Developing Mental Power Guide

Developing True Mental Power

Having a strong mind in today’s world is essential if you’re looking for any kind of lasting happiness or real success.

True mental power can allow you to handle stress, form better relationships, accomplish goals, and create life on your terms.

Part of the reason why these goals seem to elusive for the average person is that deep thinking and mental power are discouraged, rather than applauded.

Our culture is one of disarray and “un-thought.”

We’re rolling in disinformation, propaganda, baseless opinions, and outright delusions. Careers are made on the backs of lies. Companies flourish using subliminal information and persuasion techniques. The legal system thrives off of misrepresenting information. Politics is a deranged circus of egos and illusion.

Deep thinking and mental prowess is highly discouraged, even scorned.

Just look at the way science is feared by the masses. Erudition, scientific process, societal progress: these things aren’t digested well in our current cultural landscape.

Yet as it has always been, a strong mind unlocks many doors.

True mental power can give you a large advantage over those who embrace ignorance.

It can make you more aware of your own faults, so you know how to properly evolve. It can show you opportunities most wouldn’t recognize. It can help you form bridges of communication with people around you, heal people’s trauma, and provide real solutions.

True mental power is more valuable than any diamond. It lets you see what others cannot, it lets you do what others can’t.

But what does it take to develop mental power of this kind?

Mindfulness is the Root of a Strong Mind

You’ve heard it said before: practice mindfulness in your daily life.

It often comes across as trite. What does being mindful even mean, and what does it really benefit you?

A good teacher tells their student to practice mindfulness. A great one explains what mindfulness actually is.

Mindfulness is the act of consciously cultivating spatial awareness.

Awareness is the root of all things, as it is the awakening of consciousness. Through it, all doors open.

To practice mindfulness is to first acknowledge that only the present moment matters, only the now is real.

This is extremely powerful in and of itself, for it is the present moment where your power resides. Whenever you let your mind dwell on the past or future, you give away your power.

Every attachment or obsession is a limitation. Your mental limiters are what hold you back, keep you locked into a low vibration or “wavelength.”

You will only ever see what your limitations allow you to see. Awareness is the absence of mental limiters.

When you practice mindfulness, you actively bring your conscious mind to a more balanced, centered position. From here, you can better spot truth, make better decisions, absorb and process information better, and gain control over your emotions.

Being mindful also prepares you to practice gratitude, which is another foundation of a strong mind.

Weak minds constantly reject everything around them. Their minds are at odds with reality, so they must rely on delusions and opinions for comfort. They are never satisfied and are always being contrarian. They are dissatisfied constantly and tend to be argumentative for no reason. They are rarely, if ever grateful for what they have and who they are.

Being grateful isn’t an idle gesture. It is the conscious act of acknowledging the present reality and confirming that it is true, real, valuable, and the result of your choices.

Gratitude is, in a way, an affirmation of responsibility. It is a practice the mentally strong engage in frequently.

Being grateful on a deep level shows that you have a respect for the natural forces around you, that you are mature and content in the decisions that you are making, that you understand life and do not reject it.

A sense of thankfulness puts the mind at ease and subverts the ego, which is the origin of much limitation of the mind.

The spatial awareness that arises from practicing mindfulness puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life, from which all mental power springs.

Mental power could be described as knowledge of one’s place in the web of life, and the capacity to see the threads of thought and action that connect everything within that web.

That is the true meaning of spatial awareness: to be fully aware, fully present, of what is within you and around you.

Interested in developing this power for yourself? I’ve put together a small collection of essential reading and training on the subject below.

Follow through with the teachings and you will develop true mental power.

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