in many teas for a tasty kick, add it to smoothies, and even take it straight up with helpful capsules. There is literally no reason why you shouldn't be incorporating this wonderful spice into your daily diet, especially if you have any kind of lingering health condition that is related to inflammation.

Controversial Cannibis Oil

No serious analysis of natural cancer treatments would be complete without looking at cannabis oil. Huge amounts of research have been conducted recently on this substance and why it has such a profound, transformative effect on the body. Without turning this into a jargon-laden chemistry lesson, let's just say the compounds found in Cannabis disrupt the functioning of cancer cells, more or less deconstructing them on a chemical level.
Of course, it's not always easy to get your hands on it. We recommend only going through legal, official channels, as the repercussions for even possessing cannabis oil in some states borderline on absurd. One of our missions here at Digital Sages is raising awareness about this marvelous plant and pushing for its widespread legalization. There are plenty of studies that prove without a shadow of a doubt that Cannabis, in all of its various forms, has substantial healing properties. We can't afford to keep criminalizing a mere plant just to honor the primeval sensabilities of unscientific know-nothings in our society, but that's another story.

Water Might Give You The Edge

We've already discussed how harmful it is to consume continuous acidic substances. Our bodies need to maintain an alkaline state. Below a 7.35 of bodily pH is where cancers thrive. And as it is with most cancer patients, they are ingesting very little food that is purely alkaline. We're not talking about having a salad with dinner or going "raw before 4." If you're drinking soda, eating processed food, and chowing down on charred meat, for years on end, you can kiss your pH goodbye.
Admittedly, it's hard to make diet decisions, especially on the fly. What we eat is so intimately tied to our identities, we don't even really think about it. However, there is one minor dietary change you can do right now that could potentially alter your health dramatically for the better over time. That is, to start drinking purified (alkaline) water.
Most of us don't drink enough water as it is, purified or otherwise. Unfortunately, our water sources are often contaminated with tons of chemicals, ranging from fluoride, chloride, and Bisphenol-A, a powerful chemical disruptor. Not only are the chemicals in and of themselves harmful, but instead of the water having a positiive alkaline effect on the body, your system now has to work overtime to nullify the acidic properties of these chemicals, causing further deterioration and sapping of nutrients in the body. The net result is acidic buildup.
You need to be drinking alkaline water, free of chemicals. And by this we mean more than just a half a glass with dinner. You should be drinking multiple tall glasses of this stuff throughout the day. At the very least, 6 to 8, and more if you are not eating a lot of juicy fruits in your diet (which you should be anyway!) This is the only way you can hydrate your body without leaving it with an alkaline deficit. And if you have cancer, or are at risk of cancer, you need to start doing this immediately.

Our Natural Environment

We belong outdoors. This isn't up for debate. We are animals. In a natural setting, we would be getting hours of direct and indirect sunlight every day, like most of the other land animals on this planet. Our body uses sunlight to internally produce Vitamin D, which the body needs in order to perform a bunch of basic functions, such as sugar regulation, keeping bone density, and regulating blood pressure.
This is too much of an in depth look though. Just think about it for a second. We evolved, just like every other animal, under the sun. It stands to reason that in the course of our development, animals found integral ways to use the sun in their every-day chemical processes, just like plants do. Admittedly, we use much less energy from the sun than plants do, but it's absurd to think that creatures which developed under the sun for hundreds of millions of years believe that they can be fully healthy without it. It's just common sense if you stop to think about it.
It's highly likely as our science gets more evolved, that we are going to discover that the body uses Vitamin D in such a way that it simply balances our bodily processes. Our cells need it to make the body function as it should. That being said, Vitamin D has obviously come out in recent years as being an avenue against cancer. Naturally, because it is involved with the regulation of the body, especially in terms of sugar, which is related to cancer cells.
Getting out into sunlight is essential. If you want to stop the unnatural sicknesses that consume our bodies, it is important to start living a natural lifestyle. It is folly to think that we can solve all of these unnatural health issues by means of unnatural treatments. Yes, there are exceptions, but by and large, living a natural lifestyle is one of the best shields against unnatural body states like cancer. The outdoors is our natural habitat. It's where we belong.

Take Action Now

Cancer isn't the kind of illness you want taking you by surprise. Often, the pressence of cancer inside the body means that the body has long been compromised, and has become too acidic. Once you are in this state, reversing the damage may not be easy. It is better to begin taking strides to look after your health now. Switch to a more alkaline diet, incorporate healing herbs and spices into your regular diet, and don't be afraid of the sun. Live holistically and your body will reward you.
If you would like more information on cancer and would appreciate some personal advice, feel free to get in touch with us, or join us on Facebook, where we can share experiences and help each other live a more holistic, healthy life.
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