Hermetic Correspondence Vibrational Hearing

Hermetic Correspondence and Vibrational Healing

You are looking for healing, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. If I had to guess, you’ve been looking in all the wrong places and following a bunch of lukewarm techniques and guides that produce only marginal results at best, and fail to mention the vibrational nature of reality. 

The problem is, you don’t understand correspondence. You were never taught how the world around you works, so the methods you are following can only take you so far.

Everything comes back to correspondence. This is one of the laws of hermetics, foundational aspects of our world that you need to learn if you want to balance your life and properly heal.

I’m going to cut right to the chase: vibration is the foundation of all matter, and all vibration affects each other.

To know vibrational signatures is to know the true nature of an object or person, and understand that these objects connect and correlate in a multitude of ways.

As Above, So Below: the eternal maxim, the root of all action.

This ancient phrase basically means that the state of one object or phenomenon has a correlative state or object someplace else. Forces exert upon each other, like vibrations seek each other out, different energy signatures of the same vibration are “connected” and can be brought in concert with each other in synchronicity, and so on. 

When you break everything down to its vibrational nature, you become a conductor of sorts, an arbiter. The puzzle of life becomes a series of patterns, and these patterns interlock or repel one another. With Eyes to See, you know which patterns can combine, which can produce amazing affects, which attract each other naturally, and which ones should be kept apart or avoided altogether.

This is what the sage does every day to affect change in the world. Likewise, to a lesser degree, this is what an entrepreneur does every day to manifest his or her wealth.

Real manifestation is the art of understanding and utilizing correspondences.

Energy Signatures and Elemental Layering

Let’s break this down.

  • Everything in nature has what is known as an “energy signature,” which is like a subatomic fingerprint.
  • These subatomic or etheric identifiers determine an object’s behavior when it comes into contact with other sources of energy.
  • Energy signatures are classified by the effects an object creates when used in concert with power of will.
  • These effects can be bolstered by pairing them with other such energy correspondences, such as time of day, moon phase, location, proximity to other energy sources, purity of energy, purity of intent, force of intent, and even goal. (A goal, of course, is an idea which has its own energy signature.)
  • Every natural substance and object has an Element, including all animals.
  • When you combine elements, or layer them, you can bolster the effect of a correspondence.
  • Two objects of differing elements are often used in tandem in matters of hermetics, because it creates powerful effects.
  • Elemental correspondences can cancel each other out and create nullified or even negative effects.

So what does all this mean in practical terms, and how can you use this knowledge to change your life?

It’s in a sense all a matter of awareness. Knowing how subtle energies interact with each other, knowing that everything has its proper “place and time,” knowing how powerful your willpower can be. 

This opens up a myriad of possibilities. It changes how you approach everything in life.

You begin to walk the Path.

In practical terms, you own the knowledge that by placing a certain object in a certain corner of a room, it may subtly shift its energy. You understand that colors and scents affect people’s mind and body. You seek to learn the energy signatures of as many natural objects and substances as possible, to better comprehend and master the world around you.

Don’t think for a second that the rich and powerful don’t know these things.

Even two-bit players and the “rich by accident” types know all too well the power of energy correspondence. It’s practically “required reading.”

There’s a reason why powerful CEOs and heads of state consult Feng Shui guides and have a copy of The Secret tucked in their nightstands. Hint: it’s not a weekend hobby.

Once you realize that there’s a “behind the scenes” world where everything is connected, everything changes.

The Power and Meaning of Vibration

All physical matter is just energy vibrating at a certain frequency. When two objects at the same frequency interact, they could be said to be sharing the same vibrational space or plane.

This is a distillation of the physical world, for instance.

It is merely billions of objects on the same apparent frequency sharing the same space.

However, much of what we see interacting on the physical plane has other vibrational components. The world is far more complex than just what can be seen with the naked eye.

For instance, did you know that even on this density (the physical plane), the human eye can only see and comprehend less than one percent of the total range of matter and vibration?

The visible electromagnetic spectrum for humans is minute. There are worlds out there that would drop your jaw.

Many animals can see outside our range of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as UV light. There is an invisible world out there to us, full of colors we’ll never see and even objects we’ll never touch.

This goes even deeper when you realize that the electromagnetic spectrum only accounts for what is composed of physical matter on this specific density. Everything higher in vibration doesn’t count.

In other words, the physical world we see with our eyes and touch with our hands is a pathetically small part of reality. If all of your choices and behaviors are based on nothing but this tiny range of vibration, you are not experiencing life to its fullest. And of course, you are going to be ruled by those vibrations.

Any wonder why you’re not getting what you want out of life?

It’s the deeper essences or energies we’re concerned with. If you want to start directing your life, you have to get past the idea that the physical world is all that matters.

Healing and balance can occur without the use of hermetic correspondence, but it make enacting change all the easier.

The formula you need to remember is “energy signature element or meaning + force of will = goal or outcome.”

Certain elements and natures are used to bring about certain outcomes, because due to the Laws of Correspondence, the essences of objects and the essences of outcomes are no different. If you find a way to link the essence of say, an herb, to a specific time of the day that has similar energies, and the energies of a certain outcome, you increase the likelihood of manifesting this outcome through force of will.

There are lengthy tomes written about this process, what some deem “magick,” and others merely call the Great Work, or Crafting. It is an exquisitely simple process that contains infinite complexity.

As many of those who walk the Path have observed, the more you interact with these processes, the more one seems to balance their own energy.

Working with the forces of nature reintegrates you into the web of life. Your intuition and other subtle faculties increase, and you become wise to the rhyme and reason of things.

This is vibrational healing at its core, interacting with and internalizing natural processes. After all, we too are vibration, as are our thoughts.

You align these vibrations with correct, beneficial energies, you have no choice but to heal.

Balance is obtainable. Your path to healing the scars and rifts in your life is as easy as following correspondences.

Always keep in mind, everything is vibration. Reality is ruled by it.

If you align with certain vibrations, you will encounter and “live out” the results of those vibrations. In other words, much of the pain and suffering of your life is due to your alignment.

I don’t want to use the word “choices” in this context, although that is apt as well. Alignment encompasses far more however.

It’s not what you choose to do, it’s how you think before you even choose to do it.

What vibration are you on? What frequency?

Meditate on this and then make it a point to learn the elemental essences of natural objects. Peek behind the curtain, you’ll be surprised what you find.

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