Ley Lines and Sacred Spaces Collingswood NJ

Ley Lines and Sacred Spaces

Have you ever found yourself inexplicably drawn to a specific place you consider sacred?

I think most of us have had some experience with this kind of phenomenon. Not everyone heeds the call of these “magical” locales, but many can sense them. 

Ley lines, or the meridians of energy that run through the planet, have been a popular topic in esoteric circles since the dawn of human civilization.

Most of our civilization, in fact, is built around ley lines. Our ancestors were drawn to these energy centers and “veins” of energy, because they are typically verdant and help attract abundance. It is easier to align yourself with nature on a ley line, and it was for this reason that most ancient religions built their holy structures on them.

Planetary Meridians
Certain places just “feel” more powerful than others. Often our intuition in these matters is correct.

Natural epiphanies and spiritual states have a long history of association with ley lines. Our ancestors worked tirelessly studying these patterns of energy on the globe, charting them and marking them with various special structures, such as obelisks and domes.

The very structure of Christian churches is derived from the way European pagans designed their houses of worship, to harness and collect energy.

Indeed, one of the most important aspects of ancient temples was to draw energy from the planet itself and use it to aid in spiritual practice of those gathered.

The history of these energy grids has largely been kept secret, because this is the kind of knowledge that leads to power.

I’ve found myself thinking of ley lines recently as I’ve returned to the area I grew up in, a place of dare I say “magic.” After paying attention to this kind of thing for so many years, you begin to appreciate when you are in a place that holds power.

Typically this is from intersecting ley lines.

Take note of towns that have bodies of water, because rivers tend to form on or around ley lines, because everything is pulled toward them on the subatomic level.

If there are multiple bodies of water nearby that connect or intersect in some way, you can almost be sure that it is a place of immense power.

We may not consciously acknowledge the power of these lines of energy, but they guide the construction of towns like this. Areas of gathering and worship are developed, usually along riverbanks or right on the ley lines themselves.

Bodily and Planetary Meridians

Every energy body is made up of energy centers (chakras) and energy channels (nadi or meridians). This is called our etheric structure.

Chakra Nadi System
image featured at artofliving.org

Tiny microscopic organisms, trees, humans, and even planets follow this same general makeup.

The Earth, for instance, has a massive etheric grid of energy, which includes giant energy centers connected to one another with energy channels in a very specific pattern. Where energy channels intersect, you find a moderate sized energy center. Where multiple lines intersect, you are likely to find a large energy center.

Most of the planet’s most important energy centers, or chakras, are not accessible from the surface. They are of course inside the body of the planet, deep inside and beneath the mantle.

The energy lines that run the surface of the planet are what we call ley lines, or faery lines. In the ancient world, as our ancestors attempted to make sense of the world around them, they used these lines of magnetic energy to guide them and increase their own energy potency.

Over time it was learned that if you meditated at these spots, you could increase your energy. You could also contain and control this energy to a certain degree by constructing temples and buildings of various shapes and sizes.

Just like in our bodies, certain “areas” of the planet possess denser, purer energy. If you open yourself up to this energy, you naturally benefit from it.

Understanding this relationship between bodily and planetary meridians is important, because it is a sign that your awareness is increasing.

If you are unsure where a meridian might be in your town, start with either locating the nearest stream, or research local animal migratory patterns, such as geese, butterflies, and songbirds.

Animals are very sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field (which is the physical manifestation of the planet’s etheric channels). They often follow these channels of energy around the planet for easy navigation while also reaping the benefits of being in an increased energy field.

The natural impulse of Earth’s creatures is to bask in the denser areas of the Planet’s energy. It’s a primal awareness.

Once you reach this stage of your development, you will find yourself drawn to local ley lines, because being near the energy feels good and puts you at ease.

It has a noticeably healing effect.

Powerful ley lines can indeed aid in bodily recovery and increase your higher faculties. Sages can be found walking the banks of rivers and on deep forest trails created by animals for this very reason.

If you are lucky enough to live near intersecting ley lines, take advantage of it. Energy centers like this can be extremely powerful.

It’s not uncommon for strange occurrences to happen near such places because of the concentrated energy. You could say these places are “closer” to the etheric, and thus don’t fully obey physical law.

These are also the optimal places you want to use for elemental practice and energy hacking of any sort. These special areas act as “terminals” to plug yourself in at.

Sages of the past would seek out such locations and mark them with great stones.

Some cultures would even carve the stones in such a way as to draw the energy out of the ground better, or act as a magnet.

Stonehenge, for example, is a place of immense power, one of the most dense energy centers on the planet’s surface. It was used as a clock, a calendar, a star chart, a ritual site of birth and death, a coronation site, a grave, and even a general place of worship to the sun.

Stonehenge Ley Line
This spot was sacred long before it had giant stones erected on it.

Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to live close to such energy centers, not that we could make much use out of them without the knowledge and tools of the Druids. In such matters it is best to stay humble and start small.

Find yourself a modest energy line or center and begin practicing meditation there. You may get dramatic results compared to what you’re used to at home.

Often you may find intersecting ley lines at certain crossroads, or at river bends.

You may also in rare instances come across “bulges” in lines. These are spots in the middle of a ley line that are “fatter” or denser than the rest of the line, and can be used almost to the same potency as a crossroads or energy center.

Just keep in mind while you are hunting around for ley lines, take note of your surroundings. If you let your instincts take over, you will be led to sacred spaces. All of us are biologically and metaphysically wired to be attracted to such spots. Don’t look for them with your eyes, “feel” them out.

You can use these special areas to propel you to new heights with your training, or to simply gain awareness and peace of mind. I’ve always used them for both purposes. 

Do you have any stories of local sacred spaces you’d like to share with us? Feel free to drop them below!

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