Dantonaire Dream Walker

Dantonaire, the Dream Walker

We’re truly blessed to live in such an age where a wealth of esoteric knowledge is available at our fingertips.

As consciousness expands around the globe, deeper truths are being revealed. Bigger mysteries are being unraveled. Dreams are being explored.

Dream Work is an area once reserved for only the deepest of esoteric circles. Within the Inner Mysteries, adepts would lead their students on virtual tours of other worlds, aided by trance meditations and mind-altering substances.

What we encounter on the other side is a topic of much debate. Yes, we know there are beings or forces out there alien to us. These take many forms in dreams.

You have likely encountered some of these beings. Maybe you have even made fellowship with them, or attempted to commune with them in the waking day.

Some are friendly, some not as much.

Some appear as humans, some as angels, others as devils.

Why bother with these other worlds at all?

This is where the deep work comes in, the true process of understanding your karma.

We dream so that we may connect with the rest of our Self, in its infinitude, and use what we gain in these other places as wisdom here.

However this work is not without risk, because there are agents of disaster and alien laws creeping about and acting as wardens.

You know what I speak of. Perhaps all too intimately.

Call them what you will. Some traditions label them as Watchers, others as Conductors. There are succubi, incubus, wraiths and ghouls, yes. Some take the form of humanoid animals, others as animalistic humans. 

Recorded in various grimoires, ritual magickians would likely call them lesser devils, or Low Daemons, of a kind. Natural energies whose purpose is mostly alien to us, yet they serve as guards, bouncers, wardens, and judges of other planes.

There is one such daemon, known to some as Dantonaire, who facilitates the navigation of dreams.

Dream Planes and Walking Between Worlds

Every world, or sphere, that you visit in dreams is significant in some way. It is tied to your karma.

You may be there to process the pain and suffering of a part of your Self, or you may be there to learn a lesson or the answer to something that you would not be able to otherwise solve in this life.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that navigating dreams is difficult. We encounter a wide array of beings when we dream. People from other worlds, animals, and even creatures that have no Earthly equivalent. In some instances, we even encounter spiritual beings, things with no corporeal form.

What is anyone to make of these scenarios? And how can you tilt them in your favor so that you get more out of them?

This is where a dream journal can prove most useful. We are most tied to the other worlds upon waking – use these precious moments to record what you remember, and meditate on them later.

It is during this time that one may wish to employ the help of Dantonaire.

This being of energy is the manifestation of the force or current that carries people from one world to another. He the presence of guidance, the sentient aspect of dream coherence.

You may have encountered Dantonaire before. To some he appears as a shadowy figure covered in armor and regalia, whose face resembles that of a scaly camelid or reptile with mammalian eyes and ears. He is often seen carrying a walking staff or spear of sorts, which he uses to point in certain directions.

In the Halls of Dender, he is depicted as a humanoid reptile, clutching a war spear across his chest, his other hand at his side and opened, as if to beckon a traveler to take it.

Those who encounter Dantonaire are often in search of something. They may be caught in between worlds, or are somewhere they don’t belong and are subconsciously looking for a way back. Others seek answers and believe a guided necessary in order to not get lost.

If you are not actively aware of your dream-time adventures, and happen to cross paths with Dantonaire by chance, it can be a fearful moment. As are most otherworldly beings of natural energy, he is stern and does not suffer the unaware. If you’ve ever seen a reptilian or camel-faced man lurking in the shadows, growling or chasing you down a hall or through corridors, your confusion likely manifested into fear and this would be interpreted as a nightmare.

Unfortunately, without adept training, our paths in dreams are not always clear. There is much room for confusion.

I recall a mission I was on as a little girl.

I often found myself walking down large stone steps, into a grand chamber where over a dozen adults sat around a massive table, eating and engaging in heated discussion.

The sensation of not belonging there would fill me, and when I would enter the chamber, they would all turn and look my way, and a great sense of shame and guilt would wash over me.

It wasn’t until I fought the urge to venture down the stairs and turn around, till I realized I was being ushered there by a shadowy figure with a staff. I asked this figure if I “had to” go down, and to this he replied, “it is the only way.”

This made me realize that this moment had to do with a choice that would affect my karma here, and that not processing it was hindering me.

Dantonaire gave me the confidence to walk down the stairs without fear, and once I stepped into the chamber, I was allowed to sit at an empty seat despite the glares. It was my choice and they accepted it. I learned we were all royalty, and that I was it was me they were discussing.

All along it was the fear of not living up to expectations that was holding that side of me back. Dantonaire showed me the path, but ultimately I had to make the choice.

The Dream Walker has the unique ability to help guide those who are processing their karma in other worlds. He is a natural force that we interpret as a humanoid, like so many other deities and devas. Keep ever in mind that these forces exist in nature to help you, and that there is never anything to fear.

Whenever you are walking between worlds, just take note in the back of your head that guides exist to push you in the right direction in the labyrinth. For to be sure, dream navigation is not easy. Karma is a complex subject at best, so do not get frustrated with yourself and what you may or may not see or accomplish.


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