Empower everyone around you

How to Empower Everyone Around You

You have the ability to empower others through your words, thoughts, and actions.

This transference of energy is essential for building a better world. You have the ability to empower everyone around you, and you should.

The Path of lightbringers, wingmakers, and sages has always been one of elevation.

We are called to light the way for others so that they too may shine. This is how we heal the world around us and process karma at the same time.

If you are interested in empowering others and creating a positive space in your life, this guide will help you on your journey.

The Art of Spreading Positive Energy

If you want to know how to empower others with your energy, first it might help to better understand what “energy” is in this context.

When sages and mystics speak about energy, what they are usually referring to is any kind of subtle force that vibrates higher than the visible electromagnetic spectrum.

This includes thought, emotion, and etheric energy.

If you are not familiar with the way in which the world around us is formed, refer to the chart below.

Planes of ExistenceBeing positive is not simply about “moods” or “vibes.” There are palpable forces at work whenever you think, feel, and act.

Thoughts are things, and every time you “think” a certain way, you generate energy that is “programmed” or imbued with your intent.

This energy is the fabric of what builds are world.

Each one of us is co-creating our collective space at all times, so the quality of your thoughts is extremely important. More so than you can possibly realize.

Negative thought creates negatively-charged energy, which transposes onto the physical world and manifests as misfortune, calamity, disease, bad luck, and turmoil.

This is the nature of reality. We have a great deal over the quality of our personal space, as well as the ability to help create a better world for others.

Positive or negative energy can be transferred to other people and spaces.

You may know what it feels like to walk into a room full of negative energy. There may not even be any physical cues that would indicate that something is amiss, but there is a pressure in the air that creates a pit in your stomach, and a certain dull electricity in the air that makes you inwardly cringe.

To understand the movements of subtle energy is to fully grasp the reality of how the world works. Everything around us is controlled and determined by this energy, it is the blueprint of all matter.

Spreading positive energy is not difficult, but it helps to see what is happening behind the scenes. You’re not just trying to cheer people up with an infectious mood or hoping they laugh at your corny jokes. Empowering others happens at the core of our being, in the mind and etheric body.

One of the key secrets to empowering others is not being afraid to spread positive energy. You have to let go of your hangups and let your inner identity shine through.

Empowering Others
You have to be willing to let your light shine through if you seriously want to empower others.

Nothing is ever gained by crafting an outward persona that is bottled up and crotchety. This is your ego trying to protect itself from further harm.

If you want to be of service to others, you have to let these toxic protection mechanisms go.

You set the best example for others by embodying what you want to impart to them. You must be a vehicle of positivity to best spread this energy to other people.

Easy Ways to Empower Others

The good news is, you don’t have to become a guru or shaman just to utilize your energy or empower the people around you. All it takes is retraining your mindset and practicing a few simple empowerment techniques.

  • When complementing others, focus on them and how they impact you, and not superficial traits. Instead of saying “that new dress looks nice,” say “you’re glowing today,” or “just being around you makes me feel amazing.” This way they learn to associate good outcomes with who they are instead of what they do.
  • Don’t feed into negativity, work to diffuse instead. If someone starts beating themselves up, don’t agree with them. Offer a positive and more accurate alternative, and do so in a light and positive manner that honors them instead of reprimanding them.
  • If you look someone in the eyes, smile shortly after.
  • Never downplay someone’s innocent hobbies and interests.
  • Never get frustrated or angry with someone if they refuse your advice or help. Give people their space, and do so joyously.
  • Celebrate other people’s accomplishments as if they were your own, but never steal their spotlight. The best friends are those who make you feel as you won a race together but you are still the one who (rightfully) gets all the glory.
  • Be mindful of your proximity to others. Learn to read the air. Most people who need encouragement crave feeling as though you want them in your space, and likewise feel slighted and hurt if you unconsciously step away from them.
  • Don’t cosign another person’s negativity. If your friend is talking bad about someone behind their back, steer the conversation in a different direction or bring the focus back on them. The ego is looking for confirmation on its behavior, never give in, as this takes away an individual’s true power.
  • Be understanding of others’ misfortunes, but don’t entertain energy vamping or emotional extortion. For the benefit of others, steer them away from pity plays and emotionalism. Constantly tell them they are strong and that they can handle what they are going through, and encourage them to “get their mind off things” with meditation, a night out, exercise, or hobbies.
  • Offer your wisdom free of charge and without expecting anything in return.
  • Don’t let your own problems and hangups ruin the mood of another person. If you feel that urge to bring down the energy of a room or play the pity card, take a step back and reassess your purpose. You are here to bring light to others, and by doing so you will make yourself feel better as well.
  • No one likes a nag. Say what you must, do so with purpose and hold no attachment to the outcome.
  • Do meaningful activities together. Yoga, meditation, gardening, hiking, reading, doesn’t matter. Personal enrichment creates powerful positive energy that can be shared among those with a connection.
  • Practice spatial awareness. The more aware you are of what is around you, and the more balanced your energy is, the better use you will be in service to others.
  • Don’t be afraid to use mudras around your friends and family. Mudras are special hand sigils developed mostly for the purpose of directing your own energy, but can act on the subconscious minds of others and even direct energy to them if used properly. Encourage your friends to use the Namaste mudra in greeting or departure, and the Prithivi mudra to signal to them, a common practice among mystics.
  • Encourage everyone around you to practice gratitude, and be grateful yourself.

None of these techniques is necessarily difficult or expensive, and practicing them on a regular basis could very well transform the world around you.

Empower Others Through Your Actions, Not Your Words

Your primary focus when being a light for others is to show them the way with your own actions. Never be a “do what I say, not what I do” kind of person, as this rarely accomplishes anything substantial and could even create karmic backlash for you.

Instead, practice self-empowerment and live your wisdom. You understand the flow of energy and how you co-create your space, so use this knowledge wisely and apply it to your own life. As others see what you are accomplishing, they will be more apt to follow suit, or at least listen to you.

The other point here is not to become attached to the idea of helping people. Don’t make it a part of your identity, as this is just another level of control and limitation.

Whether someone is empowered or not through your actions is not what matters, as you cannot control the choice of another. By showing them the door however and giving them the space and the opportunity to grow, you do them a great service and in turn, generate an incredible amount of positive energy.

This is what you are striving toward.

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