The Collective

Antichthon: Shadow Earth. Also referred to as Counter Earth, a planetary body mirroring the Earth on the other side of the sun. In most dimensions where Antichthon is only a myth, Earth has two moons (Marzed and Matchlight).

congruity: the metaphysical relationship between an effect and its cause.

cosmic hypogenesis: An underdeveloped, malfunctioning star system.

daela: Soul-breed. The primal essence of one’s soul.

daevic: A transformation that an individual undergoes when they consciously “activate” the special sheath that surrounds their etyrna, or algorithmic coding. This can only be done if they have met certain criteria, typically a certain level of ether, a conscious awareness of their abilities, conscious alignment with their etyrna, and the possession of a purpose or drive. Some daevic forms can be achieved through the possession of certain artifacts, such as the suna that the Dragunai use. The daevic is a means of a devolution or “child evolution” to recapture the state of its parent daela, or breed. There are multiple “levels” of daevic forms, each of which represents an attempt to embody a higher level of godhood.

Kan ‘Dah: The Book of Shelter

metaverse: The totality of parallel dimensions (universes) contained within the Sphere of Teyratah.

nuus: Raw data (non-digital). Typically refers to biological information read by these senses. Also used to describe the “download” of wisdom that occurs after one has been exposed to new sensory input.

sick cycle: Refers to the neverending loop of reality itself, as well as the localized purgatorial loops of the lower dimensions, which are themselves a reflection of the greater loop.

star line: Celestial / metaphysical lineage.