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Lose Weight Naturally

Lose Mental and Physical Weight Naturally

What is mental weight and why do you need to “lose” it? Because it’s probably causing you to keep on your actual weight. Some of you need to hear this: the crap that’s in your head is worse than the weight that’s in your body. Limitation, defeatism, fatalism, anxiety, baseless opinions, unnatural habits and vices. These are what’s holding you back. The “weight” you carry in your head. Here’s how to lose both. How to Get Rid of Mental Weight Let’s get something out of the way before anything else. The mind rules the body. If your mindset is in […]
Managing Judgemental Emotions

Managing Judgmental Emotions and Toxic Impulses

No surer sign of an overdeveloped or out-of-control ego than a judgmental attitude.  Decoding and dismantling these toxic impulses are necessary for living a fulfilling, happy life. Such mental and emotional limitations cripple most people. This is because any delusion of the ego that distorts The Reality of Things inevitably disconnects you from what is real, including the natural world. On the Path, your goal is to strive toward a natural, balanced way of living. This is what brings peace and understanding, as well as helps grow your personal power. Every time you distort reality with a judgement borne of […]