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Nature has the answers. Explore our relationship with the plant kingdom and how various plant-based compounds and enzymes fight disease and nourish our bodies.

Heal Digestive System Holistically

Healing The Digestive System Holistically

A healthy digestive system is a prerequisite for wellness, and can be achieved through proper holistic treatment. Millions of people suffer from gut imbalance and poor digestion every day, mainly due to poor diet and metabolism. Symptoms such as indigestion, heart burn, constipation, leaky gut syndrome, nausea, gas, and bloating are so common they are …

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Turmeric Natural Anti-Inflammatory

The Safest Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

Inflammation is a problem that we all face throughout our lives in some form or another, which is why anti-inflammatory medicine is so universally popular. However, most mainstream anti-inflammatory treatments and drugs are not safe enough or healthy enough to be considered a true answer to the problem. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, there’s no point …

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Happy Coffee Nootropics

Happy Coffee and the Rise of Nootropics

With the rise of herbal remedies and alternative medicine, people have been looking for ways to improve their mood and mindset without the use of harmful chemicals. Nootropics, a general term referring to a loose collection of various natural hormones, cognitive enhancers, mood boosters, and mind supplements, that all purport to quicken reaction time, improve …

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Natural Relief Aching Joints Turmeric

Natural Relief From Aching Joints: Best Herbal Remedies

Joint pain has become a very common affliction that millions of people have to deal with, especially as they reach old age. There are many varieties of medicine that relieve the symptoms of aching joints, but far too few cures. The truth is, joint pain, like many illnesses, has become a multi-million dollar industry. There …

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