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Disclaimer (Bulletproof Mind and Fearless Hermetics)

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What kind of training is this?

The training course in Bulletproof Mind is centered around 3 specialized “forms,” or maneuvers, that are easy to get into but difficult to master. The course also touches on numerous supplemental techniques on everything from breathing to meditation. Fearless Hermetics touches on reducing the ego and learning how to master your own mind through understanding of basic Hermetic principles.

Is the training aimed at beginners or advanced?

Anyone can benefit from and follow the teachings in these books. It doesn’t matter what stage of development you are on, how old you are, your experience, or range of knowledge. Everything you need to know is in the training.

What kind of results can be expected?

Bulletproof Mind was designed to accelerate personal development of the mind and body. After a few months of following the teachings (exercises AND advice) given in the training, you can expect a more toned flexible body, and a stronger, balanced mind. Everyone is different, but the ancient methods of discipline and self-mastery remain the same.

What if I can’t meditate?

The training is designed from an holistic standpoint. The physical exercises train the mind and the mental exercises tame the body. If you find that you have trouble meditating or releasing emotion, you need to focus on disciplining the body through the three forms. If the opposite is true and you can’t seem to push yourself through the physical training, you need to meditate and learn the breathwork.

What if I don’t understand something?

Most of the training is straightforward, however you may encounter subjects or ideas you are not familiar with or that you have never heard of at all before. The training touches on Hermetics and the movement of subtle energy, how the ego functions, mental blockages and so on. If you do encounter a subject you don’t understand, re-read it and meditate on the meaning. This training is meant to be taken seriously. Once you pick it up, consider yourself a Student.

Can I ask you a question about the training?

My Twitter DMs are always open. You can reach me @elementalwisdom, and @DigitalSages.

I just want to lose weight. Is this training right for me?

Yes! Please don’t fall for anymore diet fads or “90 day fitness plans.” The secret to weight loss is metabolism and natural living, which are two topics covered generously in Bulletproof Mind. The training exercises are based on yoga as well as wing chun and tai chi, and are great for stimulating the body and increasing metabolism. Follow the guidelines and exercises and you WILL lose weight after a few months, naturally.

What if meditation is not for me?

You certainly don’t have to meditate to benefit from the training in Bulletproof Mind and Fearless Hermetics. However, learning how to quiet and control the mind is essential for cultivating the life you want and learning how to manifest. You may think you don’t like it at first, because you haven’t performed Deep Work. Focus on the physical training for a month, coupled with breathwork, and then return to meditation when you are more disciplined.

Can I get a refund?

Of course.

Will there be more resources to go along with this training in the future?

Yes. Not only is supplemental material already on Digital Sages, two more books are in the works that delve into deeper hermetics and more sophisticated forms of body mastery. This is not a project that I intend on dropping anytime soon. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

What diet pairs best with Bulletproof Mind?

As always I recommend a Whole Foods Plant Based diet, or natural veganism. While a diet isn’t necessarily specified in the training, the more natural foods you eat compared to processed foods, the better. Diet plays a huge role in bodily and mental health, so if your diet is compromised, so will your training.

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