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Not Expensive to Buy Organic

Think It’s Expensive to Buy Organic? Exposing the Hidden Costs of Crappy Food

There’s definitely a huge misconception out there: that it’s more expensive to eat healthy or vegan than it is to eat like the average American. I’m here to call that whole line of thinking out for what it is: nonsense. Our desire for extremely cheap food is a relatively new standard, that seemed to emerge alongside the “war economy” of the 1940s, when food processing become more prevalent. Suddenly the same techniques used to mass produce objects began to be applied to food. This era also saw the rise of “fast food,” extremely cheap diner food with tasty additives and […]
Woman Raw Vegan Holding Fruit

Living Food and Dead Food: Optimal Health Begins With Raw Plant-Based Diet

There’s a whole lot more to food than nutritional content. A so-called “food” can be created in a lab and be injected with all kinds of vitamins and minerals, but chemically speaking, it’s dead. The difference between living and dead food is stark, and of great importance if we are to understand proper health for the human body. You may have heard the term before: living food. What exactly does this mean? Are we supposed to go out and catch a squirrel in our jaws and eat it raw? Not quite (although there are some carnivorous animals who would salivate […]
Sunlight Needed For Perfect Health

Getting Enough Sun? The Link Between Sunlight and Perfect Health

You eat good, get a decent amount of exercise, even meditate a little and take the occasional spa day, yet you still feel “off.” You’re not alone: many of us in the West suffer from what could only possibly be deemed “malaise” – yet, it has a scientific name: Vitamin D deficiency. The real question you want to ask yourself if you feel under the weather is, “am I getting enough sun?” This is a topic we rarely speak about, but Vitamin D deficiency is actually near endemic-levels in the West. Upwards to 42% of adults suffer from at least […]

How to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet

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Absolutely Everything Vegans Need to Know About Getting Enough B12

There are a lot of misconceptions and outright lies floating around on the Internet about how to get B12 once you go vegan, so let’s clear the air a little. It’s essential for anyone looking into trying a plant-based diet or for those who just want to eat healthier in general to get the proper information regarding the nutrients in their foods. Let’s dive right into it. The Whole Western World is B12 Deficient This isn’t just a vegan problem. Many people go their whole lives without checking their nutrient levels, but the truth is that a great deal of […]

Why Soy Has Become Another Medical Scapegoat: 3 Facts You Need to Know

Who would win? A healthy, nutritious plant that has been a staple in the diets of a third of the world’s entire population for the better part of recorded history…or mainstream fad science? Such is the absurd situation we have today when it comes to soy. Used to be not too long ago that soy was regarded as one of the healthiest foods available to us, and rightfully so. It was domesticated as far back as 7000 BCE, and became a linchpin in the daily diets of most of the Far East, which saw the rise of some of the […]

The Best Superfoods You Should be Including in Your Diet Today

There’s certainly been a lot of talk recently about so-called “superfoods,” and it’s no wonder. The demand for affordable medicine is higher than ever, and more and more people are turning to alternative ways of healing the body that don’t involve invasive surgeries, risky drugs, and mountains of debt. We now know that food, of course, is one of the greatest healers of the body. In fact, technically speaking, it is the primary and optimal way to feed your body the nutrients and materials it needs in order to repair itself and ward off sicknesses. It’s wrong to think of […]

How to Choose the Best Vegan Protein for Maximum Results

There is so much misinformation out there about protein and where to get it, and things only get murkier once you realize that animal protein in abundance is actually detrimental for your body. We’re taught from an early age that you are supposed to chow down on meat and that’s how you get big muscles. It might as well be classified as “common sense.” The truth is a lot more complicated, though. Those “complete proteins” everyone used to rave about are actually not meant to be digested by human beings. We actually have a hell of a time trying to […]

Sage Blast Smoothie

While researching the most effective smoothie recipes for detoxing, I came across many that used cucumber as a primary ingredient. I had never before experimented with cucumber in smoothies, so I figured the veggie deserved a bit more looking into. It turns out cucumbers are a detox gem. First of all, they are made up of over 95% water. That alone is enough reason to eat it, as most of us don’t get enough water as it is. But cucumbers have a ton of not-too-common compounds, including anti-cancer lignans, as well as the phytonutrients known as cucurbitacins, on top of […]