Become a Vibrant Person

How to Become a Vibrant Person Naturally

A vibrant person is someone who is following their inner purpose. They have a healthy positive mindset and they shine with an inner light that can’t be doused by mundane problems.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live according to our purpose and go through each day with this kind of “take life by the horns” mentality?

Unfortunately, many struggle with doubt and anxiety. They aren’t sure of their destiny and feel as though they are walking blindly in the dark when it comes to such matters.

The assumption is that one day something will change or that you will magically be “shown the way.” All the doubt will be gone and you will undergo a spiritual change, like a caterpillar transforming into a mystical butterfly.

Actually, that’s not how it works. If you are waiting around for a light to shine in your life, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

Energy Says A Lot
Cultivate inner vibrancy, and it will shine through. A high vibration person has a warm and magnetic feel to them, a signal that they are in control of their energy.

This resource will explain how you need to cultivate your own light, and why this is such an important part of your inner journey.

High Vibration Comes From Within

There are two ways to live your life.

One is to assume that the world owes you something and that your success, mood, and peace of mind are supposed to come from outside of your Self.

The other way is to understand that the world owes you nothing and that all of your prosperity, your mindset, mood, and everything else must be generated from within.

Low vibration and high vibration. Weakness and strength. Delusion and wisdom.

Your mindset in these matters is crucial. What you “believe” plays a very large role in what you experience.

If you long to find happiness and go through each day wondering when it will finally be “your chance” at success and joy, you are setting your Self up for failure.

As long as you believe that you have no ability to cultivate your own happiness, you won’t be able to find it. Sure, you may encounter brief periods of mental and emotional respite, but these are technically lulls in what is otherwise an ego-driven mania.

To become a vibrant person, you have to learn how to generate your own positive vibration. People are always the source of their own light. It can come from no other source.

The first step is realizing that the power to be positive and happy is always inside of you. It may sound like a platitude, but it’s the truth.

There is an entire branch of modern quack psychology that wants you to believe that you absolutely need pills and therapy just to be happy if you have experienced trauma.

This is not only physically disingenuous, it’s mentally and emotionally unsound, and completely untrue from the standpoint of etheric science and hermetics.

Here are some quick facts about the mind:

  • Your mind and emotions are their own energy. This energy exists outside the physical body, in what is known as the mental and emotional sheathes. These are essentially parts of your energy body, or etheric body.
  • The brain doesn’t “create” thoughts and emotions, it acts as a filter and relay station.
  • Chemical imbalances in the body (especially in the gut) negatively impact the way your brain is able to regulate the mind and emotions. This can lead to depressive states and false memories.
  • Ultimately, you can use your mind to influence the health of your body and emotions. Negative emotions can also stress out the body and cause it harm. A healthy body can facilitate in a healthy mind through discipline and proper neurological firing. Everything is connected.
  • You can “cure” any trauma by releasing your attachment to it, allowing your etheric body to process the energy and release it.
  • We are designed to be in full control of our mind and emotions. If you “feel” emotions you don’t like or think thoughts that don’t help you succeed, it is because you are allowing it.

Many of these truths run contrary to mainstream lines of psychological thought. That is because most mainstream psychological practice is a sham.

You can train the mind to focus on higher ideals and hold a more positive mindset, and this will essentially improve the frequency of your entire energy body, or aura.

The result is inner peace and a more vibrant, loving personality that is genuinely happy.

Natural Ways to Become a Vibrant Person

Without wading too deep into esoteric concepts, what are some easy and reliable methods to become a more vibrant individual that you can start practicing right now?

There are actually numerous ways to live a vibrant high vibration lifestyle. One of the biggest secrets when it comes to finding happiness is that it is always close at hand. You can become that beautiful, dynamic, powerful, successful individual anytime.

All it takes is a mindset shift.

You accomplish this shift in the way you think by developing healthy habits. Over time, these habits discipline your mind toward better ways of thinking and interpreting the world around you. This also has the added benefit of reducing your ego and helping you establish a stronger connection with your inner Self.

Never Hold Onto Grudges

Vibrant people aren’t caught up on the past or people that have supposedly “wronged them.” Even when it comes to situations that were genuinely bad, there’s literally no point in holding grudges, being vengeful, or being hung up on the experience. It happened, and you have to move past it.

Grudges lock you into a mental and emotional prison of your own making, which not only lowers your vibration, it can hinder you from living a fruitful life.

Practice Patience

A healthy mindset is a patient one. If you feel yourself getting frustrated over mundane situations or mild inconveniences, it’s a sign you are working from a low vibration. Positive, vibrant individuals don’t let random circumstances alter their mood or frame of mind. Stillness of the mind leads to a calm and balanced interpretation of events, and better outcomes for everyone.

Work on Your Outlook

Are you generally a positive or negative person? Think about the way you speak and the kinds of jokes you make about yourself.

You can’t “fake” a vibrant lifestyle. If you act happy on the outside but are constantly putting yourself down on the inside or judging other people in your mind, this is what will manifest for you. Other people will be able to pick up on this lack of vibrancy and will respond to you accordingly.

Vibrant Energy
Positive energy is a crucial part of becoming a vibrant person. Having a healthy mindset is not only a form of self-care, it’s a form of self-mastery that is beneficial for creating a happy life.

Always desire to have a genuinely positive outlook on life. Keep in mind that negative circumstances are mere physical circumstances and don’t weigh on who and what you are.

Make Long-Term Plans

Most people who exude a vibrant aura are comfortable with where they are in life, and this is in large part due to having control over the future and a gameplan in terms of everything from relationships to finances.

If you aren’t thinking in the long-term with your life plans, you’re opening your Self up to negativity and chaos.

Most successful people think in spans of years, not weeks or months. Not only does this kind of planning help give structure to your day, thereby releasing stress and background noise in your mind, it also helps in matters of manifestation. By consciously creating plans for the future, you are literally planting the seeds for a better life.

Know Your Worth

A vibrant person is someone who is not afraid to show the world who they are. They know that they are powerful, intelligent, and have something to offer the world.

This also includes taking care of your personal space, valuing your time and energy, removing toxic people from your life, and making decisions that are healthy and that truly benefit you.

If you know your worth, you don’t waste time with people that will hinder your growth. You also don’t make decisions that could compromise what you are building.

Treat Your Body Right

Maintaining a high vibration isn’t just about having the right mindset. Certain physical activities do have a powerful impact on the state of our being.

These include eating an alkaline diet, getting plenty of sleep, getting enough sunlight, and engaging in physical discipline that tones and sculpts your body.

There’s no substitute for sound health. Remember, everything is connected. You can’t neglect the health and wellness of your body and expect to have some kind of sage-like mind that is able to exude vibrancy. True health is holistic, and covers the body, mind, and emotions has one whole.

You Can Make Life-Affirming Changes Anytime

There’s no right time to start living vibrantly. In fact, the more “down and out” you feel, the more you need to work on your mindset and start making a lifestyle shift.

Remember that it’s highly unlikely that your life is just going to shift to a better place on its own, without you playing your part.

What you see on the outside is always a reflection of what’s inside.

Being a vibrant person naturally leads to a better life, because the energy you put into the world comes back to you. In other words, genuinely happy people create a world that reaffirms their happiness.

The opposite is true, as well. A negative person who hates themselves or is upset with the world will continue to place themselves in situations that affirm this reality.

You have the ability to make impactful changes to your life anytime, but you are the catalyst. Begin by working on the lifestyle tips listed above and cultivate a positive mindset. In time you will grow into a higher vibration and a better life will begin to unfold around you. 

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