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Create a Powerful Vision Board in Notion

A vision board is a combination of images and affirmations that can help you manifest your goals. Also known as dream boards, you can use these simple tools to help focus your willpower and reinforce your mindset.

Traditionally, you might create a vision board by taking a piece of cardboard or even a cork-board and using it as a background for any assortment of photographs, magazine cut-outs, written affirmations, and other important personal effects such as feathers, stickers, cards, ribbon, and such.

Traditional Mood Board
A traditional mood board is an effective manifestation tool, but has severe limitations compared to what you can do with digital technology.

However, we’re in the digital age and if you aren’t using technology to your advantage when it comes to your spiritual pursuits, you are only limiting yourself.

Your smartphone and computer offer incredibly effective ways of strengthening your mindset and directing your focus. With the help of certain apps, along with a world’s worth of media such as images, music, and video, you have at your fingertips some of the greatest tools of manifestation ever concocted. 

Creating a Vision Board in Notion App

Notion is an amazing note-taking and database management app that has recently taken off among college students and professionals for its remarkable array of capabilities.

Notion Vision Board

It’s difficult to explain everything that Notion and does and what you can use it for, as the limits of the app haven’t yet been explored.

For instance, as a writer, I use part of my Notion space as a custom Wiki that has databases within it.

Others might enjoy Notion for its ability to create very easy to use project management work spaces. 

For our purposes here, we’re going to use Notion’s ability to seamlessly create pages and embed media on them to create a custom vision board.

One of the best features of the Notion app is that it allows you to create a variety of different pages that can be labeled and given a custom banner image, almost like a social media profile.

On these pages you can effortless create titles, subtitles, lists of mantras or affirmations, images, and videos. You can even embed tweets.

It’s easy to generate a page, label it something simple like “New Job Vision Board” or “I am Manifesting This Job,” and then simply add any media that comes to mind in relation to your dream job or profession.

So why use Notion for this instead of, say, Pinterest or even a personal webpage?

The secret to Notion is that everything is so easy and seamless. It’s almost as though you are creating a beautiful and fully functional webpage in real time, without any of the hassle associated with web design.

Unlike Pinterest, or other apps that aren’t quite as suited for creating vision boards, everything in Notion is fully dynamic. Don’t like the way a certain photo clashes with the one you placed next to it? Click and drag it someplace else. Does a mantra that just came to mind make you think of a certain song? Create a hyperlink in the mantra to the corresponding YouTube video. Or better yet, embed the video below the mantra in seconds, and listen to it right there in Notion.

This is only the beginning of Notion’s functionality as a manifestation tool however.

Using Notion’s Dynamic Elements For Manifestation Reinforcement

Our subconscious minds respond well to reinforcement. Finding ways to “send a message home” to the deep corners of your mind will help you bring your goals to fruition more efficiently.

This is one reason why magick, manifestation, and any kind of law of attraction work typically involves repetition as well as the use of rhythm and climax to drive a point home.

For instance, the chime of a triangle to end a meditation. A sharp inhale just as you mentally demand what you want. Writing an affirmation over and over again on a single piece of paper.

The goal with these techniques has always been to find ways to influence our subconscious mind.

The more your deepest Self believes something to be true, so shall it be. You can’t ignore the laws of hermetics.

That being said, you can use similar techniques in Notion with the help of the apps dynamic elements and various text options. You can get incredibly creative here, so the following tips are by no means exhaustive. I learn more about the app everyday and am beginning to realize that it can function as a complete “life content management system” if you want it to be.

  • You can create “check boxes” (called “To-Do Lists” in Notion) that you can click on to “complete” a thought.
  • You can change the color of text or highlight text in order to make it stand out, and turn it back to normal at will.
  • You can create a “Toggle List” that allows you to expand a thought with additional information.
  • You can place comments and captions on the images you use to provide deeper context and meaning to them.
  • You can turn any mantra or line of text into a hyperlink that leads to a new page, where you can place additional information related to the topic.
  • You can instantly turn a specific mantra or block of text into its own new page, an excellent reinforcement tool.
  • You can embed an array of web-based media, such as GIFs and Tweets, to reinforce an idea and keep you focused.

Why Notion acts as a superior tool for all of this is because, even with a very advanced and user-friendly webpage editor such as Elementor for WordPress, you can’t get this level of seamless and easy to use functionality so easily, not to mention the fact that you don’t need to buy a domain and hosting, and install WordPress.

Notion App Elements

Notion is ready to go right out of the box and can be used in browser, on the desktop app, or on your phone.

This is the perfect example of technomancy in action, or the art of using technology for magickal purposes. What’s incredible about using Notion as your vision board is that it is endlessly customizable.

A physical vision board actually requires you to have certain elements on hand (photos, magazine cut outs, etc), but here the world is truly at your fingertips. You can utilize any element you see fit from across the web as a means of tapping into your subconscious and harnessing your powers of manifestation.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Build Your Notion Vision Board

So how do you get started with creating a vision board with Notion? Although there is a small learning curve when it comes to this app, it’s easier than you might think to pick it up and start using it to better organize your life, not to mention create some magick.

You could start by heading over to Notion’s website and either using it in browser or downloading the app itself. You don’t actually have to start from scratch however, as one of Notion’s many awesome features is that it allows any page created on the app to be instantly shared over the web and then duplicated into your own Notion.

So rather than create something from nothing, you can grab our manifestation board here:

To transfer this board over to your own Notion, all you have to do is visit the page and click on the “Duplicate” option in the upper-right of the page. You will be prompted to start your own Notion account and like magick you will have your own board. Each of the elements such as text and photos can be replaced and interchanged as you see fit, and don’t worry about messing anything up. If you blow up your manifestation board you can always click our link again and duplicate a brand new one over. 🔮

Notion Duplicate Page
Once you click the link to our Manifestation Board, it will bring you to a screen much like this. To create your own board, just hit the Duplicate button and everything will be copied over to your own Notion workspace.

If you are starting from scratch, here are some pointers for creating a manifestation board that really works for you:

  • Start with something that forces you to mentally engage on some level. Whether it’s a photo or a meaningful quote, or your most popular Tweet. Something that is easy to understand yet holds a powerful message. You don’t necessarily want to start off with anything too abstract.
  • Break different areas of focus into sections for easier mental digestion.
  • Don’t feel like you have to put all of your goals on one board. It’s extremely simple to duplicate pages and create content on Notion, and there are now no limits to the amount of pages that a free account can make, so go wild.
  • If you like the way your current board looks but you want to tweak it too, just duplicate it and tweak the new one.
  • For short-term goals, it helps to engage the subconscious as much as possible, so lean on interactive elements like the “to-do list” check boxes.
  • Be careful not to reinforce negativity. You might be inclined to use a mood board or vision board for “where you are now vs where you want to be” or for your favorite “emotional” sounding songs, but these actions won’t get you the right results. Remember, your subconscious is very fickle and will internalize depressive states and dark imagery. Furthermore, your mind doesn’t need any reminding of where you are now or where you “came from,” it’s already far too aware. Focus on positivity and the future in order to generate a beneficial flow of energy.
  • Take time to learn the app and all of its features. Notion works on an easy system where you can right-click to access the main menu or place a “/” to open a menu that allows you to create content blocks. It may look intimidating at first but if you spend time working in the app it will pay off.

The Benefits of Using a Vision Board

Although you might be interested in the idea of using a vision board, you might have doubts about whether or not they actually work.

The truth is that there is not much difference between this and any other manifestation practice. Everything from prayer, to magick, to drum circles and tarot, are all different ways of tapping into the subconscious using tools and various stimuli.

For instance, a ritual altar can be likened to a vision board, in the sense that it can help “set the mood” for your subconscious mind. The grand and mystical elements of temples and churches work much in the same fashion.

Spiritual statuary, beautiful stained glass art, visions of the divine. These are all vision-based tools that are meant to help you access a spiritual state of mind.

Church Art Spiritual Mood
The magestic art that has been featured throughout the holy places of spiritual traditions exists to put people in a certain frame of mind. Anything visual that helps still your ego can be considered a kind of “vision board.”

Anything that can help you quiet the ego and focus on manifesting a goal through force of will “works,” as long as you stick with it and utilize it properly.

Your digital vision board in Notion can certainly work for you, if given the chance. The most important thing to remember when it comes to using these kinds of tools is that you shouldn’t be attached to any outcome. You must learn that any form of attachment can obliterate your powers of manifestation.

Attachment is a mental / spiritual spark of fear that denotes you need something to be true because you currently lack it. If your subconscious knows that you lack it, it will never come to be.

Your vision board is a reminder of who and what you are, not what you will obtain or what you will gain.

Carry this mentality in all walks of life and you may quickly realize you don’t even need a vision board to begin with. In the meantime however, this is an excellent way to learn how to guide and control your subconscious mind and leverage the law of attraction with ease.

Notion Vision Board Pinterest

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