Ginger Detox Foot Pad Review

Ginger Detox Foot Pads Are Legit

New natural health products are popping up seemingly every day, and while detox foot pads have been around for years in one form or another, they’ve recently seen a resurgence along with plenty of backlash.

Let’s cut right to the facts.

First of all, humans do detox through their feet.

There are plenty of articles by medical hacks and fluff news outlets online that try to minimize this fact or outright debunk it, but it is not up for debate.

In fact, knowledge of how we “sweat out toxins” has existed in holistic circles for thousands of years.

Some of the most ancient holistic medicine practices involve ways to induce sweating, methods of sweat absorption, and analysis of sweat composition.

Despite a lack of modern research in feet detoxing in particular, it has long been known to practitioners of natural healing that toxins do tend to accumulate in the feet. It’s simply biological convenience. Of course, excess minerals, vitamins, and toxins would be sweat out through the feet, because they are quite literally our bottom-most extremity.

Foot sweat, as opposed to sweat in other parts of the body, tends to be more dense with excess minerals. We are talking about rather subtle quantities of particular metals and minerals, but it is enough to warrant attention on the feet compared to other areas.

Of course, the best and most proper way to detox will always be through cleaning and optimizing the digestive system, which in turn cleans everything else. You eat clean food and alkaline water, everything else will flush itself out over time.

However, sometimes certain trace toxins and other substances accumulate in unsuspecting parts of the body, and also, when your digestive organs are overloaded, excess toxins may be expelled through the sweat. This alone is a sign of unwellness, but it can be mitigated through use of techniques like footpads, which help the body simply perform a natural process.

So using herbal concoctions on the feet is not an unheard of tactic, as its been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, and is based off of “pulling,” that is, using an herbal formula to encourage the body to not only sweat, but relieve itself of unwanted toxin buildup in the particular area.

Our Feet Are For More Than Just Walking

Being bipedal as we are, our primary “organ” or interface of interaction with the Earth happens to be our two feet.

As you are aware, our skin is one giant organ, but it differs in density and utility depending on which area of the body you’re talking about.

The feet in particular have thick skin and lots of nerves. Everything in our feet evolved for a reason, and one of those reasons was to be our primary two-way communicator with the dirt.

Our feet evolved for more than just walking. Collecting and dispensing bodily energy, removing toxins, soaking up trace minerals, collecting information about soil density, moisture, etc. Our feet are one of our communication tools, they are our direct interface with nature.

For example, when performing energy work such as grounding, the feet are the primary epicenter of the exchange. Our feet have several important energy centers, or chakras, the ones in our heels being of particular relevance.

These large energy centers evolved to be our main way of casually absorbing and releasing energy from the Earth. Obviously there are corresponding nerves and blood vessels in this area, meaning that the foot in general has more going on inside it in terms of cellular activity than you would think.

The Power of Ginger

Most people, even those who aren’t into holistic health, are aware that ginger is healthy and is beneficial for the body.

It is mainly an expectorant, meaning that it is excellent at removing and loosening up mucus, cleaning out our lymphatic passageways and easing digestion.

Ginger root’s spicy and soothing nature has been praised for centuries, and is used in many traditional herbal remedies for various illnesses, such as relieving the symptoms of the common cold.

Ginger Health Benefits
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a sacred plant and traditional remedy that contains an array of important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has natural anti-inflammatory and metabolism regulating properties.

Ginger has other uses however. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and also has been known to ease digestion reduce nausea. (It is for this reason that many traditional Asian dishes include ginger, as it is an effective digestive aid.)

It is also a powerful antioxidant and helps buffer the body against cancers and other degenerative diseases.

One other overlooked benefit of ginger is its ability to cleanse. The chemical composition of ginger lends itself as a detoxing tool, because it tends to draw certain metals and impurities to it. Hence its use as a digestive cleanse.

Though the effect is subtle, oftentimes it is this level of balanced subtly that the body is looking for.

Due to its gentle cleansing nature and overall reliable effectiveness, ginger has become the primary herbal remedy used in many foot patches and detox foot pads.

Ginger Detox Foot Pads as a Home Remedy

Fact: anyone who regularly eats a typical Western diet is in dire need of multiple forms of detoxing.

Everyone lives different lives, adheres to different diets and is exposed to different environmental hazards, and it is for this reason that no two people’s toxicity is the same.

However, you can be sure that most of us have accumulated heavy metals, have backed up livers, have the onset of gall stones, and have arteries that could do with a little washing out. Many people also suffer from mucoid plaque lining the intestinal walls, backed up lymph systems, and more.

So toxic is the average person, that most holistic health practitioners recommend cleansing the body in certain steps, starting with the colon and liver before moving onto the blood. This is because our body’s are so overburdened, that purging the organs or systems out of order could actually induce toxic shock.

That being said, you could do well with multiple kinds of detoxing at once. Chances are, your body is currently working overtime just to maintain equilibrium, and there’s all kinds of nasty garbage floating around that your cells are begging to unload and be rid of.

Enter: ginger detox foot pads.

The simple home remedies use the humble but effective powers of ginger to aid the body in drawing out trace heavy metals and other toxins through the feet. What they are actually doing is merely aiding the body in doing what it is does naturally, at an accelerated and more efficient pace. If you are wondering how to use a ginger foot patch, it’s actually rather simple.

Ginger Foot Pad Instructions for Detox

Removing toxins is actually their side-effect. The main foot patch uses are to improve circulation, which ginger excels at. By improving circulation, they inadvertently aid in sleep, and helping your body to expel sweat (and therefore impurities) through the feet.

Other effects include less foot odor, less foot bacteria, and improved metabolism due to improved circulation.

In other words, they are indeed a very strong herbal remedy and taking off for a reason.

At first I was skeptical when I heard about foot pads but once I learned that ginger was their active ingredient everything made sense. You don’t necessarily need the foot pads to get the benefits of ginger, but the pads do make everything easier.

They are quite easy and hassle free to apply, and you just wear them to bed every night for however long you want. After a few rounds you’ll see improved circulation, less foot odor, and a better metabolism.

There is a good likelihood that you will also sweat out trace toxic metals and other impurities in the process, which makes detox pads an effective compliment to any personal care regimen.

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