Implosion of Nuclear Society

The Implosion of the Nuclear Family

Current events as of the past few years has revealed the inevitable result of building a society around concepts and ideas that run contrary to nature. The idea of the nuclear family has always been steeped in patriarchy and has unequivocally proven to be an absolute failure.

Social Darwinism, speciesism, racism, greed, and narcissism are the backbone of patriarchal nuclear society.

Right now we’re collectively reaping the “benefits” of this unnatural way of life: backlash against common sense and science, money over morality, the destruction of the environment, rampant fear of “other” (be it sex, race, nationality, culture, etc.), and steadily encroaching fascism.

This is the same struggle we have been dealing with for the better part of the last 2000 years.

When you build a society around unnatural ideas and concepts, the inevitable result is fascism.

The very idea this old way of doing things promotes is fascist by nature, because it robs people of their power, promotes superstition over facts, and deals in arbitrary constructs like money, status, and the illusions of corporate or familial power.

Patriarchy Anger
The base state of the Patriarchal “man” is Anger, which is the lowest vibratory emotional state.

In other words, it’s a house of cards.

The current insanity and backlash we are seeing from the more conservative segments of society is testament enough to the errors of nuclear thinking. They know that we know they are full of nothing but hot air, and that’s what fuels them to perpetuate their myths all the harder.

Fear of Facts

There can be no question that we live in a fact-phobic culture right now. The president alone lies upwards to a dozen times daily on Twitter every single day, and he is an embodiment of a larger movement that absolutely abhors anything to do with truth, facts, or reality.

Even things as basic as the destruction of the environment can be called into question by these people.

Remember, when the foundation of your beliefs runs contrary to nature and the Natural Order, you can be made to believe anything.

There’s still grown adults walking around out there that don’t even know how taxes work, or that the government isn’t a separate entity from the people, it is the people.

We’re living in an age where ideas like the flat Earth actually have hundreds of thousands of supporters, and these people will get angry with you if you don’t accept that “their side” is legitimate.

This is because in the world of lies and delusions, we’re told that “all opinions matter.” This is the heart of the nuclear society, where anyone can be anything and facts don’t matter so long as you’re making money and “living the American dream.”

For the Aware, we could care less about opinions. Opinions are the playthings of narcissists.

What I’m concerned with are facts. Plain and simple observable facets of reality.

Any culture or society not built on facts is built to fail. This is what we’re seeing right now.

People who are detached from facts are essentially ineffectual puppets. You can be made to think or do anything as soon as you tell yourself “facts don’t matter.”

This is the delusion that meditation and self-mastery attempts to break.

But here’s the problem: we are currently dealing with an entire government and political machine that thinks facts are inconvenient.

You can always spot a true mouthpiece of the nuclear society when they need to defend against every last talking point that doesn’t agree with their narrative, just in a vain attempt to spin their own reality.

Politics has taken on the guise of a parody play, where stooges amble about, spouting nonsense that they desperately want everyone else to believe. They construct policy around this nonsense, however, and this is where things get dangerous.

This extreme backlash to facts is part of the growing evidence that this is truly the last gasp for the old nuclear format of society.

The fear of course comes from loss of control.

As more and more people wake up and begin to reconnect with nature and the primal ways of living that predate politics and religion, we are seeing a rising counter-movement to hold onto the delusions that sustain this society at all costs.

These people know that their ego-based constructs and livelihoods are at stake. What will they do when no one cares about the oil industry anymore? What will they do when they can no longer peddle in hate? What will happen when you can no longer make money off of racist rubes?

Everything they know and love will collapse.

The Myth of the Nuclear Family

Everything this society embodies can be summed up in the myth of the nuclear family.

Think about it, the stereotypical suburban household of a father, mother, two kids and a dog. This image is plastered everywhere in this society as the model to which we should all strive for, this almost glowing goal that guides our every action.

Schools are based around it, the economy is based around it, laws are based around it, relationships are based around it, parenting techniques are based around it. The “nuclear family” is truly the a societal representation of the problems we face as a species.

Why is that though. What is wrong with just a plain ‘ole family?

The point rests in what it represents. Something that the human species isn’t: patriarchal.

We have been brought up to believe that a dominant, angry father figure and a submissive wife with two obedient and servile children is just “the way things should be,” when in all actuality human nature doesn’t bare this out whatsoever.

Humans, much like the bonobo, are matriarchal. All ancient and even most recent native societies were chiefly matriarchal.

Men were by and large leaders of hunting parties at most, and were almost always the “outward” face of power in a community. The real power in ancient human societies always resided with the women.

While the men were out hunting, the women were quite literally running the ship. Raising the children in matriarchal “coven circles,” making tools and utensils, repairing clothing, planting seeds, cooking food, deciding the fate of the tribe.

Ancient human civilization is revealing in that it shows how communal we are. Just like the gorilla and bonobo, homo sapiens is an extremely communal species. Naturally, we are not prone to division, aggression, separation, racism, bigotry, and war.

These things are all taught to us, constructed for us. It’s all programming that we have to overcome if we are ever going to “right the ship” of our current society.

The nuclear family paints a rosy picture but hides mountains of corruption: constant threats, neglect, psychological abuse, narcissism, sexual abuse, ever-present invasions of privacy and lack of personal space, boundary-crossing (one of the Great Transgressions in Hermetics), lack of any spiritual structure, enforced powerlessness, internalized misogyny, fetishes, addictions, animal abuse, glorification of male dominance and aggression, bizarre obsessions with cultural and nationalistic rituals, rape, and even death.

Like it or not, this is the legacy of the nuclear family. It is a tale of acute narcissism and extortion, a means of perpetuating a broken, diseased system, nothing more.

People are waking up to this, and it’s making the “powers that be” rather angry.

You can see how just the notion of gay couples adopting children is seen as some kind of heinous crime, yet such things were extraordinarily commonplace in the ancient world and in native circles.

Children in natural environments are raised communally, not just by one mother and one father. Several extended family members, honorary mothers, and elders, take care of a child. This is how you encourage a healthy, supple mind that understands how to communicate and comprehend the world.

When you segregate a child and limit its interactions, you create the seeds of division and bigotry in its mind. This idea that children are like objects that you have rights over and control over (dominion) runs counter to the natural order of things, and is why so many people run into problems parenting.

Very few people actually know how to parent that doesn’t involve yelling, threats, physical violence, aggression, and psychological manipulation.

Imagine if you told the average parent that they could no longer yell at, threaten, hit, extort, lie, gaslight, tease, or show aggression toward their child? They wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. In fact, many of them would fold the first day.

The myth of the nuclear family has taught us that yes, yelling at kids, threatening them, hitting them extorting them, even systematically abusing them is okay, so long as you keep them under some kind of control and make them behave.

Think about how insane that is.

That is what nuclear society has given us.

The Nuclear Family Promotes Pedophilia

Information continues to pour out regarding nationwide and worldwide sex trafficking and pedophilia cults. Much of the framework for these sick behaviors and beliefs are made possible by the Patriarchal nuclear family model of society.

The Patriarchy is pedophillic in nature. The head, or father figure, demands unquestioning loyalty, uses violence and anger to maintain order, and creates the illusion of balance with misinformation, enforced labor, and domination.

As the masses become more attuned to feminine energy, pedophile cults will inevitably be exposed, because they are a part of the fascist framework that makes up our current society.

Human beings are communal animals by nature. All ancient societies, in one way or another, were communal. The idea of the nuclear family, with one father maintaining control over a wife and kids is a modern concept not rooted in nature or reality.

This theory has already been tested extensively of course. It takes a massive amount of artificial control to “maintain” a nuclear style family model. Untold amounts of domestic violence, emotional extortion, and sexual abuse has come from this artificial way of living. It has separated us not only from the Earth, but has robbed women of their autonomy.

Pedophile sex rings have long been an extension of the Patriarchy. Even now we’re wrestling as a society with men such as Trump and Epstein, who are bound in multiple layers of sex trafficking and fascism.

Most people think that Trump’s involvement with shady beauty pageants, walking in on young teens getting dressed, flirting with a little girl, touching his daughter inappropriately, and other behaviors are the exception. The idea is that Trump is a corrupt outlier, and not a common byproduct of our society.

In truth, so many low vibration individuals love Trump because he embodies their beliefs and feelings. Many of the men who support Donald Trump are pedophiles themselves. Many of his associates are also pedophiles, or have ties to the porn industry and pageant industry.


Trump’s perversions are not exceptions to the rule, they are the inevitable result of a society that throws away its connection with nature, and the natural balance of masculine and feminine energy. Pedophilia in this regard is both a manifestation of out-of-control patriarchal energy, and just another means of absorbing psychic energy.


The revelations that will be coming out are going to shatter many people’s worldviews. Those of us in the know understand that fascist men like Trump are mired in pedophilia, and they uphold the nuclear family structure.

What we’re seeing now is a worldwide rebuke of the nuclear power structure, which is why much is coming to a head. Watch for the exposure of more pedophiles connected to Trump and other people in power, shocking revelations regarding Ghislaine Maxwell and the infamous “Pedo Island,” as well as the Blood Harvest.

What’s Coming? Read The Signs

Everything is pointing toward a massive societal shift. We know it is happening because the signs are all around us and have been for decades.

The rise in extremism and fascism over the past few years is an attempt to subvert this new age that is coming, because these people know they have no place in a world without “nuclear” ideology.

What will they do when bigotry and fanaticism are outlawed? To where will they turn?

As more people wake up to the harm we are causing the environment and the absurdities of modern day politics, economics, and religion, people are flocking to natural ways of living that go against the insanity of nuclear thinking.

The exploding popularity of veganism is one such sign. People are starting to realize they no longer want death on their plates, they no longer want to consume violence, and they don’t want to take part in systematic ritualized enslavement and slaughter.

Nature spirituality is also spreading. More and more people are waking up to their connection with the Earth, and are exploring what it means to become self-aware.

Dirty energy is in its last phase, and people see how dangerous it is for the planet’s health, and ours. New forms of energy are rising, new ways of doing things are taking shape.

Everything from childhood education, to parenting, to our economic system is being called into question, because people are waking up to the fact that the human race has largely been lost and victim to ego-based illusions for the last 3000 years.

Up until now, modern society has largely been defined by people with weak hearts and even weaker minds.

Now that true strength and awareness is being shown, society is feeling a ripple effect and it’s upsetting those who benefit from things staying the way they were.

Read the signs and work on your awareness. We’re watching the implosion of the nuclear family.

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