Cepheus City

Cepheus City: Research Into Another World

I’ve been fascinated by dreams, other worlds, and dimensions for about as long as I can remember. Cepheus City is one of those more intriguing parts of my research that has always nagged me, but in a good way.

Many people have seen Cepheus first hand, while others have heard about it in dreams or in visions.

I look at it as a study in human psychology as well as a possible window into another world, a glimpse at what could possibly be out there.

Cepheus and the Collective Conscious

For anyone not familiar with the term, the “collective conscious” is a Jungian phrase that seeks to describe a sort of underlying mental collective that the entire human race shares. This can refer to information that is stored in our DNA and manifests as patterns and behaviors in the mind, or on a deeper level, a shared network of mental threads that connect our species on the etheric plane.

Many experts on the subject have more or less proven the existence of the collective conscious.

There is some kind of primal link between members of the same species on a primal level, and whether you call it mental, etheric, spiritual, or whatever else, the truth remains that Jung, and other psychologists, have catalogued it extensively.

There are a variety of patterns and archetypes that arise in the mind when probed long enough. Many of our egos mimic these archetypes, and are molded after them.

Other things, like universal belief in deities, innate fears, primal behaviors, and shared cosmologies, are all signs leading back to some form of collective understanding linking the entire species.

When dreams and art are analyzed, certain patterns also emerge, and that is where my interest in Cepheus comes in.

Astronomically speaking, Cepheus is a constellation in the northern hemisphere, named after a so-called mythological king of ancient Aetheopia. He was the husband to Cassiopeia and father to Andromeda.

You might remember that in mythology, Cepheus made an enemy of Poseidon due to the pride of his wife and daughter, which forced Cepheus to sacrifice Andromeda to save his kingdom. Though she was eventually rescued and was vindicated, it’s an interesting story reflective of certain celestial phenomenon.

It seems from ancient times people dreamed of a magnificent gilded city, surrounded by great bodies of water, that shone like crystal and was the envy of the gods. Such was the splendor of Cepheus that the ancients crafted the mythology of a king that lorded over a magnificent land, with the most beautiful daughter to grace Grecian mythology.

I mention all of this because many sages, psychics, and mystics have dreamed of such a city, and have brought it to life through art, in various ways.

My first encounter with Cepheus was when I was only ten. I dreamed of a “glass city,” with impossibly tall buildings. It had little rivulets in between the buildings, and I was afraid of stepping into them.

Later, after discovering meditation, I would occasionally have impressions of a place called Cepheus. The name would come to me unbidden, along with an ominous familiarity.

It would be around this time that I would first attempt to create art as a means of expressing what I would see in dreams and during meditation sessions. I began cultivating skills in a variety of mediums, such as pencil, charcoal, digital painting, and even 3D modeling, all in an attempt to record what I thought was important. 

Through some kind of synchronicity or chance, I discovered the very picture that is featured at the top of this article, when I was around 16. It was then that I realized that I wasn’t the only person who was seeing this stuff. Whether consciously or unconsciously, other people were drawing from the same collective mind.

Bizarre Search Results and Unfolding Mysteries

The Web has always been a repository of weird. In fact, you could almost say it has become a sort of digital collective consciousness.

Certainly, there is no short supply of information on nearly any topic you could imagine, although results may vary.

There are specific search terms, however, that seem to bring up the most bizarre assortment of ideas and images. “Cepheus city” happens to be one of those terms.

Let’s think about this for a moment. If we were dealing with a generic constellation tied to some basic mythology, one might expect to find just that.

After all, there’s nothing particularly special about either the constellation or the mythos surrounding Cepheus.

The problem is, this search term seems to throw off the Google algorithms into a tangent of alien sci-fi worlds, cryptic technology, expressive art, constant allusions to a grand futuristic “city,” water, and even hints at the presence of energy or spirit.

Comparatively, it’s extraordinarily bizarre. When you put the name of most constellations into Google, the search results are overwhelmingly full of innocent star patterns, space pictures, and cartoon shapes of what the constellation depicts. Adding the term “city” to most constellation names only tosses up results for everyday places here on Earth that match the name, and other rather tame stuff.

Cepheus is anything but that.

For instance, there’s this gem:

Cepheus Engine Reactor City

Your guess is as good as mine as to what it is. It’s not so much the reactor or temple that is most striking about this pic, but to me it’s the two moons.

Then there’s this:

I mean it’s literally a futuristic city by the water. Unlike some of the other images of Cepheus I have seen over the years, I only found this one for the first time last month, although the art is almost a decade old. (Credit to Christian Beyer, who you should definitely check out)

Note that there are two moons visible in this picture, and one is enormous, just like in the other pic.

Let’s change gears and observe this picture:

Cepheus Atlas

It is a depiction of Atlas, but instead of the world on his shoulders, it appears to be universe, or sky, and what are visible on the globe are constellations, which is the ancient understanding of the myth.

I still have no idea why this picture comes up for “Cepheus City,” but it is relatively unsettling.

Moving on, we have more digital art:

Cepheus Protocol

3D imagery labeled under the Cepheus Protocol, which is some kind of video game that as far as I know is still in production.

Much of its art / imagery is decidedly futuristic and seems to “call back”  to the 3D rendering style of art that other “Cepheus” pieces are created in, like the featured image on this page.

Here’s another shot from it:

Cepheus Docks

Here’s something on the astronomical side of things:

Cepheus Star Map

I find it amusing that it just randomly has a futuristic-looking city under the constellation, which is actually a crude illustration of the Newcastle skyline. This is in and of itself interesting, as it implies Star Alignment with certain structures, a common theme of older city layouts dating back to the ancient past.

This comes up in the same search as all these other photos:


And so does this:

Cepheus Protean Myth

I perform a lot of Google searches, because I work in SEO and run several websites. Cepheus, and “Cepheus City,” ranks as probably one of the strangest search terms I’ve ever used, as far as the results go. It’s borderline disturbing what comes up.

Combined with what I’ve gleaned from meditation, it all points to there being something more going on here.

The Collective Conscious Speaks

Cepheus, or the idea of it, may be on the edge of our consciousness.

By this I mean that it is an archetype or collection of data that many of us are connected to in some way, but is just out of reach.

When you boil it all down, it seems to suggest that there’s more to our “imaginations” and dreams than just random thoughts we “invent” inside our heads.

At least some of the time.

It reminds me of how different cultures all over the ancient world, separated by thousands of miles and vast oceans and deserts, somehow developed similar “beliefs” about nature, natural forces, our origin, karma, tools, temple building methods, and so on.

It’s shared information.

Likewise, from the evidence I’ve collected over the years, I’m fairly convinced that many of us have shared experiences of certain locations in dreams.

Interest in this subject has been rising steadily the last few years, with notable shows like The OA tackling it the best. I think intuitively that we know dreams aren’t always just “our brains sorting out our thoughts,” but are actual tangible locations. Whether we are actively experiencing these places, or merely re-living dormant memories of them, is another story.

To put it another way, we are pulling from a collective body of information when we dream. Keep in mind that thought and energy are one in the same thing.

A corpuscle of energy is nothing but programmed vibration, and as has been said many times, energy is never created or destroyed, it merely changes.

There is a vast wellspring of “data,” or energy out there, that is sometimes referred to as the Collective Conscious, or the Akashic Record in esoteric circles.

If our dreams and cultural stories are any indication, we not only share collective information about each other and the Earth, but about places and concepts beyond our immediate understanding.

Meditation visions, dreams, NDE’s, all seem to reveal subtle shadows or hints of these other places. What’s behind the veil, so to speak.

Cepheus is just one such place.

There are surely others.

[Title Image Credit: Kevin Cappis AKA Surreal Places]

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