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Legal Marijuana: An Industry That’s Set to Explode

There’s a new industry brewing and it is set to absolutely explode in the next few years: legal marijuana.

The best part is, in the process of making smart investors rich, it’s also going to improve the lives of thousands, if not millions of people.

The international sale of marijuana, which is already on pace to employ hundreds of thousands of people and rake in billions of dollars before we even reach the year 2020, is already making headlines.

From an ecological standpoint, a holistic health standpoint, and a green investment standpoint, there’s nothing else out there like this. This singular industry will without a shadow of a doubt upend the economy.

Already states where it has been legalized are seeing millions of extra dollars in tax revenue that is being pumped right back into infrastructure and schools, and thousands of new jobs are being created. Whatever your personal opinions of smoking or ingesting “weed” happen to be, it can’t be argued that as an industry, it’s going to skyrocket into the stratosphere.

We’re here to dispel some of the myths about marijuana, expound on its health benefits, and advise on some of the possible avenues you might want to invest in. In the United States especially, so much misconception and outright propaganda has been levied at marijuana, that it is important to get the facts straight.

Cannabis: Miracle Herb or Dangerous Weed?

Marijuana is the Tale of Two Plants. You ask one person and they’ll tell you it’s a wonder drug that cures cancer and just about let’s you see with your 3rd eye. Yet, if you ask another person, they’ll swear up and down that it’s far worse than cigarettes, eats away brain cells, stunts your growth, makes you lazy, and can even kill you.

The reality is much closer to the former view. Cannabis, by whatever quirk of plant evolution, has truly remarkable effects on the human body. The drawbacks to it are also few and far between, especially if you opt not to smoke it, which is the least efficient way of taking advantage of any herbs medicinal properties as a rule anyway.

Predictably, the nonsense and outright hysteria surrounding marijuana stems in part from the Puritanical streak this country has had for quite some time. Being one of the only countries to attempt to ban alcohol itself, no one should be surprised.

Mind altering, mood altering, herbal remedies, and such have long been looked at by certain contingents of American society as anti-Christian or even demonic. A consequence of this is, many powerful herbal remedies are still looked at with extreme skepticism, while many much less effective forms of treatment are praised.

Needless to say, cannabis hardly deserves the bad reputation it has in these circles. In and of itself, it is quite the useful little plant. From a medicinal standpoint, it is far and away one of the most naturally healing plants from this part of the world.

It is also nutritionally dense, and can even be eaten in salads if one so desires. The seeds are especially rich in nutrients.

If we are talking about eating the plant, using its seeds, or oil, or using it as a tea or incense, marijuana could not possibly be safer.

There are actually many more common herbs used in rituals and teas that are potentially more dangerous than cannabis. If we’re talking about smoking the plant, that comes with all the associated risks of ingesting any kind of smoke.

In small doses, you are not likely to incur any ill effects, and certainly not as much as you would if you indulged in mass-produced cigarettes. Because of the various chemicals that are formed when burning plants, and the carbon monoxide itself (which is poisonous to living beings), excessive smoking is not recommended for any plant.

The bottom line is, though, that cannabis, when used properly, can be both a safe recreational drug, as well as a potent medicine. Let’s take a look at some of those health benefits.

Wonderful Weeds

The wide range of health benefits attributed to marijuana are truly incredible. One of the reasons why the plant was used in spiritual rituals was due in part because of its raw medicinal qualities. The best part is, unlike many natural cures, marijuana has been extensively tested and more research is being done on it every day. The reams of science coming out in support of marijuana as of late only prove its incredible effects, not debunk.

It’s important to note that one of the primary reasons this plant is so taboo and maligned is that quite simply, were it completely legalized, many sectors of the medical industry would stand to lose money. It’s that powerful.

It Impedes the Spread of Cancer Cells

Cannabidiol has the power to halt cancer by turning off a particular gene in the body associated with deviant cell behavior. The American Association for Cancer Research has found that marijuana actually works to slow down tumor growth in brain, breast, lungs, and other parts of the body by a sizable margin.

There can be no two ways about it: marijuana has compounds that can inhibit and even cure many kinds of cancer. This alone is part of what makes it such an amazing natural remedy.

It Fights and Even Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

THC, which is the primary ingredient in marijuana, is shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, according to several studies. THC inhibits the formation of what are called amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme in the brain that produces them.

These plaques are known to kill or deteriorate brain cells, and are thought to be one of the causes of the disease. The reality is, weed doesn’t make you lose your memory, it could actually make your memory better! This is one of the reasons why Fortune 500 CEOs and other powerful people smoke the plant in order to gain mental clarity. It has long been known as a “sage’s herb.”

It’s a Remedy for Arthritis

Sativex, a cannabis-derived medicine, has been used to successfully reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Because of marijuana’s soothing effects on the nerves, it is thought to act as a natural pain reliever for joints and even reduce mild inflammation. Sativex is prescribed as a pain reliever and sleep aid for those who suffer from Arthritis, and once weed is legalized nationwide, it could be coming to a drug store near you!

Similarly, weed also has a positive effect on pain related to multiple sclerosis.

It Serves as an Excellent Glaucoma Remedy

Marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma according to several recent studies, by decreasing eye pressure. It is capable of allowing the eye to repair itself and recover by relieving the pressure in the optic nerve. Marijuana in this sense can cure the blindness associated with Glaucoma.

It’s Potent Against Anxiety and Depression

Contrary to popular belief, there are compounds in marijuana that directly fight against several mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. When CBD (Cannabidiol) is isolated, it is capable of effectively treating these issues.

THC can be used as a physical, or muscle relaxer, but is not typically used as a component for anxiety medicine because it is the chemical in marijuana that is occasionally responsible for feelings of fear or paranoia. The bottom line is though, that depression and anxiety are huge health issues that stand to be addressed with marijuana, since it has been an effective remedy for these illnesses for centuries. Now that we can isolate the exact compound that fights depression and anxiety, expect to see marijuana-based anti-depressants in the not too distant future.

Despite its many medical and other uses, there is still plenty of misinformation and regressive understanding of marijuana in this country. With legalization, we could also see a revolution in hemp production that would be an absolute boon to society.

Hemp, bred from the same plant as marijuana, can be used for healing oil, paper, rope, and even clothing. Yes, Cannabis will even touch the textile industry when everything is said and done. The plant is truly a marvel, but it possibly for this reason why there is so much fear surrounding it: many businesses don’t want to compete with it.

While that is true, there are also a contingent of people in the United States that are simply hacks who couldn’t care less about the benefits. They just want to spin a narrative and have people fall in line.

Resistance to Progress: Same Tired Puritan Politics, New Decade

We’re in the midst of some turbulent political times in this country. Obviously, for anything related to progress, green energy, or anything that actually helps the planet, this is not the ideal administration.

Needless to say, we can’t expect much from them to help bolster the green energy sector, or any businesses that depend on health, wellness, alternative medical practices, or marijuana.

We didn’t really know the extent to which marijuana was going to be attacked under this administration, but we had an inkling with the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. For anyone who is completely out of the loop, Sessions is the degenerate-minded former Senator from Alabama who legitimately believes the right-wing propaganda about marijuana full stop. He has been in politics likely before most of the people reading this were born, and from the start, his views on the plant have landed someone south of absurd.

Whether he truly believes his own nonsense or not, we may never know.

The important issue at hand is the direction he wants to lead the country on the marijuana issue, which is currently being decided at a state level, despite federal laws still in place that criminalize weed. Just because a state legalizes it, doesn’t necessarily mean the feds can’t arrest someone for having it, growing it, selling it, or distributing it. This is where the problems arise.

Sessions, of course, would love for nothing more than to round up all the “scoundrels” out there smoking weed, toss them in prison, slap huge terms on them, and never hear from them again.

The outdated conservative rhetoric used to attack marijuana has to go.

Its basis in fact is basically zilch. The many lies told about the plant only go to show that they have nothing on it. According to various conservative lies over the years, weed makes you both lazy, and insane. It leads to criminal behavior, and is as dangerous as hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. They throw whatever insane argument and see if something sticks.

Unfortunately in this age of low-information and even lower IQs, a lot of it has stuck. It’s incredible just how much the stereotypes surrounding weed still persist, despite virtually zero evidence supporting them.

Should investors and business owners in the blooming weed industry be worried? Not exactly.

Even with the news that broke the other day about Sessions revoking an Obama-era rule that sought to leave weed regulation and criminalization up to the states, which opens the door now to federal persecution.

However, we know where this move is coming from. Virtually everything this administration does is more of a statement than a want to form a coherent set of working laws and legislation for the country. It is extremely likely, given the climate of the country, that within a few years, the federal ban on weed is going to be completely lifted.

Marijuana is one of the only truly non-partisan issues left in America. Nearly 3/4 of the country wants it legalized.

The ones who don’t are almost entirely made up of propaganda-sponges on the far-right end of the political spectrum, and the completely apolitical among us. Which means, if we were to get a congress going that actually worked for the people, and a president who was evven half competent, the legalization of weed would most likely be an afterthought.

While it’s important to pay attention the political side of things, there can be no denying, from a business standpoint, that weed is going to be a breakout industry by 2020. You heard it here first: hemp and marijuana, when combined, will be such an economic force that it may impact just about everyone in the country.

Be it for home medical uses, hospital uses, cheap clothing, writing paper, aromatherapy oil, the exploding “edibles” industry, or just as a plain old recreational drug to smoke, weed is going to blaze an economic trail so stark that it will be impossible not to interact with it in some way.

Which means, it’s time to let these outdated and incorrect Puritanical views on marijuana vanish into the annals of history, so we can make way for progress.

Anyone who is still against the legalization of weed for personal reasons needs to understand that though their opinion is theirs, it is based on flawed information and political bias, and therefore they should simply step aside and let people who actually want to see positive change happen in the country have their stab at things.

Either we’re going to take advantage of this potentially amazing industry, or other countries are going to do it and leave us in the dust.

It’s important to note that marijuana is already a multi-billion dollar a year industry on the black market. No law can stop this, outside of all-out Totalitarian crack-down (which is not something we can rule out with this administration, but I digress).

Right now, at this very moment regardless of whatever your political beliefs and personal convictions are, people are smoking weed to get high, using cannabis oil to cure insomnia, taking marijuana-based drugs to heal their arthritis, and growing hemp for lotions and even food (the seeds are edible and healthy!).

So you’re already fighting a battle that’s been lost since you started, and truth be told, you don’t even know why you’re fighting it to begin with. Nothing is going to stop this economic juggernaut, so why not do the research, learn the truth, and support a revolutionary industry?

My advise to business owners, investors, and anyone else interested in the upcoming marijuana industry is: get in now with weed-based stocks, and any cryptocurrency that is based around either marijuana or hemp.

These two sectors are going to absolutely explode in the next ten years, and all the smart money is there right now. In the short term, expect volatility as the government irons out its kinks and news breaks daily about potential crack downs or movements to legalize in new states.

However, the longterm is guaranteed success. There’s really only one way this industry is going, and all the signs are pointing up.

Want to share your experiences or expectations? Drop a comment below!

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