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How to Join the Alliance

The crypto space is continuously evolving, and with these new innovations come new ways to make money.

A new – and quite impressive – DeFi platform known as Utopia may feature one of the best systems yet for making money with crypto. Here we will dive into some of the specifics and how investors stand to gain from joining the Alliance.

Utopia Alliances – A Better Way to Make Money With Crypto

For those of us entrenched in the DeFi scene, the ins and outs of DEX protocols, auto-compounders, borrowing and lending platforms, and nodes are virtually second nature to us. However, for the vast majority of crypto investors that still know very little about DeFi, this stuff is a very real barrier to entry.

Retail investors crave the simplicity and straightforward nature of centralized trading platforms like Coinbase and Binance. Clean user interfaces, easy to understand options, and simple graphics and on-screen information that clearly displays the health of an investment.

DeFi as a whole is cloaked in obscurity, and this includes one of the fundamental aspects of DeFi: LP farming.

Utopia, a new DeFi protocol from the team behind, may help simplify DeFi and make it approachable for a brand new audience.

One of the key features Utopia offers is frictionless LP farming. Users will be able to easily swap to and invest in tokens that represent LP positions, without the need to create liquidity pairs or manage a never-ending list of pools.

Just straightforward crypto investing.

Another convenient aspect of Utopia is that you don’t even need to harvest the tokens you farm and sell them off to stables or other tokens in order to see a profit – the Utopia token is designed specifically to accrue in value. Users can simply hold without having to navigate the complexities that come with yield farming – perfect for those who don’t have the time to live and breathe crypto but who still want to benefit from the innovations of DeFi.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the new Utopia protocol, however, is the Alliance.

Utopia Alliance
A streamlined crypto affiliate program integrated right into the Utopia protocol.

This unique crypto affiliate marketing system will allow investors to onboard new users and get rewarded with a portion of the harvest fees generated from those users.

Members of the Alliance will even be able to reward their own referrers with airdrops, creating a positive feedback loop that will bring more people into the ecosystem and retain them.

This isn’t the first time affiliate marketing and crypto have come together. The DRIP Network and similar offshoots are a good example, as are the basic affiliate partnership programs offered by many of the major exchanges.

Where the Alliance differs is that there is promising DeFi functionality backing up the affiliate network, a protocol with a real use case. DeFi, simplified.

With Utopia’s slick UI and the potential for consistent, stable gains not unlike what investors enjoy in Coinbase, it’s clear how important – and beneficial – the Alliance will be.

So how do you join? Just click the image below – as soon as Utopia goes live, this link will take you directly to the Alliance page, where you can get your affiliate link and begin building your network.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing System
Click Here to Enter Utopia

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

There are plenty of ways to make money with crypto, some more lucrative than others.

One lesser-known but very effective way happens to be through crypto affiliate programs.

The entire crypto scene is still in its infancy, and onboarding new users / investors is the primary concern of most serious projects.

Much like any product, buyers don’t just fall out of the sky. First they must be reached and then they must be educated.

Blockchain as a whole finds itself in a massive outreach phase, as the average person knows very little about crypto. They may have heard of Bitcoin – but that might be the extent of their knowledge on the subject.

Marketing then becomes incredibly important. However, due to the nature of crypto, not just any marketing will work.

Most crypto investors want to feel as though they are a part of something – a project with a vision that is backed by utility. At the very least, a strong community that works together to support the project is a must, at least in the eyes of most investors.

This is where affiliate programs come in.

Most of the major crypto platforms have utilized some form of affiliate marketing to date, including big names like Coinbase and Binance. Incentivized marketing conducted by actual users of the platform – it doesn’t get more effective than that.

While affiliate programs across eCommerce and crypto enjoy varying degrees of success, it can’t be argued that affiliate marketing as a whole persists because it is effective.

Those ignorant of the intent behind affiliate marketing are quick to judge, and may even believe that such systems are scammy or dishonest, when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The more people that join crypto and become educated on how to invest, and the more people who participate in crypto in general, the better it is for all of us – on multiple fronts.

In the same way that an affiliate marketer’s job is to connect a product with the consumers the product is most suited for, crypto affiliate marketers onboard new users onto the platforms or systems that are best suited for a particular demographic as well.

For instance the user base of a CEX is vastly different than, say, an NFT project. Both have their use cases and both have their proper potential demographics. However, neither will grow without outreach.

Becoming an Active Participant in Your Own Investment

Although many of us are in crypto for the “passive income,” ask anyone who makes a lot of money and they are likely to tell you that there is truly no such thing as passive income – at least not in the sense most people think.

Regardless of what your intentions are, you should approach the idea of making money with that of providing value.

A greedy or lazy mindset that puts you in an expectant role, where you think money will fall out of the sky, is unhealthy and counterproductive.

I’m a big believer in being an active participant in your own investment.

This means:

  • Supporting the projects and communities you are a part of
  • Actively keeping after your investments and re-allocating your positions based on new information if necessary
  • Continuously learning about your area of interest so that you are always ahead of the game
  • Helping others out by sharing your wisdom and skills
  • Onboarding new members into your community and supporting them in their journey

If you provide value, value will return to you in some form or another. It’s simple energy dynamics.

That being said, this perspective isn’t always shared by everyone, and it’s a shame.

We should all be active participants in our own investments. This not only helps build the community and project you are a part of, but also ensures that you also stay educated about what you are invested in.

An affiliate system that is represented on chain in the sense that Alliance members will partake in what is essentially protocol revenue share – this is an ingenious way to foster growth and build a user base.

Anyone reading who is not familiar with marketing and affiliate marketing specifically, might have mixed feelings about it, and that’s understandable. However, there is a reason why nearly all serious eCommerce brands, for instance, have affiliate programs.

It works.

Affiliate systems leverage the strongest asset any brand has: their own community. They help spread the word and sell products, and get rewarded for it.

Again, simple energy dynamics.

Those who understand how money moves and who are interested in growing not only their network of connections but their wealth understand that affiliate marketing is powerful.

Affiliate marketing backed by a reputable product or service that is actually worth buying – now we’re talking.

It’s Time to Enter Utopia

The COMB team have put together what looks like a winning formula.

Bear market or not, it looks like Utopia could indeed be the next evolution of DeFi, or at least a huge step in the right direction toward mass adoption and legitimacy.

After taking a thorough look at the ideas that went into the formation of the Utopia protocol, it looks quite promising.

This new era of innovation will not come to fruition, however, unless we’re all working together to support good projects that have a forward-minded vision.

Utopia seems to embody this, with the “complexity, simplified” approach, the goal is to attract investors from each corner of the crypto space, including those who would not ordinarily want anything to do with DeFi.

That is a winning mentality.

Want to know more about Utopia and their crypto affiliate program? Click here to join their Discord.

Stay up to date with Comb by following them on Twitter.

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