Protect Your Energy

How to Protect Your Energy

Managing your energy and personal space is an important part of living abundantly and being aligned with your Purpose. If you constantly allow negativity and chaos to disrupt your flow, you will go through life fatigued, depressed, anxious, and on edge.

To protect your energy, you need to be mindful of the people you allow into your space, the conversations you engage in, and the thoughts that you entertain.

In this guide, I will cover proven ways to control the flow of energy around you.

Why You Need to Protect Your Energy
You are in charge of your space. Learn to set up boundaries and create a place for positivity to thrive.

Why We Need to Protect Our Energy

Everything in life boils down to energy. The subtle forces that are all around us determine quality of life and the circumstances that we face.

If you allow negativity into your life in the form of low-quality thoughts or chaotic individuals, the results of this energy will radiate out into other parts of your life.

Often, the results of not protecting your energy properly are immediate. Allowing an unfortunate situation to put you in a bad mood, conversing with an energy vampire, making poor decisions.

The energies around us are in constant movement, and will shift according to what you allow and invite into your life.

A good mood or emotional high can be ruined in an instant if you allow a negative person into your space.

A streak of “good luck” can be hampered by doubts and fearful actions.

What may seem like random events that are out of our control may actually be the end result of our lack of responsibility when it comes to energy management.

You have to take responsibility at all times for what goes on around you.

Many of these kinds of guides on warding and energy protection paint the world inaccurately, and make it seem as though there are all these negative forces “out there” trying to undermine your energy, so you need spells, prayers, crystals, and mantras to block and push all of these forces away.

What these guides fail to mention is that we are the catalysts of the energy that surrounds us.

If you want to protect your energy and peace of mind, you first have to take full responsibility for the way in which you manage your life. You can’t expect to live an abundant life while simultaneously playing host to energy vampires or allowing poor decisions to destroy what you are building. That is spiritual self-sabotage.

The art of energy protection is actually a branch of self-mastery. It is a skillset that involves being aware of your thoughts and actions and what we allow into our lives. By doing so, you create a lifescape that is full and vibrant, and aligned with purpose.

How to Protect Your Energy Effectively

There are very specific techniques you can use to manage the energy around you properly. By following some of the tips outlined below, you will enjoy a greater peace of mind and will notice that your life will begin to feel more positive and abundant.

Set Boundaries With Other People

One of the key parts of protecting your energy is knowing who to allow into your space.

On the etheric level, we are all energy bodies. Our energies are constantly intermingling as we near one another. The human aura contains several biofields that extend several feet outside of your physical body, and this subtle energy can influence mood and thoughts at a distance.

Sey Boundaries with People
Setting Boundaries with people can be massive for your mental and emotional health. Not everyone is vibrating at your level or is on the same path as you. Understand the importance of controlling who has access to your time and energy.

However, we all have freethinking conscious minds and have the ability to control our own energy and the way it makes us feel. It is not only your responsibility to control who you allow into your life, but how the energies of other people affect you.

Simply be cutting out toxic people from your life or keeping certain troublemakers at arm’s length, you can significantly improve your quality of life.

Stand Up For Yourself

Do not allow yourself to become a doormat.

Low vibration people, energy vampires, and narcissists are constantly trying to find ways to quite literally suck the life out of other people. They do this on an unconscious level, because once the chakras turn counterclockwise, a human become an energy vortex. This means that they can no longer sustain themselves and generate energy, to subsist, they must draw it from other people and the environment around them.

These people will eat you alive if you let them, and they are everywhere.

To protect your energy, you have to stand tall, face down others, and leverage your force of will. Let your “no” mean no and make sure the people in your life understand that you are not to be messed with.

The Wise Ones say to “walk upon the earth gently, but suffer no transgressions.”

This means, you should be mindful of your behavior and seek to be gentle and compassionate in all that you do, but those who attempt to dominate or control your energy need to be handled accordingly. You would be surprised how gentle a deer can be until you threaten their space.

Practice Mindfulness Regularly

This should go without saying. To protect your peace of mind, you have to actually be mindful.

Learn to incorporate mindfulness practice into your daily routine. The more self-aware you are of your own energy, the better you can control and protect it.

Create Sacred Spaces

The space around you should be cultivated to encourage mindfulness and positive energy. This not includes you social sphere, but the objects you keep in your home, the stuff you digest on social media, the music you listen to, and the hobbies you are interested in.

It’s difficult to maintain a harmonious life if you constantly binge on negativity and your home is cluttered and of a low vibration.

Cultivate the spaces around you as if your entire life were a garden.

Ground Yourself

If your energy is off balance it will be hard to control. Get outside and practice grounding whenever possible.

The process of connecting with the Earth and aligning your energy to a more natural and positive vibration will give you a good starting point toward maintaining the quality of your energy.

Focus on You and Your Mission

Stop worrying about what other people are doing.

Gossip is a low vibration behavior. If you are supporting others, there’s no reason to be thinking about them.

Obsessing over others, judging what they do, and mulling over how they perceive you are all signs of an energy leak. You are mismanaging your mindset and giving your energy away for nothing.

This is also a sign of an overdeveloped ego.

Protect your energy by focusing on your mission. What are your goals, what are you building, what are you trying to achieve in life. How are you making your Self better. Forget what other people are doing, including friends, family, and your spouse or significant other.

To cultivate your energy, you need to understand how to place your Self as the center of your universe.

Stop Entertaining Negativity

You can’t live abundantly if you allow negativity into your life.

A low vibration mindset will quite literally undermine your existence and cause you nothing but chaos and pain.

To manage your energy properly, you need to disavow negativity in your life.

No, negativity isn’t “healthy sometimes,” or “useful.” Mental health quackery like this will destroy you.

Don’t become so obsessed with shadow work that you become the shadow.

There’s a reason why the happiest people on the planet are those who have learned to overcome the ego and leave negative thoughts and emotions behind completely. They don’t serve you are your mission.

Not Everything is a Crisis

Be mindful of how you react. Not everything warrants a response.

To manage your energy and protect it properly, you need to be careful what you expend your energy on.

Learn to keep your energy and awareness inward, and extend them only if the situation calls for it.

Watch What You Think
Thought management is essential for protecting your energy. Every negative thought you entertain is like an invitation to unfortunate events and toxic people to enter your life.

Examples of circumstances that never warrant emotional responses:

  • Being stuck in line
  • Noise or abrupt loud sounds
  • Being stuck in traffic
  • Noticing a change in weather
  • Cancelling plans at the last minute
  • Dropping a glass
  • Forgetting an appointment

These mundane occurrences are dross background noise. If you allow them to “affect you” somehow, you are throwing your peace of mind away for free. 

Watch What You Think

Similarly, you need to be aware of what you think about in general.

What most of us fail to realize is that what happens in your mind is far more important than what happens around you physically, when it comes to your quality of life.

If all you do is complain inside of your head, what kind of life do you think you are going to lead?

Protecting your energy means careful thought-gardening.

There is this idea that as long as you “act” good, you’re gravy.

That’s not how energy works. 

There’s a reason why spiritual traditions emphasize what is in your heart and mind as being crucial to “pleasing God.” This is a primitive understanding of karma and the movement of energy.

Your thoughts can and will destroy you and will sabotage your life if you let them. To protect your energy, you must think positive and healthy thoughts.

In other words, you have to shift your mindset and become a genuinely positive person.

If you are a sarcastic, miserable asshole inside of your head, life will meet you accordingly. This is hermetic law and cannot be circumvented.

Keep Your Vibration High

All of these steps are different variations of the same theme: keeping your Self at a high vibration.

This means being mindful enough to invite in only positive energy and experiences and blocking incoming negativity.

By practicing mindfulness and being proactive about the company you keep and the choices you make, you will be able to protect your energy with ease.

Tips for maintaining a high vibration:

  • Eat as healthy as possible
  • Get plenty of sleep every night
  • Don’t hold grudges or allow your past to define your actions
  • Keep a “building” mindset rather than a “tear down” mindset
  • Audit your thoughts and emotions on a regular basis. If they don’t serve you, lose them
  • Exercise regularly
  • Interact with strong positive bodies of energy on a regular basis: large animals, trees, bodies of water

Wards, Crystals, Mudras, and Other Advanced Ways to Protect Your Energy

Once you have a healthy mindset and understand how important it is to manage your thoughts and actions, you can begin to experiment with advanced ways to improve and balance your energy.

There are quite a few time-honored tools and techniques for energy protection that have been used by sages for thousands of years. I’ve highlighted a few of the more common ones below.


Warding can be performed in several different ways. Essentially, a ward is an energy barrier, programmed with specific intent.

A ward can be created using powerful objects like crystals, or be generated through sheer force of will.

The duration and size of a ward can vary drastically. Hanging garlic in doorways is an ancient technique that is fairly effective for deterring some kinds of negative energy bodies. The aura of garlic happens to be rather sizable and potent.

You can create a stronger ward by placing quartz crystals, programmed with your intent, on either side of a doorway.

A ward can be generated on the spot, using hand gestures (mudras), words of power, and intent. “Crossing yourself” is a kind of ward.

Using the Power of Crystals for Protection

Crystals naturally generate subtle energy and can be easily programmed, which is one of the reasons why they are perhaps the most commonly used magickal tool. It’s also why crystals are originally utilized in jewelry.

Wearing crystals for protection can balance can help you manage your energy more effectively.

Keeping large hunks of quartz or rose quartz in your home can help provide subtle energy purification benefits.

Fire as a Form of Protection

Summoning the big guns, if you feel as though your energy has been disrupted against your will of if you need a powerful mental reset, fire is always a reliable tool.

Using Candles For Positive Energy
Fire is transformative and help purify a space on the subtle level. You can use candles to control the energy around you and foster an atmosphere of positivity and peace.

Surrounding yourself with white candles and meditating with fire at length and help dispel chaotic thoughts and return you to a place of balance.

The energy of fire quite literally purifies and balances energies, so if you feel as though your space is negative and needs to be righted, smudging or lighting candles or incense are always a solid solution.

Keeping Your Energy Sacred and Balanced

By protecting your energy and holding it sacred, you will amplify your quality of life and simply make things flow better around you.

Don’t overthink the process of energy protection. Take stock of the people in your life and the thoughts that you allow inside your head and often by making a few quick small changes in these departments you can take great strides to protecting your personal energy.

Mindfulness, earthing, and using tools like crystals and candles should be used only once you have fixed the obvious, glaring issues.

You will notice that once you begin being proactive when it comes to managing your energy, life events will more often fall into place for you and in general, you will enjoy greater peace of mind.

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