Metaphysical Rigor Mortis

Metaphysical Rigor Mortis: The Effects of Negative Energy

At a certain point, if improper thoughts and emotions are permitted to linger, negative energy becomes a part of their being.

We’ve all been around people like this. It’s almost too much to be near people when they are in this state, it can make your skin crawl.

When the energy body of an individual has turned in on itself and begun to act like a vacuum, sucking in all positive energy and exuding only negative, this is what we call metaphysical rigor  mortis.

This affliction is becoming more common, and it is a sign of the times.

Weak-minded and ego-driven, these people live in a world of personal misery and want so badly for others to join in on their pain too.

When at last they have reached the point where pain has completely consumed them, metaphysical rigor mortis sets in.

The ancients called this the “rot of ages,” when the energy body itself begins to decay and the chakras turn counterclockwise and inward, like a collapsed funnel.

How can a person allow themselves to slide into such diseased metaphysical squalor?

The answer rests in the schematics of our society.

This Society is Built to Rot Your Soul

Long ago I was told by one of my mentors, that it was difficult for the highly aware to spend too long among the masses.

“You have to retreat into the wilderness, whatever that means for you.”

Many sages and gurus find themselves become recluses, living monastic lives in forests, temples, churches, enclaves, mountaintops, and even prisons and underground bunkers. Anywhere, it seems, the masses can’t get to them.

“It’s painful to be around weak minds,” I was told.

This becomes more true the higher you raise your awareness.

The negative energy that many people casually emit becomes intolerable the higher you raise your own vibration.

Some people, the rotted ones, inflicted with the rot of ages, are like vacuums of life. When you are around them, it feels as if your very essence is being sucked out of you.

It is for this very reason that the Buddha was hailed as a savior, and why those who follow his teachings were considered saintly.

Buddha spoke of enlightenment, but he also spoke of forgoing solitude in order to help the masses.

He preached to venture back into the fray and help enlighten others.

This was no idle gesture. The idea of savior figures “living for the masses” rather than themselves is actually quite universal. You can even see such ideas echoed in the Bible.

Returning to society to help people seems noble yet simple enough, until you realize that at a certain level of vibration, even being in a crowded location may give you dry mouth, nausea, headaches, dizziness, muscle aches, and even shortness of breath and feelings of being faint.

The people of this society are so metaphysically damaged because society is constructed to eat you from the inside out.

So many lies and delusions piled on top of one another. So much hatred and misconception. So much that is anti-nature, anti-sense, anti-fact.

When you construct a society out of lies, what you get is a population devoid of basic common sense and the ability to grow with and commune with nature.

This is why, over time, so many people become disgruntled and nasty.

They have allowed themselves to rot, and in so doing, have transformed into black holes. Endlessly sucking in anything good or natural around them, leaving only apathy, confusion, attachment, suffering, emotional extortion, and death.

Metaphysical rot of this kind is just like physical rot. It infects everything around the source.

Misery begets misery.

Combating this misery is at the heart of what being a sage is all about.

Fighting Against Metaphysical Rigor Mortis

First, you must take stock of your Self.

What delusions are you holding on to? What parts of your ego still have a foothold?

Seek to shed the limitations of the ego. Meditate regularly on mindfulness and learn to control the breath.

To be an effective agent of change, you must first strengthen your Self and remove any malignancies you could be carrying.

This is an ongoing process, but you will know you are on the right track when the proximity of lower vibrations makes you uneasy.

When one reaches this point, true Deep Works begins.

The sage often goes through a period of judgement. It can be difficult feeling the aura of weak and cruel minds without reacting in an ego-based fashion.

You must work through the ego, dismantling its preconceived notions and its judgemental attitudes.

Finally, you are ready to help others.

You do this simply, as an element of nature. You are never in a position to barter with lesser minds, as they don’t respect nor comprehend the truths of reality.

The only way to reach such people is through steadfast adherence to truth, and with unwavering patient love.

Abide by truth in your daily activities. Be an example for others. Treat others how you would want to be treated. Be still and patient in your daily activities. Mind your thoughts and words, never speak out of turn, never resort to ego-based behavior.

An afflicted person will see this and be faced with constant pressure from their ego. This metaphysical pressure puts them in an uncomfortable spot, where they either will change, or continue to make excuses and attempt to cover for the delusions of the ego. The more pressure, the better.

Through love and understanding, you will meet their reactions. No matter how bitter, no matter how crazed, always act with diligence, respect, and kindness.

The ego will not know how to reciprocate and will often by left stunned.

In times of energy vamping or emotional extortion from those inflicted with the rot, be silent and still. Do not give away your energy for free. Make them work for every inch, and when appropriate, rebut their beliefs and opinions with cold fact.

This is the sage’s tough love, that transcends the teachings of this society.

With enough work in this manner, you will transform the individual by making them face themselves.

Metaphysical rigor mortis can be reversed, but only with enough awareness.

In all matters of dealing with corrupted egos and negative energy, always remember not to feed into it. You are the one in control.

Society is transformed by those who reside in it.

If enough people raise their awareness and set the right example, transformation will follow.

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