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Happy Coffee and the Rise of Nootropics

With the rise of herbal remedies and alternative medicine, people have been looking for ways to improve their mood and mindset without the use of harmful chemicals.

Nootropics, a general term referring to a loose collection of various natural hormones, cognitive enhancers, mood boosters, and mind supplements, that all purport to quicken reaction time, improve mental performance, stabilize and improve mood, and in general, up overall performance.

What makes nootroopics different from other natural remedies is that they primarily focus solely on mental performance, which has appealed mostly to millennials, who are forced to do twice as much as previous generations with half the return.

This societal problem has created a massive market for mental performance and mood enhancement substances.

Two of the most popular, of course, being coffee and nootropics. No surprise that several brands have been formed around the idea of combining the two.

One of the most prolific brands to rise out of this trend, Happy Coffee, has become something like the face of the “mind enhancement coffee” movement.

But what exactly is a happy coffee, anyway? What exactly goes into such a beverage, and more importantly, does it actually work?

Coffee + Nootropics = Perfect Match?

Recent studies have revealed the numerous health benefits of coffee, which is a “nootropic” in its own right.

Caffeine in and of itself is a mood booster, albeit not the best in terms of bodily balance. However, the numerous  vitamins, minerals, and other compounds found in coffee more than make up for it.

Full of magnesium, riboflavin, antioxidants, and diterpenes, coffee boasts an impressive resume for health.

Green Tea Leaf Nootropic
Green tea is a common source of nootropics, including l-theanine, the popular stress reliever and mood enhancer.

Once disparaged, most health gurus now insist that coffee should be a staple part of anyone’s diet, especially black (pure) coffee without any added sugar, dairy, or plant-based cream. 

Coffee, in actuality, has cleansing properties and can be used for detox purposes. It strengthens the blood, protects against cancer, flushes out the liver and bladder, and studies suggest may even lower risk of stroke.

When you add a powerful nootropic to your brew, though, you create a potent cocktail that can turn a sour mood completely upside-down and provide a much needed burst of energy and mental clarity.

This is the potential market brands like Happy Coffee seek to take advantage of, because the union of coffee and nootropics just makes sense.

Everyone already is drinking coffee to start their day. It’s bar none one of the most popular beverages and even a complete breakfast substitute for some people on the go.

Why not spice it up and make it even more powerful?

Nootropics come in all varieties and are derived from a host of sources. Most nootropics are plant-based in origin, although some are chemicals created in the lab.

Most of the popular nootropics are simply base amino acids, like l-theanine, which have a no-drawback positive effect when consumed, simply because of how malnourished so many people are in this society.

Happy Coffee in particular focuses on 3 nootropic compounds, green coffee bean extract, l-theanine, and chromium polynicotinate.

This group of substances, when combined with this coffee blend, aid in weight loss, mental clarity, alertness, and a natural feeling of euphoria. 

Nootropic Effectiveness

One of the biggest reasons why nootropics are taking off is because of their effectiveness. At this point there is no question that they work, and work quite well.

This is because nootropics aren’t some fancy chemical whipped up in a lab and marketed by the medical industry. They are simply natural substances that we already know the purpose of and how they effect the body, all rolled into one supplement, or in this case, coffee.

Some are admittedly more effective than others. Some people are capitalizing on the nootropic craze and marketing weak products with inflated prices.

You can usually tell the effectiveness of a nootropic by the rating it gets. Great nootropic products tend to be entirely plant-based and derive most of their potency from a holistic blend of plant-based aminos, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Happy Coffee, or the Elevate brand, falls into this category fairly well. They boast a stellar rating on every distribution channel on the web, have open information all over the Internet about the ingredients they use, and tell you specifically how each nootropic effects the brain and body.

Elevate Happy Smart Coffee

They are essentially one of the best brands in the burgeoning nootropic market.

If you are interested in trying nootropics for yourself, they’re a sure bet.

Understand the Purpose of Nootropics

Keep in mind that nootropics are popular due in part because so many people are not getting the proper nutrition.

They seek to “supplement” the diet with a collection of natural vitamins, minerals, and aminos that we should already be getting through our normal everyday diet.

A nootropic can technically be classified as any supplement that seeks to specific improve mental clarity and brain function, but at the end of the say they are just another supplement.

It goes without saying that we shouldn’t need supplements to be healthy and happy, and if you rely on supplements for these purposes, you are probably lacking in your diet in one way or another.

This is not surprising, as most of the Western world is vitamin and mineral deficient in many ways.

There is nothing wrong with using nootropics, even over a prolonged period of time, if they are safe and plant-based.

But understand that they are filling a gap that should otherwise be getting filled by actual nutrient-rich food.

If you need more information on how to get a “nootropic” effect from your everyday diet, I recommend doing some research into our biology and natural diet.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different nootropics to see which one might compliment your current diet the best, and remember to follow the specific instructions for any supplement you take. 

The purpose of nootropics is to replicate the feeling of actually being healthy. If you approach them with that mindset, you won’t rely on or abuse them.

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