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Hermetic Correspondence Vibrational Hearing

Hermetic Correspondence and Vibrational Healing

You are looking for healing, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. If I had to guess, you’ve been looking in all the wrong places and following a bunch of lukewarm techniques and guides that produce only marginal results at best, and fail to mention the vibrational nature of reality.  The problem is, you don’t understand correspondence. You were never taught how the world around you works, so the methods you are following can only take you so far. Everything comes back to correspondence. This is one of the laws of hermetics, foundational aspects of our world that you need to […]
Cepheus City

Cepheus City: Research Into Another World

I’ve been fascinated by dreams, other worlds, and dimensions for about as long as I can remember. Cepheus City is one of those more intriguing parts of my research that has always nagged me, but in a good way. Many people have seen Cepheus first hand, while others have heard about it in dreams or in visions. I look at it as a study in human psychology as well as a possible window into another world, a glimpse at what could possibly be out there. Cepheus and the Collective Conscious For anyone not familiar with the term, the “collective conscious” […]
Knowing Your Element Quintessential Meaning

Knowing Your Element (Quintessential Meaning)

Everything that belongs to the natural world has an affinity with one or more elements, which are a part of what constitutes its quintessential meaning. Being self-aware means learning what this affinity is and how it affects your actions and choices. This topic may be familiar to you if you are already a student of Hermetics. There are certainly many ways to explain elementism, ranging from scientific to superstitious, so I will break down the fundamentals and clear the air. What Are Elements and Why do We Have Them? Everything natural, to one degree or another, possesses an electromagnetic field. […]
Letting Go of Anger

Letting Go of Anger: Energy Balance and Mental Prisons

This is something I see a lot: frustrated people walking around with anger that they were never taught how to process. Anger is often an energy affliction: it’s an emotional death spiral that literally accomplishes nothing. There are certain select scenarios where brief anger may be justified, but the key is to know when to let it go and process the energy (thoughts) that gave rise to it. Holding on to anger and fusing it with your identity is suicide. Stagnant Emotions Create Prisons of the Mind Let’s be clear first and foremost, if you’re looking to achieve a balanced, […]
The Secret Law of Attraction

The Secret Law of Attraction Key You’re Missing

by Jangwon Sim
It’s all about accessing the subconscious. That’s all there is to it: all the fancy techniques, rituals, exercises, programs, and mantras in the world all aim to achieve one thing, tapping into the subconscious. Manifestation is simple, but so many teachers and gurus complicate it. The reason why many people never get the hang of the law of attraction is because they never trigger the theta brainwave state, they never work from their subconscious. Why is this important? Because it is the subconscious part of our minds that is on the same “wavelength” or vibration as the subatomic world around […]
4 Behavior Changes For Positive Growth

4 Behaviors to Change in the New Year for Personal Growth

Looking for some down and dirty lifehacks for positive growth going into 2019? We’ve got 4 big ones you’re going to want to focus on if you’re really serious about turning the corner and begin some real personal development. It’s important to be committed. Plenty of people make great New Year’s resolutions and plans, but they don’t stick to them or really act on them at all. This is what keeps people in ruts and promotes unhealthy behavior that creates negative feedback loops. You want to break that cycle. It’s not hard to transform your life, you just need the […]
Practicing Compassion

Practicing Compassion: A Simple Guide

We have all been on the receiving end of a seemingly non-compassionate act: on the freeway someone whizzes by cutting us off; a teller at the bank is dismissive; a telemarketer’s aggressive tone feels invasive; at work a supervisor or co-worker betrays our confidence. Then there are family members that we love, alas, issues inevitably get in the way. Feelings creep up, buttons are pushed and our heart suffers. Many times I think that Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama must have come up against trials and tribulations with the human-ness of life. One lesson they have taught me is […]
Mastering Growth Mindset

Mastering Growth Mindset: Thoughts on Self-Evolution

Being stagnant is one of the worst positions to be in if you’re trying to accomplish anything or grow as a person. To evolve, you have to cultivate a growth mindset that is fluid, can filter fact from fiction, can deal with losses and let downs, and is always absorbing new information. Mastering a growth mindset is a surefire way toward personal development in all areas of your life. The only question is, how do you get to this point? For many, breaking out of the rut they are in and switching to a dynamic, growth-orientated mindset can be a […]
Build Self Confidence

Build Self-Confidence With These Holistic Techniques

Let’s be honest, everyone desires to have self-confidence. Whether it’s for the sake of nailing a job interview, asking out their crush, or to simply not be so shy in public, self-confidence is one of those personality traits that is almost like a life hack. The world is different for people who have the confidence to get what they want out of it. Self-confidence however is not always easy to come by though. Our society does a poor job of imparting self-confident behavior onto us. We live in an age that creates weak and toxic mindsets and behavior patterns, and […]
Knowledge Disparity Self Mastery

Knowledge Disparity and Self Mastery

The way we as a society view knowledge and wisdom has changed, and it’s affected our ability to train and learn. This applies to just about every aspect of life, including business. Hundreds of years ago, a man could spend 50 to 70 years honing his desired craft, living it and breathing it his entire life, yet still consider himself a “student,” who doesn’t know everything there is to know. Now, a kid can come out of college after only 5 to 7 years, literally knowing the small end of nothing, and be labeled a “master” in his or her […]