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Insects Vanishing Around the Globe

Insects Vanishing Around the Globe: Climate Change Rampages On

by Matt
If you’ve been paying attention, it’s impossible not to have noticed one stark change in the environment over the past couple of decades: the drastic loss in insect life. Despite not really reading anything on the subject, I had my suspicions that something was wrong as far back as 2009, but with recent reports coming out that paint a devastating picture of our environment, it can no longer be denied. Insects the world over are vanishing. So what is happening, why are bugs of all kinds dying out? There are most likely a lot of factors at work. Habitat loss, […]
Is Honey Vegan?

Is Honey Vegan? An Holistic Perspective

by Matt
This is a question that has plagued the vegan community for decades, and the debate still rages on: is honey vegan? Well, the short answer and the one most universally accepted by vegans, is no. It’s not a completely clear cut issue though, especially for people with a more holistic understanding of nature and how the world works. It’s easy to say commercial honey operations use exploitation, and because honey is an animal byproduct, that means it’s automatically not vegan. But bees are also required in order to pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables we take for granted, one’s […]
Animal Rights Are Human Rights

Animal Rights Are Human Rights: Stand Up and Fight

by Matt
Every last sentient being on Earth deserves the same level of basic rights and respect as any other. We all feel pain, we all experience the same highs and lows of emotion, we all need to eat and sleep, we all desire to procreate, raise families, seek safety and shelter. We’re all born, we all bleed, and we all die. In between those events is what we call life, and that life is precious in its own way. Animal rights are a touchy subject for some people. Despite our supposed intelligence, it is hard for some people to conceive of […]

Sending the Right Message With Your Green Business

by Matt
Anyone can start a business, but do you know how to reach your customers and connect with them? This is especially important if you are running a green business or thinking of starting one. In order to be effective, it’s key to have an holistic message and deliver it through the daily operation of your business. That means your message should permeate every part of your branding and workflow. Why is this so important? Because if you are truly running your business with the intent to help others and the environment, you’re going to have to know how to communicate. […]
Climate Change Denial

The Money Behind Climate Change Denial: Willful Ignorance For Profit

by Matt
It’s come out recently that a vast majority of the pseudo-science behind “climate change denial” is in fact funded by certain right-leaning donors who are sympathetic to the fossil fuel industry. Some of these industries directly contribute to and fund “research” that is designed to skew reality and produce results that favor them. This is nothing new, it’s a tactic that is also performed by the meat and dairy industry in order to get people to believe that their products are healthy, and not cancer-causing carcinogens and poisons. Green Peace did some research into this phenomenon. It turns out some […]
Earthlings Documentary Veganism

Earthlings: The Documentary Everyone Needs to See

by Matt
We’d all like to think of ourselves as informed, compassionate individuals who know what is going on in the world. We have our heads on our shoulders and we are generally upstanding, moral, and decent. There is a documentary that calls into question the claim that human beings are acting morally and decently. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is called Earthlings, and it is an absolute must watch documentary. Earthlings: A Look Into the Horrors of Animal Agriculture There are a lot of awesome documentaries out there for anyone looking to go vegan or lead a more […]