Attract What You Fear

Do You Attract What You Fear?

You are constantly manifesting what your subconscious focuses on, and that includes your fears.

The law of attraction is very clear. Thought is magnetism, and if you are constantly worrying about something, you will inevitably bring it into your life.

For those of us who have studied hermetics for years, this is a basic fact of life. The problem we face is helping people understand their choices and strengthen their mind, so they take control of what they’re manifesting.

You have the power to overcome your fears and “attract” what you want.

Here is the most important thing you have to understand about fear: you are experiencing it to learn from it.

A fear is a mental blockage of some kind. You have fear of a certain thing because your mind is “hung up” on it.

These hangups create limiters.

As I discuss at length in Bulletproof Mind, a limiter is a device used by your mind to shield you from trauma and your separation from the natural world.

They can form any number of ways, usually from internalizing a false worldview in childhood or experiencing some kind of trauma that forces the mind to have to cope in some kind of way that inevitably limits its capacity to understand truth from fiction.

Fears often derive from the false perception created by limiters.

The ability to overcome these mental limiters is always in your hands. You can make the choice any time you want.

Until you do, however, you will constantly attract the object of yours fears.

Fears are Opportunities

All fears are opportunities for growth. They say that you attract what you are ready for, and this is correct.

Ultimately, if your mind is obsessing over a fear, it means it’s begging to process and be rid of it.

Running from what you fear then only prolongs your suffering.

It also increases the amount of thought you put toward the thing you fear, increasing the rate at which you will manifest it and bring it into your life.

Understand that you are here to experience and learn. If you are not evolving, you’re going to have a hard time.

So many people are miserable because they deny their life Path and think they can just ignore the law of attraction.

Not only are they not taking advantage of the law of attraction, it’s working against them.

Every time you feel “fear,” it’s a chance for you to face the fear and realize that it is in your life for a reason and will continue to be there until you finally “work through” whatever it is that brought on the fear in the first place.

Oftentimes this means facing parts of ourselves that we rather not look at, such as weaknesses and vices.

That’s perfectly fine.

You might also fear another person or some kind of life situation. Sometimes people even fear death.

None of these are natural responses, they are brought on by the mind (ego) not understanding something.

For example, there’s never any reason to fear death because it’s just another part of life.

If you fear death, it means you don’t understand that you are eternal energy body that never dies.

It may also mean you are attached to the physical world and need to practice mindfulness.

Allowing Fear Into Your Life is Self-Harm

It is dangerous to let fear linger.

The longer you go without processing it, the more it can fester.

Lack of personal evolution can leave you feeling restless and uprooted. Fear will keep you from your progress in life, so it’s best to just face it down whenever possible.

You will come to understand that holding onto fear is actually a form of self-harm. You do your Self no justice by clinging to fears.

All you are doing is manifesting dangerous and debilitating circumstances into your life.

Whenever you think about something, you give it power. This is one of the fundamental laws of hermetics.

There’s also another important aspect of this. If you are fearful, you are not in full control of Self.

Fear is a bio-chemical “thought response” between your ego and your body. It is not you and has nothing to do with you.

Therefore, every time you feel fear, it is almost as if another entity is telling you what to do and keeping you in captivity (your ego).

You cannot have full control over your Self until you let all fear go.

It’s easier than you think. The first step is to simply turn around and face your fears down whenever they manifest, because what you fear you will attract.

Doesn’t matter how awkward or even embarrassing the situation may potentially be. Pay attention and practice mindfulness.

You have a choice every moment to end your personal suffering and limitations.

What choice will you make?

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