All aspects of living an Awakened Life. Essays on communing with nature, strengthening the mind and body, reading the Signs, understanding the deeper levels of hermetics, and aligning with the Tao.

Managing Judgemental Emotions

Managing Judgmental Emotions and Toxic Impulses

No surer sign of an overdeveloped or out-of-control ego than a judgmental attitude.  Decoding and dismantling these toxic impulses are necessary for living a fulfilling, happy life. Such mental and emotional limitations cripple most people. This is because any delusion of the ego that distorts The Reality of Things inevitably disconnects you from what is …

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Knowing Your Element Quintessential Meaning

Knowing Your Element (Quintessential Meaning)

Everything that belongs to the natural world has an affinity with one or more elements, which are a part of what constitutes its quintessential meaning. Being self-aware means learning what this affinity is and how it affects your actions and choices. This topic may be familiar to you if you are already a student of …

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The Secret Law of Attraction

The Secret Law of Attraction Key You’re Missing

It’s all about accessing the subconscious. That’s all there is to it: all the fancy techniques, rituals, exercises, programs, and mantras in the world all aim to achieve one thing, tapping into the subconscious. Manifestation is simple, but so many teachers and gurus complicate it. The reason why many people never get the hang of …

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