Garden of Life Vegan Protein Bar Supercharges Your Body

We know how important a good post-workout protein bar can be. If your schedule is anything like ours, you’re trying to cram in a fifteen minute yoga session in between client meetings or projects, and taking the time to make a full blown meal after you get done is just not an option.

The grind waits for no one.

The hard part is, finding a decent tasting bar that also provides ample nutrition.

I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of lackluster protein bars over the years – and it seems like the healthy or more protein-rich they claim to be, the more they taste like rubber. I remember a few years ago grabbing some chocolate “ultra mega protein power bar” kind of thing of a shelf in a Wawa, knowing I was going to use it after my workout later that day.

The packaging claimed it was stuffed with protein and “tasted great!” Well, it only took one bite before the thing ended up in the garbage.

Over the years I’ve jumped from product to product, brand to brand, in search of a protein bar that not only has the nutrients I’m looking for, but actually tastes good enough to eat without having to chase it with a smoothie just to mask the flavor.

And most importantly: it had to be vegan.

Everyone into working out should know by now that plant protein is far more optimal for our bodies than animal protein, and it is cruelty free. Any protein bar that claims to be full of “optimal” nutrition yet uses animal-based protein is lying to you.

Finally, though, it seems the grand search is over.

Garden of Life Changing the Protein Bar Market

There are definitely a few quality brands out there that sell vegan protein bars. I’m not the first person to grab a CLIF bar in a pinch, but there’s a new bar in town that’s on a whole new level, and it’s actually got the flavor to back it up: Garden of Life Organic Sport Protein Bars.

Not only they are specifically made to rejuvenate your body after a hard workout, they are downright delicious, all without being full of hidden sugars like most protein bars.

Featuring 100% organic multi-sourced plant-based protein from sprouted brown rice, almonds, and peas, as well as plenty of natural fiber and tons of phytonutrients, these Sport Protein Bars are the real deal.

Garden of Life already had a line of regular vegan protein bars, but they hit it out of the park with their Organic Sport Protein Bars.

The most impressive thing about them isn’t even the fact that they are certified organic and GMO-free, or packed with a whopping 20 grams of protein per bar, it’s that they actually taste good.

They actually make a perfect snack, and since they have plenty of fiber and nutrients, your body will benefit from them, as opposed to most snacks of this sort, which are usually indigestible masses of processed grain, high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives.

The best part is, these awesome bars come in four¬† flavors: chocolate fudge, peanut butter chocolate, sea salt caramel, and chocolate mint. I would tell you all four are equally delicious, but the truth is, the chocolate mint is the winner here. It’s actually hard to believe this is a post-workout protein bar and not some kind of dessert, yet it doesn’t taste overly sweet or “artificial” like most candy bars and fruit bars. It’s simply delicious.

You know when you eat something and it just clicks.

You don’t feel any malaise, you’re not left with a weird taste in your mouth, or an unsettled stomach. This is just that kind of product: specifically designed to nourish the body without the need for adding any unwanted chemicals or animal protein. It’s all about good tasting food that is exactly what it says it is: an organic plant-based protein bar. It’s become one of my favorite go-to workout meals this summer, and it also doubles as the perfect snack.

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