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Soul Sensing Calypso Meditation

Calypso Meditation and Developing Your Soul Sense

One of the most important skills we cultivate on the Path is that of etheric discernment, which is the ability to sense the inner intentions and energy patterns of other people. This is commonly referred to as soul sensing, an advanced form of auric sight. If you are not familiar with the term, auric sight is the ability to “see” or feel the aura of another person, and thereby discern their mood, thoughts, and intentions. However, auric sight is only so powerful, because it chiefly concerns the denser parts of the energy body, or that which is extremely close to […]
Developing Mental Power Guide

Developing True Mental Power

Having a strong mind in today’s world is essential if you’re looking for any kind of lasting happiness or real success. Part of the reason why these goals seem to elusive for the average person is that deep thinking and true mental power are rather discouraged. Our culture is one of disarray and “un-thought.” We’re rolling in disinformation, propaganda, baseless opinions, and outright delusions. Careers are made on the backs of lies. Companies flourish using subliminal information and persuasion techniques. The legal system thrives off of misrepresenting information. Politics is a deranged circus of egos and illusion. Deep thinking and […]
Power of the Moment

Your Power Exists Only in the Moment

I’m sure you’ve heard motivational speakers and gurus say that you have to “live in the moment.” Maybe you sort of grasped what they were getting at, maybe you didn’t. But the idea of living in the moment resonates with most people on a deep level because instinctively we know that the present is the only true reality. Past and future are just concepts, or mental constructs. They technically don’t exist. Yet, most people are obsessed with the past and future. Guilt locks them into the past, worry locks them into the future. They leave no room for the present, […]
Trauma Healing Exercises

Trauma Healing Exercises and Self-Mastery

To process trauma you need to first fully understand it. This is a necessary step on the road to self-mastery, and freeing yourself from the past. In my experience, psychiatrists and other “trauma experts” know a great deal about placating the ego and not enough on how to actually deconstruct it. This is why it is so difficult for most people to get past their trauma, because they aren’t given the proper knowledge and tools. There’s more to trauma than just suppressed fears and a splintered mind. Lesson 1: You Are Not Your Ego Lesson 2: Biochemistry and Mental Health […]
Self Empowerment

Self Empowerment Techniques That Actually Work

There’s more to self empowerment than feel good aphorisms and confidence boosters.  Up until now, that’s likely all you’ve been given, and that’s exactly why nothing has worked. To be empowered means to be in control. After all, you are the Arbiter of your own life. If you don’t start off from that premise, you’re doing everything wrong. You have to be in the mindset that you are in the driver’s seat, and that your destination is always in your hands. The problem with this is, it requires a certain level of responsibility. This is something that cheeky feel good […]
Dantonaire Dream Walker

Dantonaire, the Dream Walker

by Anita Angelspirit
We’re truly blessed to live in such an age where a wealth of esoteric knowledge is available at our fingertips. As consciousness expands around the globe, deeper truths are being revealed. Bigger mysteries are being unraveled. Dreams are being explored. Dream Work is an area once reserved for only the deepest of esoteric circles. Within the Inner Mysteries, adepts would lead their students on virtual tours of other worlds, aided by trance meditations and mind-altering substances. What we encounter on the other side is a topic of much debate. Yes, we know there are beings or forces out there alien […]
Unlocking Your Mind With Meditation

Unlocking Your Mind With Meditation

You want to know: does meditation really unlock the powers of the mind? The answer is simply, yes. I hear this question raised all the time. It’s remarkable how many people still don’t understand or practice meditation, given what we know about it. If you’re new to meditation or are just dabbling in it, and want to know if it really works as intended, this will be a short guide to help you understand what meditation is, what it does to your body, and what it can do for you. Science Says: Meditation Works From a practical standpoint, you should […]
Insight Meditation Unlocking Awareness Matthew Lovett

Insight Meditation: Unlocking Your Awareness

There are many forms of meditation that all seek to in some way transform your awareness. Insight meditation specifically, focuses on the senses, and how becoming more attuned to them can allow one to understand themselves and the nature of reality. It is thought to be, according to many sages, the general form of meditation practice taught by the Buddha himself, as it upholds and stays true to the core tenets of Buddhism. Insight meditation, also known as Vipassana, is a way of truly unlocking the awareness. It increases your capacity to comprehend all sensation, thereby increasing your ability to […]
Value of Strong Mind Propaganda Culture

The Value of a Strong Mind in a Propaganda Culture

When did truth start taking a backseat to opinion? When weak minds gave way to the propaganda culture we have today. To be fair, society has always relied on personal conviction and even fantasy to a certain degree. However, it was usually to a certain end. Myths, for example, or teaching tales, were stories of fantasy created to teach a lesson or impart moral value. Personal convictions might be few and far between, and based on a misrepresentation of available data. Perfect example: spontaneous generation. Now, however, we seem to be living in an age where every bonkers opinion not […]
Mental Toughness in a Weak-Minded Age

Mental Toughness in a Weak-Minded Age

Your mind is the most valuable asset you have. Training it, honing it, and mastering it has long been considered a pathway to a more fulfilled, balanced life. Mental toughness used to be a prerequisite to living – now it seems like far too many people are running on autopilot, willing to throw away their awareness and autonomy for false peace of mind and numbness from any outside stimuli. Thinking too much is an inconvenience in a world that doesn’t take very kindly to intelligence and even facts. We’re living in an anti-scientific, opinion-orientated, weak-minded age. What can you do […]