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Metaphysical Rigor Mortis

Metaphysical Rigor Mortis

When the energy body of an individual has turned in on itself and begun to act like a vacuum, sucking in all positive energy and exuding only negative.  This affliction is becoming more common, and it is a sign of the times. Weak-minded and ego-driven, these people live in a world of personal misery and want so badly for others to join in on their pain too. When at last they have reached the point where pain has completely consumed them, metaphysical rigor mortis sets in. The ancients called this the “rot of ages,” when the energy body itself begins […]
Natural Alchemy of Self

Personal Transformation Through Natural Alchemy

Alchemy is a form of transmutation or deep change. This transformative process usually has outside influences or energies acting as a catalyst. When this process is applied to the Self, personal transformation in the result. If you are interested in transforming your Self, the first step rests in your ability to understand the natural energies around you. Just as everything in nature has a chemical composition, so too does it have an elemental composition, or energy signature. When you apply these energy signatures to the Self, in certain quantities and combinations, change inevitably occurs. This is no different than physical […]
Use Your Phone as a Wand

How to Use Your Phone as a Wand (Technomancy Guide)

Anything with the proper shape and made out of the right material can conduct and direct energy. Therefore, it can be used as a wand (or athame). Despite being decidedly unnatural and nothing like a tree branch, mobile phones actually make halfway decent wands, if you know what you are doing. Why would you ever need to know this? Well, why not? First of all, if you haven’t before developed your skills in the Craft, or have only dabbled, there has never been a better time to follow the Path. Learning how to align with nature, harness your energies, meditate, […]
Trauma Healing Exercises

Trauma Healing Exercises and Self-Mastery

To process trauma you need to first fully understand it. This is a necessary step on the road to self-mastery, and freeing yourself from the past. In my experience, psychiatrists and other “trauma experts” know a great deal about placating the ego and not enough on how to actually deconstruct it. This is why it is so difficult for most people to get past their trauma, because they aren’t given the proper knowledge and tools. There’s more to trauma than just suppressed fears and a splintered mind. Lesson 1: You Are Not Your Ego Lesson 2: Biochemistry and Mental Health […]
Glitches, Mandela Effect Residue, Multiverse

Glitches, Mandela Effect Residue, and the Multiverse: Glance Behind the Veil

I’ve always been aware, at least to some degree, of “glitches,” “Mandela effects,” or whatever you want to call them. Problems or hiccups in the fabric of reality. Different traditions call them different things, but I know that as a kid, I would take note of them. Now it is becoming clear to more people that something is amiss. It is one of the reasons why I personally believe self-mastery training is so important. We’re in the midst of some kind of transference of energy, or shift. It doesn’t matter what you call it so much as it matters that […]
Ley Lines and Sacred Spaces Collingswood NJ

Ley Lines and Sacred Spaces

Have you ever found yourself inexplicably drawn to a specific place? I think most of us have had some experience with this kind of phenomenon. Not everyone heeds the call of these “magical” locales, but many can sense them.  Ley lines, or the meridians of energy that run through the planet, have been a popular topic in esoteric circles since the dawn of human civilization. Most of our civilization, in fact, is built around ley lines. Our ancestors were drawn to these energy centers and “veins” of energy, because they are typically verdant and help attract abundance. It is easier […]
Uncomfortable Truths About Parenting

Uncomfortable Truths About Parenting and Trauma

From my experience, parenting is one of those subjects very few people properly understand, even in holistic circles. The trauma and pain inflicted on our offspring is rarely contemplated. The fact is, children are second class citizens in our society. The unnatural way in which most of the world developed has created a massive rift between us and the animal kingdom. As such, our children rarely know the luxury of respectful treatment. It is almost a taboo to even dare question someone’s parenting skills. This is because many of us inherently know that most parents have absolutely no idea what […]
Hermetic Correspondence Vibrational Hearing

Hermetic Correspondence and Vibrational Healing

You are looking for healing, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. If I had to guess, you’ve been looking in all the wrong places and following a bunch of lukewarm techniques and guides that produce only marginal results at best, and fail to mention the vibrational nature of reality.  The problem is, you don’t understand correspondence. You were never taught how the world around you works, so the methods you are following can only take you so far. Everything comes back to correspondence. This is one of the laws of hermetics, foundational aspects of our world that you need to […]
Cepheus City

Cepheus City: Research Into Another World

I’ve been fascinated by dreams, other worlds, and dimensions for about as long as I can remember. Cepheus City is one of those more intriguing parts of my research that has always nagged me, but in a good way. Many people have seen Cepheus first hand, while others have heard about it in dreams or in visions. I look at it as a study in human psychology as well as a possible window into another world, a glimpse at what could possibly be out there. Cepheus and the Collective Conscious For anyone not familiar with the term, the “collective conscious” […]
Knowing Your Element Quintessential Meaning

Knowing Your Element (Quintessential Meaning)

Everything that belongs to the natural world has an affinity with one or more elements, which are a part of what constitutes its quintessential meaning. Being self-aware means learning what this affinity is and how it affects your actions and choices. This topic may be familiar to you if you are already a student of Hermetics. There are certainly many ways to explain elementism, ranging from scientific to superstitious, so I will break down the fundamentals and clear the air. What Are Elements and Why do We Have Them? Everything natural, to one degree or another, possesses an electromagnetic field. […]