Law of Attraction: Foundations of a Magnetic Mind

The Only Law of Attraction Guide You Will Ever Need

Digital Sages are masters of the Law of Attraction. After decades of studying energy dynamics and how to manifest through force of will, we have developed an effective manifestation guide that can help anyone change their life for the better.

The heart of our Law of Attraction PDF guide is in developing the self-awareness necessary to direct the course of your own life.  Foundations of a Magnetic Mind reveals the exact mindset needed in order to attract our ideal state of being and manifest what you desire. Discover the truth behind noumenal blueprinting, the law of assumption, soul seeding, and more.

Included in our free Law of Attraction PDF:

  • The first manifestation guide to focus entirely on hermetic principles and attraction science.
  •  80 pages of detailed instructions and helpful context that provides the complete picture for how to become more magnetic in our everyday lives.
  • Straightforward explanations on advanced esoteric concepts such as noumenal blueprints, psychic communion, grid hacking, and more.
  • Helpful law of attraction glossary with easily digestible definitions for key concepts.
  • Robust resource section for further personal development and manifestation training.