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Dantonaire Dream Walker

Dantonaire, the Dream Walker

by Anita Angelspirit
We’re truly blessed to live in such an age where a wealth of esoteric knowledge is available at our fingertips. As consciousness expands around the globe, deeper truths are being revealed. Bigger mysteries are being unraveled. Dreams are being explored. Dream Work is an area once reserved for only the deepest of esoteric circles. Within the Inner Mysteries, adepts would lead their students on virtual tours of other worlds, aided by trance meditations and mind-altering substances. What we encounter on the other side is a topic of much debate. Yes, we know there are beings or forces out there alien […]
Unlocking Your Mind With Meditation

Unlocking Your Mind With Meditation

You want to know: does meditation really unlock the powers of the mind? The answer is simply, yes. I hear this question raised all the time. It’s remarkable how many people still don’t understand or practice meditation, given what we know about it. If you’re new to meditation or are just dabbling in it, and want to know if it really works as intended, this will be a short guide to help you understand what meditation is, what it does to your body, and what it can do for you. Science Says: Meditation Works From a practical standpoint, you should […]
Insight Meditation Unlocking Awareness Matthew Lovett

Insight Meditation: Unlocking Your Awareness

There are many forms of meditation that all seek to in some way transform your awareness. Insight meditation specifically, focuses on the senses, and how becoming more attuned to them can allow one to understand themselves and the nature of reality. It is thought to be, according to many sages, the general form of meditation practice taught by the Buddha himself, as it upholds and stays true to the core tenets of Buddhism. Insight meditation, also known as Vipassana, is a way of truly unlocking the awareness. It increases your capacity to comprehend all sensation, thereby increasing your ability to […]
Value of Strong Mind Propaganda Culture

The Value of a Strong Mind in a Propaganda Culture

When did truth start taking a backseat to opinion? When weak minds gave way to the propaganda culture we have today. To be fair, society has always relied on personal conviction and even fantasy to a certain degree. However, it was usually to a certain end. Myths, for example, or teaching tales, were stories of fantasy created to teach a lesson or impart moral value. Personal convictions might be few and far between, and based on a misrepresentation of available data. Perfect example: spontaneous generation. Now, however, we seem to be living in an age where every bonkers opinion not […]
Mental Toughness in a Weak-Minded Age

Mental Toughness in a Weak-Minded Age

Your mind is the most valuable asset you have. Training it, honing it, and mastering it has long been considered a pathway to a more fulfilled, balanced life. Mental toughness used to be a prerequisite to living – now it seems like far too many people are running on autopilot, willing to throw away their awareness and autonomy for false peace of mind and numbness from any outside stimuli. Thinking too much is an inconvenience in a world that doesn’t take very kindly to intelligence and even facts. We’re living in an anti-scientific, opinion-orientated, weak-minded age. What can you do […]
Benefits of Guided Meditation

Powerful Benefits of Guided Meditation

Meditation is becoming more popular as its benefits become more widely known. Yoga, martial arts, and other body mastery techniques are working their way into the mainstream, so it’s not surprising that meditation has as well. Yet, there are still several powerful meditation styles that haven’t yet gained as much traction, guided meditation being one of them. If you have never heard of the term before, guided meditation is simply the art of meditating while making use of some kind of outside guide. While traditional meditation usually encourages you to shut out all noise and distraction outside of yourself, this […]
Intense Focus

Intense Focus Meditation For Mental Clarity and Grounding

Over the years I’ve learned a wide variety of meditation techniques, all of which serve different purposes and have different ranges of effectiveness. If you’re looking for a powerful  meditation that will truly center and ground you, I find it helpful to draw on more advanced schools of body mastery such as Wing Chun and Tai Chi rather than basic yoga. The key to a successful focus meditation is in the breath. You want to really get absorbed in the rhythm and feeling of your breathwork. To feel the breath is to feel your flow of energy. Once you are […]
How to Create a Meditation Space

7 Tips for Creating a Home Meditation Space

Having a dedicated meditation space is essential for establishing a daily meditation practice. Having a zen space will help to inspire and lift your spirit, as well as to be a sacred place where you can connect to your higher self. I’ve found that there are seven essential aspects of setting up your meditation space so you can establish a successful deep meditation practice. There are many elements to a successful meditation practice. It’s more than just sitting on a yoga mat trying to clear your mind. It’s important to have the right dedicated space to concentrate in without distraction, […]

Meditation in the Workplace: Increase Your Productivity and Reduce Stress

Everyone knows even the best work environments can become hectic and stressful. While there are plenty of solutions for mitigating stress in the workplace, more and more people are discovering meditation as the best solution. Even top CEOs and world-renown business figures like Steve Jobs were into meditation in the workplace. Why? Because it simply works. Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and it’s benefits are numerous. Even you aren’t the “Zen Buddhist” type or don’t really get into self-help, fitness, yoga, or healthy living, meditation can dramatically increase your productivity and peace of mind. It doesn’t have […]

WARNING!! Extremely Powerful Frequency to Balance Solar Plexus Chakra | 182 Hz Vibrations & Music

Originally posted by: http://youtu.be/3NeCxjibX-4

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