Use Your Phone as a Wand

How to Use Your Phone as a Wand (Technomancy Guide)

Anything with the proper shape and made out of the right material can conduct and direct energy.

Therefore, it can be used as a wand (or athame).

Despite being decidedly unnatural and nothing like a tree branch, mobile phones actually make halfway decent wands, if you know what you are doing.

Why would you ever need to know this?

Well, why not?

First of all, if you haven’t before developed your skills in the Craft, or have only dabbled, there has never been a better time to follow the Path.

Learning how to align with nature, harness your energies, meditate, and heighten your awareness has numerous benefits for your quality of life. In fact it will downright transform you.

Second, more and more people are discovering that technomancy is a branch of the Path that calls to them, which makes sense if you think about it. The technology around us is dominating our lives.

Knowing how to use it for better ends is a mark of the self-aware.

Which bring us to the topic at hand: how your mobile phone can double as a wand.

To understand why, we must first answer the question: what exactly is a wand, anyway?

The Wand: A Sage’s Tool of Summoning and Sorcery

The usage of wands, in one form or another, date back to the very dawn of human civilization. There are depictions of wands (and staves) being used in ceremonial and magickal purposes in some of the earliest carvings and paintings, from cultures all over the world.

A wand is any long thin object that due to its shape and composition, is well suited for calling down, summoning, or casting energy.

Unlike the athame, or blade, wands are typically less useful in matters of gathering, storing, cutting, and directing energy. Wands, on the other hand, traditionally have a “gentle touch” that enables them to manifest large sums of energy or “cast” energy is bigger, more indirect volumes.

Both ritual tools are used for the controlling of subatomic energy, but their shape and composition dictates what they are suited for.

In many matters, these tools can be exchanged with one another. Indeed, in some traditions and periods of history, athames in general were rarely used for anything but magickal combat, with wands being used for the great bulk of all magickal matters.

Many beginners in the Craft find that energy is easier to direct and circles are easier to construct and control with an athame.

Also, it should be noted that a majority of the uses for an athame can actually be accomplished with a finger or two and nothing more, whereas most tasks that require a wand necessitate some kind of energy conductor.

Wands, then, are a tool of summoning, which is something of a difficult task to do with fingers alone.

They are traditionally made of either wood or crystal, the former being far more common than the latter.

This is because, crystals tend to be very elemental specific, so each crystal wand tends to have limited and specific uses.

A wooden wand on the other hand tends to be a clear channel conductor of energy, meaning that the element of the wood barely influences the nature of the energy conducted with it.

This is important for the many uses a wand has in its lifetime.

Specifically, the body of most wands tend to be whole branches of trees or woody plants, not merely carved from a hunk of trunk. This is because the branches of trees have the perfect composition for conducting energy.

Trees by their very nature are massive and efficient energy conductors. Each tree is like a subatomic power station, gathering, generating, and conducting energy every second of every day.

You could liken the branch of a tree to an electrical circuit as well as a metaphysical blood vein. Energy is quite literally designed to gather into them and traverse their length.

Tree Branch Wand Circuit

The length, shape, thickness, and kind of wood all play a part in how well a wand may conduct energy. Some woods are not great at conducting energy at all, in comparison to the good ones.

For example, unless you had a specific purpose for it, you typically wouldn’t use a blueberry, hydrangea, or banana wood wand.

Powerful wand woods examples include ash, willow, and oak to name a few.

Wands aren’t always made of wood or crystal however.

Metal wands were not unheard of throughout history. Small staves of bronze, iron, and even steel did exist in the ancient world, usually fashioned into scepters.

There were jade and marble wands as well.

Odd objects can even double as a wand. For example, a sword or a crowbar could potentially be used as a wand.

Keeping in mind that a sword is merely a large athame in the right hands.

But what of mobile phones? What makes them potential candidates for wands?

The Components of a Mobile Phone

It might be difficult to believe because we are used to thinking of mobile phones as just “hunks of metal” that are melting our brains with Facebook and cat videos, but the fact is, every one of them is packed with rare minerals and metals.

Even cheaper phones have a surprisingly high amount of precious metals and rare elements in them.

This is because the newer technology involved with microprocessors, circuit boards, lithium batteries, and touch screens, all involve the use of precious metals.

Even gold.

Yes, there is gold in your cell phone.

If you aren’t familiar with the power of such elements, here’s a quick breakdown.

Many pure metals and other elements are high conductors of energy. It was for this reason that they originally became prized in the ancient world.

Silver, gold, platinum, iron, cobalt, chromium, copper, and lithium? This is Alchemy 101.

Gold was highly sought after originally because of its medicinal properties and its ability to conduct energy, not because it looked pretty.

Iron, while not worth much in and of itself, conducts energy well. Same with copper.

Many pure metals and high quality alloys simply conduct subatomic energy well. No getting around it. 

When you create a circuit with these materials, and give the thing a battery, what you forge on the subatomic plane is nothing less than a home-grown energy conductor.

In many respects, they are superior than many base metal wands, and can even give some wooden ones a run for their money.

Wooden wands tend to be more reliable as energy “filters,” which means they are better at ensuring the potency and intent of energy. They are also better, in general, at pairing with subatomic intent.

What this means is, our subconscious doesn’t always recognize an object like a mobile phone as having magickal qualities.

It is our ability to teach the subconscious that it can direct energy through power of will that energy conducting works at all. This is more a fault of our minds rather than the phones themselves, but it’s something to think about.

Such is the nature of technomancy though. It really is only for people that feel an affinity for modern day technology and can align themselves with it without letting it cloud their mind and intent.

Using Technology to Direct Energy

In the deeper circles of hermetics, there is actually a fairly long tradition of using man-made technology to harness and direct energy.

Look around at the ancient world. A majority of the large megaliths scattered around the globe were designed to “pull” energy from the ground, or from the air, depending on the shape and size.

Many large buildings have traditionally been constructed with energy generation in mind. This is one of the “secrets” (it’s not really a secret but considered generally occult knowledge) of the Freemasons is that constructing edifices out of certain materials, in certain proportions, in particular shapes, and in the right location, turns the entire thing into a kind of energy generator.

Louvre Crystal Pyramid
The Louvre sports a massive crystal pyramid that naturally draws energy.
Buenos Aires Obelisk
The Washington Monument? No. This is another modern obelisk, situated in the heart of Buenos Aires. All such structures are based on the ancient Egyptian design, and are phallic symbols that draw massive amounts of subtle energy to an area.

Churches, temples, pyramids, and other holy places were constructed with these guidelines in mind. These places to this day “feel” different. The energy or air is often dense, it’s very easy to get “chills” on the nape of your neck, to get goosebumps, get hot flashes, and to have “miraculous” healing and visions at such places.

This is due largely in part because of the way they are built, not because of any particular “god” or religious tradition.

Modern day digital technology would appear to have no connection to Masonic structures or spiritual wisdom, but nonetheless, they are incidentally suited for the task.

Mobile Phones fill a similar niche to that of wands, in that they are handheld and conduct energy relatively well. Another factor that works in their favor is that they are imbued with a lot of personal intent and significance.

For most people, their phone is hyper-personal. It is an extension of the self.

We keep our most important memories on our phones, write down our thoughts, share information of all kinds. We learn with them, grow with them.

Our modern day societal identities are shaped by what we do with our phones, and our phones likewise hold a lot of data that is tied to our identity, such as bank information.

To our subconscious minds, our phones are extremely important parts of our lives.

The feeling of reaching in your pocket and not finding your phone when you expect it to be there is something we can all relate to.

Typically this is considered a detriment, to be so attached to a physical object.

You have to learn how to control this kind of relationship on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and etheric.

If you do, you can harness this bond and use it to direct energy.

Performing Technomancy

Before getting started, it pays to invest in some meditative practices regarding your mobile phone.

Though you could immediately “jump in” and try using your phone as a wand, establishing mental bonds will go a long way in helping you achieve what you want.

You need to start focusing more on the “etheric” side of your phone rather than the physical.

An object’s nature isn’t always what it seems to be. The physical is just one “sheath” or part of any given object or living being.

Some objects, while apparently dead on the physical world, hold a sort of “proto-life” on the etheric.

Crystals are a perfect example of this.

On the physical plane, a crystal is just a combination of physical elements. It’s basically a kind of rock.

Yet their structure on the microscopic and subatomic levels reveal a different story.

A crystal is a geometric wonderland, a matrix of energy. Their unique structure on the subtle planes is what makes them so useful for collecting and directing energy.

A mobile phone is similar. On the etheric plane they hold a superstructure of energy due to the circuits and elements they are constructed out of.

You could view a phone on the etheric plane as a kind of crystal, or even magickal device.

The subconscious appreciates this kind of thinking. Suspend what you know about the physical and allow the deeper parts of your mind to connect with a less “scientific” understanding of the object.

You will come to understand the nature of the subconscious as fickle yet malleable, and if you know how to direct it, you will become potent indeed.

So meditation in this way helps your mind align with the idea of your phone as a wand.

Once you reach this point, you may want to cleanse the device.

Delete any useless or unwanted apps, clean the screen, and pass the entire device over smoke from burning sage. Any unscented candle will work in a pinch as well.

Do not, however, pass the device over magnets, as is a common and effective way of balancing and clearing energy for an athame.

Technomancy requires an understanding of energy pathing.

Your body holds and directs energy. So does a wand, or phone.

When using any kind of a wand, you want to “call down” or “bring forth” energy, through the catalyst, into the body, and back out through the catalyst. In some cases, you will use the catalyst, or wand, to “bring down” energy “before you,” and not into you. This means that the energy will be present in front of you, outside of your body.

This is different than the common use of an athame, which typically utilizes energy that you “raise up” from the ground or the well-spring of your own body, to direct “out” through the blade and into the universe.

These tools are exchangeable of course, but they excel at their respective roles.

Remember when performing any ritual or task with your phone, to view it from an etheric standpoint, that being a network or cluster of energy paths. A crystal, if you will.

You can “call down” energy most effectively by demanding it with a clear mind and pure intent. The energy will always go where you will it.

Your mobile device will aid you in the process because of the nature of its construction.

Learn basic wand movements to facilitate your mind and body in drawing or summoning forth energy.

  • When raised, small twirls or rotations of the wrist help the mind focus on “gathering” or “collecting”
  • When releasing energy that is stored, do so with a flick of the wrist
  • When punctuating an action, do so with one or two jabs or straight flicks in the direction of where you’re casting
  • Grand sweeping motions are appropriate when clearing energy or “wiping the slate.” This is also useful in dismissing the presence of sentient energy
  • A flick of the wrist toward your heart “brings energy inward,” useful for upping the level of your gathering potency
  • Turning the device outward, screen facing away, is a solid “demanding” stance, useful for gathering stubborn energy or focusing your intent
  • Starting from above your head, a wide sweeping S movement can be used for a complete cancellation of intent

These are some basic wand movements. As you progress with using your tool, you may learn of or develop more advanced techniques suitable for your work.

Useful Tricks With Mobile Phone Wands

You might have noticed that your phone has a screen, a keyboard, and apps, features sorely lacking from your average wand.

Once you advance in technomancy, you can indeed utilize these features in your Craft.

In fact, this is one of the main draws of technomancy as a branch or path of magick.

The ability to draw and write on the very tool you are working with posits a ton of possibilities.

For example, you could pour your intent into a rune or sigil that you draw right on the phone using a paint app, and then immediately send out the energy with a flourish once you are finished.

Not everyone carries an altar’s worth of tools with them at all times. The ability to draw a sigil and cast it on the fly is a useful one.

There are also videos and apps you can use for meditation purposes. You have access to an amazing variety of music, vibration videos, and even candle flames and guided meditations.

You can bring up pre-made colored screens to set ritual moods, or immediately look up the proper incantation to a spell, or even write one down on your phone as you develop it.

mobile phone imagination magick
You can do a lot with the tools a mobile phone offers. It is truly a vehicle or conduit for imagination and willpower.

The nature of techonomancy tends to be immediate in need. You analyze a situation, and if it is worthy of magickal intervention, you have the ability to work your magick on the spot.

Remember that it is your intent and the clarity of your will that creates the desired outcome. Through repeated use, a phone, like any magickal tool, may become almost like an etheric switchboard, controlling and guiding many facets of your reality.

It’s within your power to create an entire “system” of magick on your phone, propelling it far above what a typical wand can do.

You can keep dream journals, magickal recipes, photos of objects and people for magickal workings, moon and star charts, apps to aid in divination and meditation, and even entire books on the Craft.

The technology exists. Use it.

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