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Ginger Detox Foot Pad Review

Ginger Detox Foot Pads Are Legit

New natural health products are popping up seemingly every day, and while detox foot pads have been around for years in one form or another, they’ve recently seen a resurgence along with plenty of backlash. Let’s cut right to the facts. First of all, humans do detox through their feet. There are plenty of articles by medical hacks and fluff news outlets online that try to minimize this fact or outright debunk it, but it is not up for debate. In fact, knowledge of how we “sweat out toxins” has existed in holistic circles for thousands of years. Some of […]
Cure Cancer With an Holistic Lifestyle

Curing Cancer With an Holistic Lifestyle

by Anita Angelspirit
We all know someone battling cancer and it’s hard to watch because we all know mainstream medicine doesn’t have the answers. They don’t want you to know about living an holistic lifestyle and curing your disease because they’d be out of a job. Might be hard to hear but deep down you know it’s the truth. I had to come to terms with this myself to become a healer. I’m going to break everything down for you here so at least if you know someone fighting cancer, you can help give them a shot at life instead of relying on […]
Natural Relief Aching Joints Turmeric

Natural Relief From Aching Joints: Best Herbal Remedies

Joint pain has become a very common affliction that millions of people have to deal with, especially as they reach old age. There are many varieties of medicine that relieve the symptoms of aching joints, but far too few cures. The truth is, joint pain, like many illnesses, has become a multi-million dollar industry. There is very little incentive to “cure” it. Many doctors will tell you that it’s just something you have to deal with for the rest of your life. We are told that as we age, it is not uncommon for the cartilage between our joints to […]
Medispa Total Body Rejuvenation

Why You Need a Medispa for Total Body Rejuvenation

These days many people are talking about the Medispa, but they don’t know why exactly we require a MediSpa or how to perform a rejuvenation for their body. The spa has now become a fancy and popular name in the industry, and many people are opting for the baths just for fun without knowing its real advantages and benefits. More importantly, there are very few people that know about the medical spa which is entirely different from the regular resort, and it is mainly used for the skin rejuvenation while the daily bath is mostly used for the body detoxification […]
Heal Leaky Gut Naturally

Ultimate Guide to Your Heal Leaky Gut Naturally

The first thing you need to know in order to start healing your leaky gut syndrome naturally, is to fully come to terms with what this disease is in the first place. You may have been told that it’s just another typical disease, but as with so much else, the mainstream medical industry does a poor job of imparting wisdom to its patients. Leaky gut is simply the word given to a loose collection of various symptoms that all have to do with an impeded or damaged intestine or digestive tract. There is no formal disease or illness known as […]
Alkalline Acid pH Health Balance

Alkaline and Acid pH Balance: Health is Chemistry

In discussions of health, very rarely do we hear about pH balance from doctors and other “authorities.” You might be reading this and not even understand what pH balance has to do with health at all either. This is one of the examples of how modern day medicine is failing the people it’s supposed to be taking care of. Everything in our bodies is chemistry. In that regard, everything is continually kept in a sublime chemical balance, with a pH of around 7.4. This means, first and foremost, that we are slightly alkaline and this is our optimal state. This […]
Mastering Your Own Heart Health

Mastering Your Own Heart Health

Heart health is the number one concern most people have once they get older, as Western diets and lifestyle seem to harm our hearts the most. Between blood pressure issues, low platelet counts, cholesterol, low iron, arrhythmia, and heart attacks, there seems no end to the problems that can occur when the heart is unhealthy. But is mastering your own heart health really that difficult? Not at all. If you have the right guidance on lifestyle and diet, you can ensure your heart is as strong as ever at any age. Three Pillars of Heart Health Heart-related medicine is a […]
8 Great Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

8 Great Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil You Must be Aware Of

Pumpkin Seed oil is cold pressed and extracted from the seeds of the commonly grown pumpkin (Latin: Cucurbita maxima). The seeds are first dried and then undergo a cold-press process in order to extract their orange-red fluid. Pumpkins are typically just considered a fall decoration or a not-so-healthy vegetable. But, the seeds of this plant are widely used in numerous holistic products that work toward the betterment of one’s health. Mentioned below are some basic nutrition facts of this oil: Carbohydrate: 0%. The glycemic index of the oil is ZERO. Proteins: 0% Cholesterol: 0% Fat: 13% Saturated Fat: 7.5% Sodium: […]
Aloe Vera Best Natural Lube Vegan

Aloe Vera Gel: The Perfect Natural Lube?

You might already be aware of aloe vera’s long list of medicinal qualities: it soothes burns and rashes, is anti-bacterial, and can even rejuvenate skin. But did you know it also makes the perfect natural lube? The Healing Power of Aloe Vera This miracle plant is truly one of nature’s treasures. It has been used for thousands of years in remedies for everything from mouth ulcers to sunburn and everything in between. The naturally occurring polyphenols and rich presence of antioxidants means that aloe vera is a one-stop panacea for many ills of your body.  What’s more, it can perform […]
Bentonite Clay Skin Care Rejuvination

What Does Bentonite Clay do For Your Skin? Holistic Health Guide

With the recent popularity explosion of bentonite clay used in facial masks and creams, more and more people are asking, what exactly does it do for your skin? Is it really an effective holistic remedy for acne, rosacea, and general skin health, or is it just a fad? Bentonite clay might look like ordinary building clay or mud at first, but it is actually made from volcanic ash. It is a safe, completely natural substance that is unusually high in minerals. Its physical structure combined with its mineral composition give it the ability to draw out and neutralize toxins both […]