Glitches, Mandela Effect Residue, Multiverse

Glitches, Mandela Effect Residue, and the Multiverse: Glance Behind the Veil

I’ve always been aware, at least to some degree, of “glitches,” “Mandela effects,” or whatever you want to call them. Problems or hiccups in the fabric of reality. Different traditions call them different things, but I know that as a kid, I would take note of them.

Now it is becoming clear to more people that something is amiss. It is one of the reasons why I personally believe self-mastery training is so important. We’re in the midst of some kind of transference of energy, or shift.

It doesn’t matter what you call it so much as it matters that it is happening. Unless you have the awareness of a paint can, you’ve likely noticed your fair share of strange happenings as well.

The speeding up or collapsing of time, misplaced objects or people, shifting continents, patterns and coincidences, the bizarre becoming commonplace. While seemingly unrelated, much of this are the outward results of a bigger, wider phenomenon some of us can only guess the nature of.

Some aware folks have been trying to pinpoint what all this means for years, but due to the lack of decent knowledge and understanding out there, answers are few and far between.

There are even popular theories that are quite obviously wrong, like the ones that posit that we live only in a computer simulation. These “cop out philosophies” try and find easy mainstream answers to deep esoteric and metaphysical phenomenon.

While it may be attractive to think we are just victims of capricious programmers “changing our digital experience” or botching up “computer code,” the reality of the situation is far more sublime.

To put it lightly, the only reason people think in such terms anyway is because movies and books about computers and how they relate to the spiritual world have joined these concepts in our collective minds. The validity of it only rests in that “code” and the way computers operate is not unlike how the etheric world and energy transference operates.

Numbers and systems: the heart of all computer functionality, and not coincidentally, it is also the way the physical world operates. Everything breaks down to numbers and systems, dictated by the nature of the energy that gives the physical its form.

The difference between a canister of hydrogen and a block of lead is literally only the amount of electrons and protons, etc. that dictate the form. And as we now know, over 95% of an atom (a unit of “physical” matter) is completely empty on the physical plane.

Physicality as we know it is merely a numbers game. This number is etheric data, or energy units, and when put into certain chains (codes), this data forms physical matter.

This is an extreme over-simplification, but for our purposes here, extremely accurate.

What does it say about the physical world, and the universe in general, that it can be broken down into strings of numbers?

What is a Glitch?

This is certainly a complex topic. What exactly constitutes a “glitch” in reality?

Certainly, there are a wide range of phenomenon that could possibly be classified as a glitch, from odd coincidences to buildings disappearing, to frog rain, to the insanity surrounding the Berenstain Bears.

Specifically, a glitch is when the expected reality is suddenly supplanted by a reality that seems off or wasn’t supposed to occur.

If you are unfamiliar with glitches or have only experienced basic “computer” glitches, you may need a deeper illustration.

Sure, you may try to open a program on your PC and when it doesn’t, we consider that a glitch. This doesn’t do the phenomena justice however.

I’ve always explained glitches from my experiences with older video games.

Due to the highly interactive and immersive nature of video games, experiencing glitches in them is all the more powerful. The origin and purpose of such glitches can also border on the mysterious, and is in itself one of the gates or doors to following “the rabbit hole,” so to speak.

Glitches in video games were at times like peaking behind the veil. Maybe an unused spite or icon appeared on a wall for no reason, maybe an enemy would all of a sudden become unkillable, maybe you explored too deep and found yourself in an “unfinished” part of the game that you were never supposed to have access to at all, yet you found a way.

All of these kinds of “behind the veil” phenomena do a better job at showing us what real life glitches can be like: out of place or missing objects, locations that seem weird or don’t belong, expected norms toppled.

In a video game, you expect that if you go in the direction the developers intended, you will have an optimal or nominal experience. But what about the outcropping high above and to the right? Is it someplace you could get to if you timed a certain jump “just right”? And if so, what would happen? Would it kick you off or allow you to proceed? Would it provide a shortcut through the level and therefore create an even more optimal experience than the developers intended?

This is the wacky power of glitches and why the aware are fascinated by them. It’s a bit like getting more out of reality itself, testing its limits.

You might try and get on that outcropping, and once you succeed, you gain access behind a wall you were never supposed to cross. Everything beyond it seems slightly off, unpolished, empty. There are no enemies here because the developer never accounted for you being there. Your path is not impeded but there are mysterious and dangerous pitfalls everywhere, because the ground is unfinished. If you look into the distance, the mountains seem jagged and squared off, broken. You are seeing a world you were never meant to see, no one was meant to see. Who knows, maybe the developers and play-testers have never even seen it.

You have gone behind the veil.

A glitch in reality is somewhat like this.

If you think about the nature of energy, the physical world is actually very fluid.

It is kept in balance by a delicate dance of energy transference, thought-matrices, wave collapsing, and numerical equations. That’s it.

If some of these systems gets thrown off kilter, either by natural means or otherwise, the results could be unexpected.

The question is, why are more “glitches” occurring than ever before?

We know why certain people only seem to be able to catch on to such things: it’s all a matter of awareness. If your awareness levels are too low, you simply don’t have the vibrational capacity to even comprehend such events, so they wouldn’t register in someone’s personal space or be digested through the sensory organs. They are blind to the phenomena like the Mandela Effect.

But that doesn’t explain why more glitches are occurring. It used to be that “peeking behind the veil” was a very rare thing indeed, especially if you weren’t actively trying to do so.

Now it’s like if you even have marginal awareness, you’re constantly seeing things you’re not supposed to and getting a feeling that something is “wrong.”

We know there is, at this point it is a foregone conclusion that reality itself is suffering some kind of breakdown or shift.

The problem is that many of these events can’t be classified as mere glitches because they are so large and pervasive. These large glitches, or Mandela Effects, may span giant sub-sectors of our collective consciousness, or may even be like broken sectors of the multiverse.

Whatever the issue is, it is affecting both time and dimension.

We know this because time displacement is becoming more common, and the prevailing theories for explaining the Mandela Effect are dimensional in nature.

Time and dimension are intimately linked. The only conclusion then is that whatever is occurring seems to be at the core of what we know as physical reality.

Thoughts on the Mandela Effect and the Multiverse

I picked this interesting blurb up from Reddit. Make of it what you will:

The way residue appears can be very revealing regarding the nature of the Mandela effect. I have noticed there are far too many instances of residue appearing a certain way, which goes far beyond coincidence. When there is a spelling change, many times the title of a web page, or newspaper article remains unchanged, while the text below reflects the change. I have seen this happen many times with youtube videos as well.

Brian Staveley has covered this recently, showing that the name of his town changed from Centerville to Centralville.

Here it shows the park as Centerville in the title, but Centralville in the text below:

There are many residue examples of this type of ME behavior. Moneybags73 did a video a while back where many people posted videos of Elvis singing “Only You”, yet that song is sung by The Platters. Too many people got this “wrong” and made videos with pictures of Elvis, and Elvis’s name in the title, while The Platters actually sang the song.

OK, so what does this mean? This looks so much like a programming error, like a find and replace algorithm was run on reality itself, yet it misses the titles of videos and articles, but is able to change the text. Simulation theory is hard to accept, yet the evidence so strongly points to our reality being virtual.

This type of residue would not happen if we were jumping realities in the multiverse. We should not see newspaper articles and web pages that are half correct but have residue of the way things used to be. This makes it appear like reality used to be the way we remember it, and it was imperfectly edited, due to the algorithm missing certain aspects of its target.

If we were jumping between many different Earths, you would not expect to see much residue at all, and certainly not imperfect edits. A group of people should not pose in front of The Thinker with all of their fists to their foreheads, all the while the statue in the background has his open hand on his face. Their actions remained unchanged, while The Thinker in the background of the picture appears to have changed.

I don’t want to show it here, but I have a photo of myself that had changed in a very weird way. I remember sitting along the edge of a wall, with lots of room on either side of me, but the picture now has me sitting very awkwardly on the edge of drop off, I’m kind of hanging over the edge, but sitting exactly the way I remember sitting. I would not have sat there like that, so it’s as if the background of the picture changed, but left my original position the same.

This kind of effect leads me more and more to believe that our reality is virtual, a type of hologram or simulation, where our environment can change all around us in myriad ways, yet leaves us with our memories of how it used to be. We would not likely experience the multiverse in such a way, yet a mental simulation could explain all these things, including the glitches.

Add to all this, the fact that there appears to be an intelligence behind the ME, and sometimes it appears to be communicating with us through synchronicities, and it’s hard to conclude we are not in a simulation that is being manipulated by entities unknown from outside the simulation.

I have also speculated that time is encapsulated, in that certain aspects of the past have changed, yet other parts of the present, or less distant past seem to remain unchanged. It’s as if a certain exact range in time is targeted, and the butterfly effect that should result is contained. Whatever the case, I’m very tired of this crappy matrix. There is too much pain and suffering here. Whoever or whatever is running this simulation is very lacking in ethics and morality. -u/olaffub8

Very interesting points, but you can see the inevitable fallacy of leaning toward a virtual world or simulation.

First off, we know that the entirety of reality is sentient, because energy is all that is, it is one, and that it is all the “godhead.” We are all a part of a massive, infinite system of energy, enjoying various levels of density and awareness.

The reason why the “matrix” or reality seems sentient is because it is.

This is no simulation or “fake reality.” Unless you want to classify all of physical reality as “fake” simply because it is a poor reflection of the etheric.

That is a poor descriptor, and while it has its merits, it doesn’t do the beauty and necessity of the physical world any justice.

Yes, reality can communicate with you through synchronicities, because you and reality are one, and both a part of a massive omnipresent sentience.

Yes, it can seem at times that “beings” put things in your place or show you signs, because there are indeed higher levels of consciousness out there doing just that, even ones that are directly connected to you right now.

None of this points to us being in a simulation: in fact, it’s all evidence of the multifaceted multidimensional hermetic nature of the metaverse, if anything.

But why the glitching? Why the hiccups in the flow of expected events?

We have to keep raising our awareness and understand that if we are in the middle of some kind of shift, we are experiencing it to better understand ourselves and the world. It is a lesson: the question is what is the lesson trying to teach us?

Yes, it is more complex than that, and there could be much on the line.

My advice is to keep your awareness high and study what goes on around you. Keep track of the patterns, take note of weird occurrences, and don’t dismiss anything that gives you weird vibes or chills. It could have some kind of significance down the road.

And don’t stop trying to look behind the veil.

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